Dating A Dancer – Things You Should Know

Reasons Why You Should Date a Dancer

If you are ready to date in the dancing world, then be ready to learn the dancing language. The dancing language here means you need to know what entails and things to expect when dating a dancer. Going straight to the point, here are some things you need to know when dating a dancer.

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1. You Have to Learn to Be Independent

Dancers spend a lot of time in practice to perfect their moves or learn a new routine. They always have something new to learn so having enough free time to spend with you wouldn’t be possible. You have to learn to live without your partner. If you are the type will seek attention from your partner, then dating a dancer is not for you.

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2. Plan Date Ahead and With Them

Aside from the usual practice that keeps them busy, dancers engage in competitions and have shows to perform now and then. They usually have a tight schedule for schedules must be planned ahead and with them. If you plan a date without having their input, you may have to attend the date alone. Sorry, but that is how things are in the dancing world.

3. They are Fond of Makeup

Dancers want to look good while on stage and rely on makeups to look attractive. You will find a lot of makeup in their belongings and don’t be surprised about it. It also makes getting your partner a gift very easy. You can get them a makeup kit as a gift during their anniversaries.

4. They Don’t Entertain Jealousy

If you are a jealous lover, then stay off the dancer. Dancers are mostly surrounded by colleagues, and they don’t mind being in compromising positions. If you see a picture of your partner and another person sharing lots of love and you become jealous of it. Now, that will be your problem to deal with.

They don’t have time arguing with you on such trivial matters. It’s either you accept such conditions or back off. They won’t give up their career because of a jealous partner.

5. You Will Mosly Watch Dance Movies and Shows

They are always in the learning process to acquire new moves and skills. They do this while watching dance movies and shows. You will have to come to terms with the fact that dance movies and shows are what you will mostly watch at home.

6. Helping Them Treat Their Stress

You enjoy their dance, but don’t know what goes into that beautiful choreography. Dancers go through hell to perfect their routine, and some of them incur injuries in the process.

Your partner will ask for a little help when he/she returns home after a hectic day. Giving him/her a good massage wouldn’t be a bad idea. There are several other things you can do to help according to their needs.

7. Never Try to Criticise Their Interest

Dancing may not be a lucrative job you, but to them it is. It is not only a job but also a passion they share with like-minded people. Keep your criticism to yourself. Never ask your partner to look for a real job and quit dancing. I don’t think you will entertain it if your dancer partner asked you to quit your job because she doesn’t like it.

8. They are Disciplined and Independent

You can’t be a successful dancer without discipline. Dancers are very hardworking and discipline despite their hectic practices. They adhere to their practice schedules, have to exercise to be in shape.

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They are also independent people who can live without their partner. You need to have such traits to match them perfectly if you are dating a dancer.

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