Should You Marry Your Friend Or Your Lover?

Should You Marry Your Friend Or Your Lover?

Marriage is a union of two people in a personal relationship. Many couples set out toward marriage because they fall in love and foresee a life of love and happiness forever. In some cultures, their marriage is arranged. They could grow up as friends and continue to grow as a couple according to a family agreement or a matchmaker’s intervention.

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However, some people go into a relationship as friends who are compatible with each other or partners or roommates with privileges reserved for married couples. Rather than deal with the heartbreak of love or the pain of lost chemistry, they marry for their benefits. Which is the best type of marriage situation for you? Consider both sides of the marriage fence.

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Team Lover

A relationship that is based on love is one based on traditional values. You are motivated to work together because you want to be with that person rather than feel responsible for them. Love can be emotional or spiritual, and it is something you want to hold on to. Love is a big motivator for spending your life together. It is the theme of love songs, romantic poetry, and young dreams of the idea of marriage.

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When you find that special connection with your lover, you want to be able to solidify the importance of your relationship through a marriage agreement. However, love has not always been the motivator to get married. It used to be more common than marriages were arrangements for families, faiths, and businesses. More people today pick their spouse based on the emotional connection that an outside influence. This means that love has become more sacred like the sanctity of marriage.

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Team Friend

You have developed a relationship with someone who gets you for who you are without the emotional interruptions of love or lust. Some people choose to marry a friend because they don’t wish to end up alone. At the same time, they don’t want to be hurt by love that may have hurt them in the past. Love can be volatile and fleeting. Lovers want to be connected on a hormonal level rather than a committed level. They may have the best of chemistry but don’t know how to communicate beyond pillow talk.

As friends, you have already proved to yourself that you can get along in many situations. You know about your good, your bad, and your ugly. You have been there for each other and have always supported each other. A union like marriage means that you will continue to support each other emotionally and financially.

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Who Should You Marry?

Marriage is a personal preference. There are plenty of films and books that portray scenarios in which people get married for love or convenience. It may be a happy ending or it could be the root of all of their conflicts. Many people will get married because they are in love and want to spend the rest of their lives with the person in which they have that kind of connection.

Others will marry for the convenience of money, insurance, availability, parental rights, residency, and a slew of other reasons. No matter who you marry, it is a legal, binding agreement between two people that is more than living together as roommates. It is a commitment to security that will keep you together.

Who should you marry? You should marry the person you are willing to commit with. Often you will find that your lover is also your best friend. That kind of combination means that you connect on an emotional level yet can communicate and function on a friendly level. Friends can become lovers. Lovers can grow into friends. Both types of marriages represent you two as a team. If your lover is your best friend, you have the best of both types of marriages.

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