Cancer Moon Compatibility

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Cancer

Born with moon in Cancer, you are a nurturing person, to a point of being a mother hen. Mothering people makes you happy, but for others it might be smothering. You are also a moody Moon Sign, often retreating into your shell to lick your wounds when hurt. It takes a while before you emerge as you are a cautious person. Your words are weapons of choice when you are emotionally down.

Cancer Moon, you may be shy initially with new people, relationships or situations. Once you feel more comfortable, you are fine. You will exit your shell of security once it is safe. Your humor will make you popular, but your moodiness might drive people away. You sometimes lack motivation, and can be disorganized, despite your nurturing instincts. You tend to hoard things, as you are a sentimental person. Cancer moon compatibility shows that you cling on to the past, including bad relationships and issues, you do not hesitate to bring up during an argument.

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As a Water Sign, you have strong empathy, you can be self-absorbed with your own emotions. You can pick up on other people’s emotions, you intuitively sense what needs to be fixed. You are not a big fan of change, often cling to what is familiar, it gives you a sense of security. As a lover, your emotional spider sense can pick up your partner’s negative emotions, your nurturing and protective side will emerge.

Cancer Moon sign in love are caring, romantic and tender when their love is reciprocated. But you will not be making any commitments unless you are sure of ever after, because you dislike change, and you have troubles letting go. Your lover will have to put up with your mothering, moodiness and sentimentality. But, they will gain a caring and romantic partner who is keen on creating a warm home environment.

Best traits: caring, nurturing, sentimental, kind

Worst traits: self-absorbed, smothering, unable to let go

Cancer Moon Sign Relationships

Cancer Moon & Aries Moon

Cancer you have problems with change, you prefer familiarity and closeness. Moon in Aries prefers to be free and independent, a sign that loves change and adventures. This spells trouble for a romantic partnership, as you both have different needs and expectations in a relationship. You might not be able to satisfy each other’s desires.

Cancer moon, you will be anxious about Moon Aries’ independence, as you are not needed. Moon Aries is also a forward looking person, and craves change; whereas you are sentimental and seek security in familiarity. Aries Moon sign can be confrontational and impatient, causing Cancer you to retreat into your safe place. You need a supportive partner and a peaceful environment. Your indirectness and mood swings annoy Moon Aries, who is more honest about everything.

In the end, Cancer you might feel that Moon Aries is uncaring and selfish. Aries finds that you are clingy and manipulative. You are not compatible, hence this Gemini moon compatibility with the Ram requires a lot of compromise. But you might not find each other attractive, as Moon Aries can be more outgoing than you are comfortable with.

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Cancer Moon & Taurus Moon

Cancer, you and Moon Taurus have the same desire: a peaceful, nurturing and stable home. You both value the sense of security in familiar things. Together, you make good friends, with opportunity to become more. You and Moon Taurus cling to familiarity, and are cautious and reluctant to make changes in life. Stability gives both these moon signs in love a sense of stability.

However, you react to situations differently, your moodiness is in contrast with Moon in Taurus calmness. Moon Taurus does not understand your retreat into yourself, and you wish that they are less impassive. But sometimes, you appreciate Taurus’ steadiness and ability to keep calm during troubled times. The moon sign compatibility for marriage says that together, you will build a home worthy of envy. But you should work on keeping the romance alive, as Moon Taurus will fall into a routine; your sentimentality will potentially worsen the situation.

Stability is sense of security is your motto, you prefer staying home over traveling and new adventures. You and Moon Taurus are similar in every other way, you will care for one another, and will create a loving home. There is possibility that you will fall into a comfortable zone as friends and will not move forward, because you both are not big on changes.

Cancer Moon & Gemini Moon

Cancer, you and Moon Gemini will create a love-hate relationship, worthy of a romance story. You have little in common but a lot of misunderstandings. Even though Gemini is flexible and adaptable, Moon in Cancer you, might always remain a mystery to them. If you want this love relationship to last, both you and Moon in Gemini have to learn a lot about each other and tolerate differences.

Cancer Moon sign, you take things personally, and you are a hoarder of things and memories due to your sentimentality. But Moon Gemini takes things lightly, and will brush bad things away with a laugh. They also look forward to future, as they crave mental stimulation, and are less likely to hang on to the past. You do not like how Gemini makes jokes about your moodiness, or tries to analyze them logically. Moon in Gemini needs to socialize, while Cancer moon sign prefers to stay home.

Cancer Moon and Moon in Gemini are not compatible. It is hard for you to understand each other. You will feel unloved, while Moon Gemini feels smothered by your mothering. You might be able to make it work with loads of tolerance and compromises, but it is unlikely that you both will share good zodiac compatibility.

Cancer Moon & Cancer Moon

The moon in Cancer will both want the same thing: a secure home, someone to nurture. Cancer Moon’s need a stable home that you both can nurture and are dependent on each other for security. You know what each other wants and needs instinctively, because that is what you need too. This sounds like a love match made in heaven already. Test your moon sign compatibility.

However, your moodiness can put a damper on things, and when you are both down, it is hard to climb back up. You can depend on each other, but sometimes you may grow too dependent, and not get anything done. Cancer moon sign in love are cautious about change, and will dedicate time to accumulate wealth for family protection. There is nothing you will not do for your family.

This Cancer moon compatibility will be stronger if you take turns to be the supportive partner. Overall you are a compatible pair in love and romance. Your home will be filled with warmth and love, but it will be stronger if there is a dominant partner between you.

Cancer Moon & Leo Moon

You, and Leo Moon have some similarities: you like material things and domestic bliss. Together, you may create a fulfilling household. But you do have differences that might threaten the peace of your romantic relationship, as you are both are different people when it comes to emotions.

Moon in Cancer, you will retreat into your shell when problems arise, while Moon Leo’s ego wants recognition. You can fan the flames of Leo’s ego with your dependence, so they will indulge your insecurities. Leo Moon sign is more confident and outgoing of the two star signs, and has the tendency to blow things out of proportion, which can be upsetting. Leo’s insecurities are best kept secret, you will need to rely on Moon Cancer intuition to figure out.

The relationship is fairly compatible. Both Cancer you and Moon Leo are able to work things out between you if you communicate. Moon Leo can be the dominant pair of the two, while Moon in Cancer is the nurturing and supportive partner.

Cancer Moon & Virgo Moon

Cancer Moon sign and Virgo Moon will share excellent relationship compatibility. Your needs and desires might be different but you marry well. You are both patient people who respect each other. You make great friends, loyal and help each other feel better about themselves.

Moon in Virgo’s practicality focus on accumulating wealth or fixing things around the house. Financial security is important to both Cancer and Virgo moon signs. Cancer in Moon are empathetic and understand Virgo’s moodiness. Virgo Moon sign is the rock of calm when you feel moody. And, your non-judgemental acceptance helps Virgo feel more accepted and loved. Together, you are the strength for each other’s weaknesses.

Moon in Virgo and Cancer share excellent friendship compatibility. You can help each other become a stronger, better person. You both learn much from each other, as Moon Virgo looks out for the practical aspects at home, while you focus on creating a nurturing home environment.

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Cancer Moon & Libra Moon

Cancer Moon with Moon Libra compatibility love harmony and peaceful environment. Both of you will bend over to accommodate each other initially, but your difference might eventually affect your relationship. You and Moon in Libra have different needs and desires, and you will have to find a common point.

Libra Moon needs a partner, someone to balance the internal scale. Moon in Cancer, you need someone to look after and nurture. Moon in Libra likes to talk things over and seek a reasonable solution for a problem, while you act instinctively to a situation. Cancer Moon sign, you will become emotional when problems arise while Libra tries to rationalize it out.

You might want the same thing: a harmonious home, but Moon Libra and you do it differently. Your methods clash and it is hard to find a common ground. You are compatible based on your needs, but less so because of the way you need it to be. If you want to make it work, then you will have to compromise and talk it over.

Cancer Moon & Scorpio Moon

Moon in Cancer, you can be attracted to Moon Scorpio and vice versa because you are intuitive and sensitive to people’s needs. You both are emotional Moon Signs, to a point where you will lose objectivity and perspective. This moon sign compatibility for marriage is filled with nurturing and passion, a unique combination.

While you both are emotional Moon Signs, Cancer you will retreat into your shell, and your words can be cruel. Scorpio Moon may not show it, but revenge is on the cards. Their passion is driven by strong desires. Cancer Moon, you are softer and gentle. If you are upset by Scorpio’s outbursts, your nurturing side will help soften the blow.

You might not seem compatible, but you actually are. Scorpio is your protective shell, and you the soft center in a warm home environment. Scorpio is the dominant Moon Sign in the relationship, and you are happy be the supportive person in the partnership. Find your soul mate sign to know more.

Cancer Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Cancer moon sign and Sagittarius Moon have different needs and desires, it will be a difficult relationship to maintain. Cancer is nurturing and sympathetic, looking for someone who can be the boss, and whom you can smother with your motherly love. Moon in Sagittarius wants to be free, and can be tactless when dealing with problems.

Sagittarius Moon will no doubt grind your gears, frank and superficial. Cancer, you will find Moon Sagittarius hurtful and uncaring. You love thinking about the past and they love thinking about the future. Sagittarius loves freedom and change, while you find security in familiar settings. The archers might not be prepared to be tied down.

Moon astrology predictions show that if you make it work, there is much to learn about each other. Cancer, you can become more optimistic and gain some sense of humor. Sagittarius can accept your feelings on a deeper level, and have a warm home to return to. But this partnership requires more work to succeed.

Cancer Moon & Capricorn Moon

Cancer, you and Moon Capricorn have a see saw relationship: up high besties or down low enemies, you both are different people. Opposites attract, but your differences cause friction between you. Both you and Moon in Capricorn have different needs and expectations in a relationship too.

Cancer you are caring, and love to be close to your partner. Capricorn Moon sign likes to be an individual in a relationship. They hates to baby you when you are down. You find Moon Capricorn emotionally too detached for you. Capricorn is a realist, and your sentimentality might clash when problems arise.

But if you work hard to maintain this love compatibility, even though you are not highly compatible, both of you benefit much from each other. Both you and Moon Capricorn have no issues committing, which is a good start to a healthy relationship. Capricorn can come to enjoy your nurturing sometimes, and you will benefit from their stable emotions.

Cancer Moon & Aquarius Moon

Cancer, you and Moon in Aquarius will have a rocky moon compatibility. Cancer you value family and emotions and familiarity, Aquarius Moon wants change and adventures. You both have problems coming onto the same page, because you are unique Moon Signs that do not understand each other.

If the world is coming to an end, Moon in Cancer you will save your family first. But Aquarius Moon will try to save the world first, family last. Aquarius wants independence in a relationship, which hurts you. Your emotions and attachments to the past may annoy the Aquarian, who prefers to look forward in life. Aquarius is also an objective Moon Sign, often ignoring feelings to get the job done.

Cancer moon sign compatibility with Aquarius is not much. It will take hard work and a lot of compromising for this partnership to last long. On an optimistic note, you can save the family, including Moon Aquarius, who will be focusing on saving the world, which is not a bad plan after all.

Cancer Moon & Pisces Moon

You and Moon Pisces are highly emotionally intuitive Moon Signs, your empathy bounce off each other. Hence, you develop strong connection with each other. But that does not mean that this relationship is healthy.

If one of you are down, both of you will find it hard to return to normal, as you feed off each other’s emotion. Cancer you like to nurture and mother people, and Pisces is a passive Moon Sign with no self-direction. Both of you value peace and harmony at home, Pisces will avoid confrontation, even if you can be cruel when hurt. Together, you both will create a tender and harmonious home.

You are compatible, but you do have to take care not to smother the Pisces moon partner. Moon in Pisces will have to learn to take your cruel words, as they can hurt. With a little work, this partnership can last a good time.

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