Capricorn Moon Compatibility

Capricorn Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn, you are self-sufficient and pragmatic, often putting ambition before love and relationship. An over-achiever, you expect a lot from yourself. You understand that life requires physical resources and you aim to set a good nest egg. Moon Capricorn you can be competitive. A natural leader, you sometimes find yourself struggle to be a follower.

The Capricorn moon sign are private people. You appear cold because you do not let your feelings show, you not deal well with emotional drama. You still can have mood swings, you tend to not delve in darker emotions. You are your own worst critic, aware of your own weaknesses. You are goal orientated, and raising a family is not very high in your bucket list.

As a realist, Capricorn moon know that a relationship worth having is one that you work for. Once you find your zodiac match, you will make it work. Once you are in a relationship, you might find yourself unable to understand your partner’s needs and desires, and it may worry you. Your stubbornness will help you find a way to to solve your problems. You are a steadfast and loyal Moon Sign. You have a sense of duty and the need to feel useful. In a business or romantic relationship, your commitment to any partnership is commendable.

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Capricorn moon, you can be charming when you want to be. In a relationship, your patience helps you maintain a cool head during a situation. You can be stubborn when you want something, you will fight for it if you feel that it is worth it.

Moon Capricorn you are not a gambler, planning ahead and knowing where you stand give you a better sense of security. You can be a romantic, but you will show the affection in private. Although your partner should not expect flowers or candy, Capricorn Moon, you will always be a practical person. Giving useful things such as a toaster is your way of showing love.

Best traits: reliable, practical, loving

Worst traits: competitive, overachiever

Capricorn Moon Sign Relationships

Capricorn Moon & Aries Moon

Capricorn, you and Moon Aries have distinct needs in a love relationship. The different outlooks in life may cause some friction between the two of you, but there is much to learn from each other. Moon in Aries and you can have a relationship, but hard work is a requirement.

Moon Capricorn you are a careful zodiac sign. You have the ability to put your emotions aside to focus on what needs to be done during a situation. Aries Moon likes to face challenges directly, after the outburst of temper. Capricorn you feel that hard work is paramount for a fulfilled, successful life. Moon Aries expects recognition and rewards. They will also want to be the authoritative figure in the relationship, and Moon Capricorn you are not a keen follower.

This romantic compatibility works well if you are in a work or business relationship. Moon Aries will be the charmer who creates new ideas, and Moon Capricorn you will work diligently to completion. In a romantic relationship, you are not truly compatible Moon Signs, but it is possible to have a long lasting partnership if you work together.

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Capricorn Moon & Taurus Moon

Capricorn, you and Moon Taurus will have a relationship where you can both depend on each other. Innately responsible, you appreciate material wealth as it gives both you and Moon Taurus a sense of security. Together, Moon in Capricorn with Moon in Taurus can form a stable environment.

Moon Capricorn you cannot feel happy unless you are working hard, while Moon Taurus has a more laid back attitude. Emotionally, Taurus Moon will express feelings more readily than you, who tends to think that emotional needs are childish. When you are together, Moon Capricorn will have to learn how to relax and enjoy the result of your hard work, and Moon Taurus can find a reason to work harder. You both are slow to accept change, and this relationship will move forward at a pace you both are comfortable with.

If both the star signs can work for it, this Capricorn moon compatibility with Taurus will last long. You are compatible Moon Signs, there is little compromise for your relationship to take off. There is much to learn from each other, you will both find benefit in this partnership.

Capricorn Moon & Gemini Moon

Initially, you Capricorn, and Moon Gemini may be attracted to each other because of your differences. You might be good work partners, or great friends. To be in a romantic relationship, there is much to be done, although your differences may complement each other.

Moon in Capricorn, you are reliable, practical person who finds hard work rewarding. Moon Gemini is the opposite, irresponsible and careless. It will annoy Capricorn to no end. You are all work and no play, Moon Gemini is the child in the relationship that will bring laughter to this partnership, if you are inclined to laugh. Capricorn Moon and Gemini Moon will struggle to find a balance in this partnership, as your outlook in life is different.

However, if you stick together long enough, you may pick up some new outlook in life. Moon Capricorn you can learn how to have fun and relax, while Moon Gemini can learn how to be more responsible and. There will be a lot of misunderstandings, as you will have trouble understanding each other. This zodiac compatibility may not be compatible, but you have much to gain.

Capricorn Moon & Cancer Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Cancer have different needs in a relationship, but you might not be able to fulfill each other’s needs for a lasting relationship. You and Moon Cancer have different priorities and will struggle to meet your partner’s.

Cancer Moon is more in touch with emotions than you, as you can be avoid appearing vulnerable. Often seen as the nurturing sign, Cancer tends to smother you at home, which you find annoying. You want to be responsible for yourself at least. Both you and Moon Cancer have no trouble committing to a relationship, you are both loyal couple.

Once you are committed to this moon sign relationship, Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Cancer will try to make it work. You might have to draw some lines, but you will find that it is easy for you to make concessions, as you know that this relationship is worth working for. You and Moon Cancer are compatible Moon Signs and will have a good pairing.

Capricorn Moon & Leo Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Leo are different because you have contrasting values and outlook in life. You might pair well, but there are issues that will affect your relationship if you do not address them.

You are conservative and tend to be subdued in style, but Moon Leo likes to show off with a flair. Leo loves to be a center of attention, which you might struggle to give as you do not believe in display of affection. Capricorn, you show affection via actions, while the Lion wants attention and to be put on a pedestal. Moon in Leo will find your directness chafing, and Capricorn you are uncomfortable with Moon Leo’s generosity.

Moon Capricorn and Moon Leo are astrologically not totally compatible because of your personality. You might be able to make it work if Leo Moon is optimistic about your pairing and will work for it. But both you and Moon Leo will feel inhibited in this relationship and will find a challenge to make it work.

Capricorn Moon & Virgo Moon

Capricorn, you and Moon Virgo understand each other because you have the same need and desires. When it comes to relationship needs, both Moon Virgo and you put work and responsibilities first. This friendship compatibility will work well in business and romantic relationship.

Emotions are not high in your priority list, both of you take material wealth as source of security. Preferring logic and safe paths, Capricorn moon and Virgo Moon tend to avoid risks, but will often over analyze things. People will find that you are a boring couple, as you take work seriously and feel that having fun is childish.

This pair shares excellent Capricorn moon sign compatibility because you will work well together. Moon Virgo and Capricorn you may overwork. Hence you need to plan times to rest and relax to avoid burning out. You and Moon Virgo will be a happy couple, because you have someone who understands you well.

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Capricorn Moon & Libra Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Libra have different expectations in a relationship, you might struggle to fulfill each other’s needs. Despite that, you can learn much from each other if you commit to making it work. In a work pairing, Moon Capricorn you and Moon Libra can work well.

Moon Libra needs a balanced relationship and an equal partner, while Moon Capricorn you lack the emotions to be the equal partner that Libra needs. Libra Moon is more romantic and wants a good work life balance, which Capricorn you find unnecessary. You are also less likely to communicate with Moon Libra, who loves to talk things through.

Capricorn Moon and Libra Moon are not compatible by moon astrology as you have different expectations in a relationship. For this pairing to work, you will have to learn how to give and take, like Moon Libra. There is much to gain from each other if you are committed to make it work, but it will be a challenging relationship.

Capricorn Moon & Scorpio Moon

Capricorn, you and Moon Scorpio are different in personalities and needs. Moon Scorpio runs of emotions while you function on rational decisions. Together, you might find it hard to sympathize each other, because you do not share the same point of view. There are many challenges in getting this partnership going.

Moon Capricorn, you will push your feelings and emotions aside in favor of getting things done. Moon Scorpio will feel emotions intensely, and will take revenge, but does not show it in public. Material security is important to you, while Scorpio Moon is an all or nothing person. Neither you nor Scorpio trusts readily and you hate not being in control, this will mean a power struggle in the relationship.

Capricorn Moon, you will have to learn how to be more comfortable expressing your emotions, while Moon Scorpio can learn how to be more practical and rational. There are a lot of things to compromise in this Capricorn moon compatibility, as you are both distinct characters. This pairing may work if you work together to resolve issues when they crop up. But you and Moon Scorpio are not compatible and still have to communicate openly for this pairing to be successful.

Capricorn Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Sagittarius are like night and day, your personalities differ and there is little in common between you. In a business partnership, this might work as you can focus on different aspects of work. But you will struggle in a romantic relationship due to your differences.

Moon Sagittarius is adventurous and an optimist, and have the ability to take risks. Moon Capricorn, you prefer the safe path and more of a pessimist, and will shy away from risky endeavors. Capricorn Moon, you have both feet on the ground, believing that hard work is key to success and security; Moon Sagittarius does not worry about that, instead wants change and excitement. Your inability to have a good time makes you dull in Sagittarius’ eyes, and Capricorn you will think that they are too lax and irresponsible for your liking.

To make this moon sign compatibility work, you will have to find a common ground or lots of compromise. Moon Sagittarius will have problems committing to a relationship and will not help this pairing. If there is commitment to make it work, both you and Moon Sagittarius can learn much from each other. In a business relationship, you can help each other out with your strengths; but there is much work needed to make a romantic liaison last.

Capricorn Moon & Capricorn Moon

In this Capricorn moon compatibility, your similar traits may make this partnership easier to maintain, as you have similar outlook in life. The downside is that you have the same weaknesses that you both need to address.

Both Moon Capricorns are committed and responsible people who look to hard work for sense of security. Capricorns you put logic before emotion, and will look to finding practical ways to solve a problem rather than being emotionally involved. You are both not sentimental people, and will focus on work too much to have a proper home environment, which is not conducive for other family members.

This Capricorn moon sign relationship is favorable because you understand where the other is coming from. However, you will need to learn how to relax and have emotional relationship, if you want to have a life long commitment together. You may show your love doing practical things around the house, but you still need to learn how to communicate with each other.

Capricorn Moon & Aquarius Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Aquarius have different attitudes towards life, hence there will be some friction in this relationship that needs addressing. In a business relationship, your differences might contribute positively towards success. In a romantic partnership, it will be a struggle.

Moon Capricorn you prefer safe paths involving little risks, but Moon Aquarius likes to be adventurous and find new ways to do things. They need independence and freedom, but you think that commitment is both feet on the ground. Capricorn you do not acknowledge your emotions, while Moon Aquarius will try to rationalize emotions rather than feeling them. In a business relationship, your traditional approach may be at odds with Moon Aquarius’ new approach, but they might be beneficial in helping your work move forwards.

In a romantic relationship, Moon Capricorn you and Moon Aquarius are not compatible Moon Signs. There will be a lot of compromise for this pairing to last, as both of you have different needs and desires. If you do make it work, there is much to learn from each other and it will be an interesting partnership.

Capricorn Moon & Pisces Moon

Moon Capricorn, you and Moon Pisces are different creatures, there is not much in common between the two of you. If you are committed in this partnership, you have to understand each other well and make concessions to please the other. Test if you can be love signs.

Moon Capricorn you are rational and down to earth; Moon Pisces is emotional and always in fantasy land. Moon Capricorn you may find Moon Pisces’ lack of responsibility and organization skills annoying. Pisces Moon may think that Moon Capricorn you are cold as you are not as emotional. Capricorn you value material security, while Moon Pisces is generous to a fault. Moon Capricorn you may find yourself bossing Pisces around, because they lack self-direction and self-confidence to make decisions.

Capricorn moon compatibility with Pisces is poor, because you have distinct needs in a relationship that neither can fulfill. There is much work to do for a romantic pairing to work, although you can be good friends or business partners.

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