6 Ways To Breakup Without Conflicts

6 Ways to Breakup Without Conflicts

I wish I can come up with an emoji that briefly describes how you feel about your partner. Time is of an essence, but when it comes to repeated heartbreaks, tension rises to the mark. Once you note a sign of warning in your partner’s eyes, an argument is destined to erupt. I know, you’ve gone through this again, and you just can’t take it anymore. What next? A sense of tranquility will follow you like a river.

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As a result, you’ll be left with a hip of hurt and betrayals. When this happens, recovery won’t be the best option. Conflicts are meant to happen either way or the other, but when it comes to a life-threatening state, it’s time to let go. According to sources, tons of arguments often lead to poor health and possible uncertainties.

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As much as love is destined to conquer all odds, it is also not meant for you if you don’t yet know the real definition of reconciliation. If arguments seem to rule your love life, it’s time to break up without conflicts. Don’t gain the mastery for something that doesn’t appear to work on you. To unhand him or her without squabbles, scroll further.

*It goes without saying; you are exclusively entitled to your own relationship goals. Your partner can’t control you. If you’ve opted to part ways, your end decision will sum it all.

1. Relax

A combination of exothermic reaction on explosive weapons leads to massive destruction. This also happens when you are filled or triggered with utmost anxiety. Yes, you might be at ease physically but heating up extensively. Don’t think about taking matters into your own hands or else hell will break loose. Don’t even think about lashing your partner. If need be, go outside and calm down; take a gulp of air or count from 1 to 10 and vice versa.

Before listening to his or her quintessential, pause first and utter your words with wisdom. You can opt to address him with a loving and caring trait. Don’t yell but employ welcoming techniques. When out of control, pause again and listen to your favorite Jam. I know breaking up isn’t the way to go but sh*t happens. That’s why you are advised to act in a respectful, moderate and composed demeanor.

2. Intense Feelings Might Overtake You, But Don’t Strike Back

As a couple in the picture you ideally know what to utter to one another. Resist making negative compliments towards him or her. Be responsible regardless of how the other person is reacting. Note that if your end goal is to part ways with less effort, then do so with maturity. Don’t think about winning or losing the argument. Being safe than sorry is vital. Be open enough and let your words speak wisdom towards your final decision.

Subsequently, when it comes to making your end decision, take time. Don’t say something that will hurt the other person’s feeling. It can be quiet daunting to close with an end agreement when not emotionally stable. So be in the good state, and you will surely make a rational point.


3. Be Attentive and Respond Calmly

I know, you want to go in the world of no return but valleys and hills never meet, but people do. When he seems to be out of control, learn to calm your nerves since two wrongs will never make a right. Try to say something that will calm his nerves. An apology isn’t accepted at this time since you want a breakup and nothing else. If need be, point out why you want this to end. Try to give him a chance to share his end view. Avoid thought blames and past faults. Instead, soften up because you’ve already battled your disappointments.

No matter the state of your relation, don’t think about stockpiling or bringing past issues on the table. If you aren’t a second chance giver, give your partner first-hand limelight. There’s no point of crossing the sea without immediate precautions. This isn’t the time to explore or regret, just say your part and the case will be closed.

4. Express Your Feelings

Try to wear your partner’s shoes for a minute and gulp how he or she will feel. But if you’ve already made a decision, let the person know before it’s too late. Don’t let him or her think that you are just not into the relationship. That’s not the way to go, instead, express how you feel and part ways without conflicts. It’s imperative to come up with several techniques that will make it easier for you to express how you feel.

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The point here is to surrender your perspective without critics. Have an understanding that you once loved each other to the core. So taking one’s blame isn’t the way to go and don’t think about postponing his or her remarks. Freedom of speech and expression is needed more when it comes to calling it quit on good terms.

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Remember any form of abuse or violence isn’t mandatory. Don’t think that you’ll have a peaceful breakup when you slam doors, hit each other or break expensive plates. If your arguments seem to overwhelm you, it’s time to leave

5. What if I am Afraid To Confide to My Partner?

If you have decided and you aren’t sure on how to confront your partner, there are tons of ways to do this. First, find your closest friend and share with him or her how you feel. Don’t feel shy but talk about your feelings and clarify in the end. Your trusted friend or colleague will also add how he or she feels about your significant other. To avoid further heartaches confirm that the said person won’t unintentionally betray you.

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6. Points to Note

  • If you have a sense of insecurity and doubts on where to meet when you want a breakup, a public place is better. Either way, a private but open area is also acceptable due to embarrassment from either of you. Be ready to meet in a place where you can leave without with less effort.
  • First things first, focus on your relationship instead of the person. I mean be ready to talk about what is not working when you are together. Don’t think about talking about his devastating traits.
  • If you live together, it can be quite hard and stressful to break up at first. Now it’s up to you whether you want to stay with the said person or take some time to move on. If you don’t feel like sharing a room together, find a safe place where your partner doesn’t know.
  • Another thing, avoid creating false or unpredictable hopes. Don’t mention phrases like ‘I will call you’ or let’s just be friends.’

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