8 Tips on How to Flirt With a Woman

8 Tips on How to Flirt With a Woman

Flirting is a big part of getting to know someone and creating a relationship. Flirting with a woman can be intimidating at times. If you are not so certain about your moves, here are a few tricks for you. Continue reading and master the art of flirting.

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1. Be Presentable

The first impression is significant in any relationships. Before you get to know the other person, you will most likely be attracted by how they look. Always remember that women pay attention to details. If you have a stain on your shirt you were trying to hide; she most likely noticed it already. If you are well-groomed, nicely dressed and have good manners, women will notice you. Take care of your hygiene and clothing, and you will be on your way to successful flirting.

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2. Be confident

Confidence is very attractive. Most women will be expecting you to make the first move, so you should be prepared. If you are a shy person, it might be helpful to practice your communication skills by talking to strangers on various occasions. Small talk might seem completely unnecessary, but it can provide you with many opportunities to meet new people. Being confident will attract her attention.

3. Be positive

When you want to flirt with someone, think positively. It is likely that sometimes you will get rejected, but don’t think about that too much. When you want to start a conversation with someone – smile. Smiling is a way to show that you are interested. Also, pay attention to your body language and try to send signals that you are open for a conversation. Avoid crossing your arms or legs, and turn your body her direction when you are talking.

4. Talk to her

Studies have shown that women respond better to verbal cues when a guy is flirting with them. At the same time, men respond more to non-verbal flirting. So your best chance when flirting will be to simply talk to her. Making the first move is never easy, but if you have made eye contact with her and she is smiling at you- she is also flirting and wants to meet.

5. Smile and make her smile

When you introduce yourself, don’t forget to smile. And when you start talking, remember to keep the conversation positive. Try to avoid talking about serious topics, but rather make her laugh. It is always good to have a few jokes up your sleeve. Making a woman laugh is a way to her heart.

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6. Be a gentleman

When flirting with a woman, try not to be to direct. Avoid sexual comments that might offend her. Make her feel like a lady by offering her a seat, or taking her coat. Keep your conversation light and listen to her.

7. Keep your bodies close

Don’t forget to pay attention to her body language. If she is touching her neck or shoulders, or perhaps lightly touches you just by accident, it might be a sign of her interest. If she is getting closer to you, respond with the same. Or if you are a good dancer, don’t be shy and ask her to dance.

8. Be honest

It is one thing to meet in a bar; when you see a woman you are interested in, the chances are that she is also looking for someone to be together with. But if you are in normal daily settings, it might be hard to approach someone without looking like a creep. If you have noticed someone and want to meet, simply be honest. For example, tell this girl that you have seen her shopping at this market before and just wanted to introduce yourself. Honesty and good manners will win you a date if she is available.

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