10 Surprising Things Men Never Think About

10 Surprising Things Men Never Think About

People always say that men and women’s brains are wired differently. It is difficult to understand each other when you do not see eye to eye. Men always joke about how women like to overthink things, while women always complain they do not know what a man is thinking. It is an adventure to know someone when you are in a relationship, here are ten surprising things men never think about, unless you make them do it.

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1. Chores

If you want a man to do his chores, set a time and tell him what needs to be done. Men usually do not think about doing chores, unless it involves his favorite car. It is not that he is avoiding it, men are just not wired to think about tasks. Make a list, in order of priority and then set a day to do it together.

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Men are not fussed about a spotless house. Some men are not even worried if there are no clean dishes in the house. But if you need something done, men love to feel needed. They will, therefore, do it for the sake of showing their love. But pick chores that he can do, so he does not have to figure out how to work the washing machine, and making a bigger mess.

2. How Much Money You Make

Men love focusing on how much money you make, or how you spend your paycheck. As long as you are contributing to the bills and essentials, you are allowed to buy what you like. Unlike women, who love to compare and conserve money. Men live for the day, but women tend to think ahead.

Unless your man has an inferiority complex, chances are he does not care how much you have in your bank account. Despite that, for a serious relationship, have a good discussion about how to pay bills and what not. In the modern world, a girl can be a powerful woman and have a fulfilling love too.

3. Other People’s Needs

The reason why men are not in the nursing profession is that they do not usually think about what others need. If you meet a male nurse, chances are you need to tell him what you need: a pillow, water, etc. He will fulfill your every need, but only if he knows it. Men are not mind-readers, and usually, they trust that people will let them know.

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So it is best, to be honest of your requirements in a relationship. Your man will believe you, as long as your requests are reasonable. This is something a man can learn: to think about needs of others. It may be a long process, but you can teach your partner to anticipate your next move. A man is still a caring person, even if he does not always think about what you need.

4. How to Avoid Talking To You

When a man is silent, it is not because he is thinking about how to avoid the conversation. On the contrary, he is trying to communicate with you. It is a well-known fact that men cannot multitask, so he is unable to listen and talk at the same time. Give him a chance to process what you said, before coming up with a reply.

In today’s fast paced world, people expect things to happen quickly and will get upset whenever things delay. To be fair, if he is listening intently to your complaints, he will need some time to compute the answer that you need. If he wants to avoid talking to you, he will just ignore you, or ask you to shut up. Good thing men are not quite complicated creatures.

5. Physical Flaws

Men do not think that you look unattractive because of your cellulite or wobbly love handles. Most men are not shallow enough to believe that beauty is only skin deep. When a man says that you are beautiful, he means it, flaws and all. Unless he is rich, famous and powerful, the typical bloke could care less if you have stretch marks on your stomach.

Even if men are not thinking about physical flaws, they are not as oblivious to other physical traits such as hygiene. Looking neat and presentable, and being clean is probably the minimum criteria a man has when looking for a partner. For some, a lady who is smart and capable is better than an airhead who looks flawless but do not have any survival skills.

6. The Past

The past is the past to most men. To them, they cannot change what has happened, all they can do it learn from it and let go. If you are frequently bringing up the past in an argument, be warned that not everyone finds it acceptable. Looking at the past too often stops you from moving on, something men know best.

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Not re-visiting the past is something girls should learn from men because it is better to look forward. Learning from mistakes so that you will not repeat them is important. Thinking about what has been done does not help improve relationship, in fact it does the opposite.

7. The Last Fight

If you argued with your spouse, chances are he will not be thinking about it ten minutes later. Men are good at letting the past go, even if the anger has not quite dissipated. Most men are quick at forgiving. Unless it is something serious, the last fight will be forgotten by the next day. Harping, on the contrary, is not a strong trait for a man.

Instead of being angry that he no longer thinks about your last argument, cherish the fact that he is moving on. Men who are unable to let go can be more problematic because they tend to accumulate baggage. Once you kiss and make up, it is best to not think about it anymore.

8. The Things You Wore

Men are not fashion forward people for they do not think about what you are wearing. Unless it is hideous and warrants a word is when he will notice. As long as you look presentable, your partner will not remember your outfit, and he would not be thinking about it. Hence, there is no need to worry about what to wear, because they will not be thinking about it. As long as it is comfortable and makes you happy, you can be assured that he will still consider you are beautiful.

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However, men do remember certain things when it is linked to special occasions. He might not remember the color of your wedding dress, but he might see a sweater and remember the good times you had.

9. His Previous Relationships

Like the past, men do not think about their ex- girlfriends, unless he did not get any closure. There are reasons why his previous relationship fell through, and he would have learned lessons from it. Everyone has a different journey towards their current relationship, and your guy would have had a few girlfriends before you. Unless he frequently talks about his ex- girlfriends, he is not thinking about them.

If he likes to talk about his previous relationships a lot, or he is friends with his ex on Facebook, that should be ringing alarm bells. Chances are he is not ready to move on, and you might be just a rebound person. Cut your losses and end the relationship before you are in too deep.

10. Self- Gratifying Sex

Men do not have sex to please themselves unless they have a narcissistic personality. Sex is best enjoyed with someone else. It is also a way to show that he cares about you, by taking care of your sexual needs. If you feel unsatisfied after, you should communicate this with your man. He might want to know how to be able to please you more.

Sex is just not for the man himself a healthy sexual habit is important to maintain a strong relationship. Men do not only think about using sex to make himself feel happy, but they also want to feel the special connection.

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