Capricorn In Love

Capricorn In Love

Capricorn Personality

Capricorn is one of the most serious signs in the zodiac. These people are calm and determined. From an early age Capricorn knows what they want and they slowly move towards their goal. These people are not afraid of challenges because they know that with a lot of work and effort they can get anything. Capricorn in love dreams of having their home and family. They like to take care of people they love.

Capricorn zodiac sign is a workaholic therefore they need someone who understands their work efforts. These people have high expectations but they never let anyone down. As partners, Capricorn in love are very reliable, loving and caring. It takes a lot of time and patience to get to know them, but it is worth it. Capricorn star sign have a more relaxed and emotional side, which is hidden behind their seriousness.

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Capricorn Man In Love

Typical Capricorn man values life in many ways. He sees opportunities everywhere he goes and takes them. For this reason Capricorn men are usually very successful but they work a lot too. Capricorn is always responsible, also in his relationships. He doesn’t take anything lightly. He doesn’t often have casual relationships, he is usually seriously committed to the person he is seeing.

Capricorn male can only reach complete pleasure when he has feelings for someone. This man doesn’t fall in love quickly. He is very cautious about who he is seeing, because Capricorn doesn’t let many people know details about his life.

When Capricorn guy is in a relationship, he commits all his being to this person. He is emotionally and physically involved therefore he doesn’t look for attention of other woman. If he is in love, Capricorn will not even notice if anyone else is flirting with him.

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A Capricorn in love is unrecognizable. This man doesn’t really know how to deal with such emotions. Some days he can be extremely happy, while other days he is miserable. Emotions sometimes make him feel weak. On the positive side, being in love makes the Capricorn man nicer and more open towards other people.

This man needs someone who can emotionally support him through all his endless efforts. He is usually the one in relationship who takes care of the financial side and his partner should bring emotional support to the table.

capricorn in love

Capricorn Woman In Love

Capricorn woman is very emotional, although she knows how to hide these emotions. She rarely likes anyone, but when she does, Capricorn falls in love quickly and strongly. Many times her love remains unanswered and that can make her suspicious towards her next partners.

Capricorn female sometimes gets married before she even has had any experiences. Every partner for her seems like the one true love and she is afraid to let go. She is very responsible and loyal. She will never cheat on her partners. If her first marriage breaks off, she will soon find another partner. Capricorn lady likes to be with someone. Being alone makes her depressed and gets in the way of doing her work.

This woman is meant for passionate love. She is very sexual, although she might hide it. Capricorn women can even be aggressive if they gets jealous. These are not qualities female Capricorn in love ever accepts in her partners. Capricorn can sacrifice her personal pleasure just to follow her beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Because of her beliefs she is often unhappy in relationships.

Capricorn woman stays in relationship or dates as long as they make sense to her. She has a lot of personal boundaries that should not be crossed. Capricorn woman is not good at compromising, but she can make some changes if it is for someone she loves.

Capricorn in love will only decide to end a relationship if she feels she has lost too much of herself. When this woman is in love, she can be blind to many things. Once Capricorn realizes that things are bad, she will quickly end the relationship and move forward.

Capricorn Compatibility

Best Match For Capricorn

Capricorn has the best love compatibility with Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces. In relationship with Taurus Capricorn will have the joy of being with someone, who completely understands them. Taurus star sign is also hard working and stable, but they can bring a lot of fun in Capricorn’s life. This couple is joyful and strong together.

Virgo and Capricorn in love can create a perfect life together. Virgo has more emotional depth than Scorpio. Capricorn will be someone who appreciates the effort Virgo puts into creating everything around them perfect.

Scorpio can completely change Capricorn’s life. They have a strong intuition and they are emotional. Capricorn can give Scorpio zodiac sign the stability and support they need.

Pisces can be a perfect companion for Capricorn, because they need someone so strong in their lives. Capricorn brings Pisces closer to earth and helps them to set some goals. In this love relationship Pisces takes care of their home and emotional fullness, while Capricorn takes care of material aspects.

Worst Match For Capricorn

Least zodiac compatibility of Capricorn is with Aries and Libra. Aries lives a very fast paced life and the calm and steady Capricorn can’t keep up with them. These people are more likely to be enemies than to ever be together. Although Libra and Capricorn share a few values, it will not make up for the lack of understanding between them. Libra has trouble making decisions and sticking to a plan. Capricorn needs everything to be planned out, only than they can move forwards. This love relationship is likely to have a lot of arguments and mistrust.

Capricorn Sexuality

Capricorn sexually are very cautious and tense. Before they get into sex they make sure to know the person they are with. These people don’t like to take chances or risk. Capricorn don’t like to rush anything. They enjoy the process of getting to know someone both intellectually and sexually. In sex, Capricorns also usually like to take things slowly. They enjoy long foreplay and love making. Capricorn sexuality can be very intense. When Capricorns get comfortable, they reveal all their sexuality. Most sensitive part of their body is the back.

Capricorn in love only feel comfortable with things they know. They will never agree on having an open relationship. Capricorn are demanding and quite jealous. They are very classical. They have a lot of prejudice towards many things and it can take effort to convince them to try new things. Capricorn do not feel comfortable with things they don’t know. Communication and slow pace is the key to open up the Capricorn sexuality.

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With the right person Capricorn in love can be a joyful and loving personality. Deep inside they are very loving and kind. Capricorn have learned to ignore their emotional side, because that way it is easier for them to succeed in their career. Capricorn can get carried away in their work.

When Capricorn is in love, the other person becomes a big part of their life. They devote themselves completely to this relationship and expect the same amount of devotion back. Capricorn can even become jealous and controlling.

These people need to understand that their loved ones can’t be treated the same way as their employees. It is not easy for Capricorn in love  to express their feelings for someone. Getting to know them takes patience but it is worth the effort.

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