Scorpio Moon Compatibility

Scorpio Moon Sign Compatibility

Moon In Scorpio

Born when the Moon is under the Scorpion symbol, Moon Scorpio you are like the scorpion, you can strike when attacked. Born under the Water element sign, your emotions run deep and can be a challenge to handle. You thrive on emotional drama, and have good intuition when it comes to dealing with people and situations. You have direction and determination, qualities which will see you far in life.

In your social life, Scorpio Moon are charismatic, and you seem to draw attention even when you do not want to. Your passion and commitment attracts many potential partners, but are driven away by your suspicious and jealous nature. But once you are established, Scorpio moon, you are a loyal and protective partner, with a strong streak of possessiveness. Those who aim to be your partner should be warned about your jealousy and possessive problems, as they can break a relationship. When you have found ‘the one’, you can be romantic and passionate, if they can put up with the rest of you.

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Scorpio, you are a materialistic and secretive Moon Sign. Highly creative, you hold your cards close to you as you love a good fight. When you want something, you are willing to learn and your resourcefulness and commitment will see you working hard to keep a relationship. Subconsciously, your suspicious nature will cause you to test out potential partners, romantic or work. You value commitment and fear betrayal, hence you will make sure that you will not be blindsided.

The Scorpio moon sign are intelligent, and you radiate strength and presence even when you try to be small. You are also fearless, and that can intimidate some. As you do not do things halfway, you make a good work partner as you fight your way through any obstacles in life. You will work hard and persevere for something you want in life, but you can be destructive when angered.

Best traits: committed, passionate, intelligent

Worst traits: possessive and jealous

Scorpio Moon Sign Relationships

Scorpio Moon & Aries Moon

Passion might draw you and Moon Aries together, but your varying desires and need will tear you apart. Moon Scorpio, you and Moon in Aries are unique Moon Signs with need to dominate: you because the need to control everything, Moon Aries is just being bossy.

Emotionally, Moon in Scorpio feels it intensely, and will plan a revenge. Aries Moon is quick to anger, and will let it go after a big outburst. Moon in Aries is also a direct person, an opposite to your complexity and secrecy. Both of you will wrestle for dominance in the relationship, and this may create more friction.

While the initial stages of this Scorpio moon compatibility may be passionate and romantic, Scorpio you and Moon Aries will quickly realize that you are not compatible. The Moon Signs compatibility calculator shows that you will have troubles ahead, a lot of concessions has to be made for this partnership to survive.

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Scorpio Moon & Taurus Moon

When times are good, both Scorpio, you and Moon Taurus can be happy. But when you are down, it can be extremely bad. This relationship experiences both ends of joy and sadness, because you are both stubborn people. You drive each other mad with your desires.

Moon Taurus works for a peaceful home, finding security in familiar things, and they need physical comfort and displays of affection. Moon in Scorpio, you find it difficult to appease Moon Taurus with your suspicious and jealous nature. You feel emotions more intensely than the bull. At times it can be hostile, disrupting the peace that Moon Taurus works for.

You are compatible as Moon Signs to a degree. You are attracted to each other like magnets and share good sexual compatibility. Yet, your differences can tear you apart. This creates a cycle of reconciliation and separation, until Moon Scorpio determines that you want this relationship to last forever. Once you make that decision, you will work hard to keep this flame alive.

Scorpio Moon & Gemini Moon

Moon Scorpio, you and Moon Gemini are two unique Moon Signs. You both face challenges when in a romantic relationship. As opposites attract, you and Moon Gemini come together initially as your differences intrigues you. But this love relationship requires effort from both parties to work.

Scorpio, your intense emotions may frighten Moon Gemini, who does not have strong emotional reactions to situations. Moon Gemini loves socializing, but Scorpio you are a private person and not big on socializing. Your possessiveness can make them feel restricted, because they like freedom and stimulation. Your desires and basic needs may split this relationship apart.

A passionate relationship initially, the Scorpio moon compatibility with Gemini may fizzle out and turn nasty if your demands and Gemini’s needs are not met. You are looking for commitment and intimacy, which are things Gemini Moon might not be aiming for. Unless Gemini is ready to settle down, your relationship might not be compatible.

Scorpio Moon & Cancer Moon

You, Scorpio and Moon in Cancer have good intuition relating to other people. You both are sensitive to emotions. Scorpio you have the passion, and Moon Cancer has the nurturing nature that will make this partnership warm. You both are willing to commit to a relationship.

While you are both emotional, Moon in Cancer might find your intense displays upsetting. Cancer Moon thrives in a nurturing and peaceful setting, so Scorpio you might have to tone things down. Otherwise, you and Moon Cancer can depend on each other in times of need. Moon Cancer can hopefully handle your possessiveness and vindictiveness.

Overall, you are very compatible Moon Signs and make good soul mate signs. You complement each other and bring much to the partnership. You and Moon Cancer can be protective of each other, and you might even secretly love Moon Cancer’s mothering.

Scorpio Moon & Leo Moon

You, Scorpio and Moon Leo have need to be in control, for different reasons. Moon Leo likes to be the boss, you are a control freak. While you are both looking for commitment and loyalty, your behavior and basic desires are different, contributing to the fall of a romance relationship. In a business partnership, you might just find ways to make it work.

Moon in Leo is sociable, and is a direct Moon Sign that takes people as is. But Scorpio you are naturally suspicious of everything, and will probe until a skeleton pops out. This annoys Leo Moon. You cannot fathom the level of trust they have. Your intense emotions may distraught fun loving Leo. You are basically night and day, Leo the sunny warm sun and Scorpio you the night sky.

In a business relationship, it will be perfect moon sign compatibility: Scorpio you have the intuition while Moon Leo has the social skills to make things happen. Romantically, you are not compatible Moon signs, your differences may break the relationship before you can commit to it.

Scorpio Moon & Virgo Moon

You, Scorpio and Moon Virgo have similar characteristics, but this relationship might struggle to take off initially. You are both different people with different needs, but if you are committed to this relationship, it just may work. In a business or romantic partnership, both Moon Signs need to work hard.

Moon in Virgo can be restrained emotionally or sexually, depending on their background. Scorpio you experience and display intense emotions, which Virgo Moon may find hard to handle. You both tend to over-analyze things: you because you are a suspicious person, Moon Virgo because they are self-critical and unable to make decisions. Moon Virgo is a logic thinking Moon Sign, while you Scorpio tends to react based on instincts. Sensitive to criticisms, Scorpio you will plot revenge, and perfectionist in Moon Virgo will not take it well.

You, and Moon in Virgo might make it work in a business relationship, if you can stop over-thinking things. But in a romance relationship, you might have to find ways to make it work. This Scorpio Moon Sign compatibility is good, but your differences might pose a risk that partnership might not work.

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Scorpio Moon & Libra Moon

A Scorpion and a Scale, you have different personalities and basic desires, you might not be on each other’s radar. You both need to make concessions for the relationship to blossom. As friends or business partners, it might not be as critical as a romantic relationship.

Moon in Libra values peace, tranquility, and above all: balance. Moon in Scorpio wants emotional drama and hot passion. Moon Libra is a sociable person who likes to talk things through, Scorpio you will poke and prod until something pops. You do not seek balance in a relationship like Moon Libra does, but passion and drama.

While you both are not afraid to commit, you and Moon Libra are not compatible Moon Signs. Your personalities and desires clash, and neither of you want to make big compromises for this relationship to work.

Scorpio Moon & Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Scorpio moon compatibility may get along well, but when the fight, it will be till death, metaphorically. Your are both intense people with strong passions, your volatile emotions can be explosive when triggered. You do understand each other perfectly. Unfortunately you cannot change your nature.

You are both secretive and yet suspicious. Moon in Scorpios will dig until they find something. Yet your suspicious nature will stop yourselves from being totally honest with each other. You both take betrayal and commitment seriously, and will react negatively when you think that the other is not faithful. This zodiac compatibility will be intense and dramatic, it can be tiresome in the long term.

You may be compatible with another Moon Scorpion, but a romance relationship based on emotional drama is not a healthy one. Your jealousy and lack of trust may break this Scorpio moon compatibility, even if you are not tired of the drama you created. You have to make a lot of concessions to your personality and beliefs for this partnership to work.

Scorpio Moon & Sagittarius Moon

Moon in Sagittarius prefers optimism, and Moon in Scorpio you are a pessimist. Together, you are different people with different needs. You might have much to learn from each other, but first you need to make a relationship work.

Scorpio you feel emotions intensely, and you hate sharing information. In contrast, Sagittarius Moon is not in tune with emotions, and tends to openly confide in friends all the time. When you are moody, Moon Sagittarius will try to lighten things up, which will annoy you. Moon in Sagittarius is not comfortable with darker emotions, while you are not averse to painful aspects. Your possessiveness and jealousy might push Moon Sagittarius away.

In this Scorpio compatibility with Moon Sagittarius, both do not understand each other. You need to work hard on each other for this partnership to work. You are not compatible Moon Signs, but once you commit to the relationship, you might be able to make this work by looking for a common ground.

Scorpio Moon & Capricorn Moon

Scorpio, you and Moon Capricorn may be good mates, or good business partners because your of similarities. But your differences might stop you from becoming romantically attached, even if your level of commitment says otherwise. You are both naturally cautious people.

Moon in Capricorn represses emotions, often let practicality and responsibility take over. Scorpio you have intense emotions and like to stir up drama. Both of you do not trust easily, and you value privacy and commitment. However, both of you have to learn how to communicate better if you want this relationship to work. You and Moon Capricorn have no problems devoting to this relationship,

You and Moon Capricorn have what it takes to take your relationship to the next level, as you are compatible Moon Signs. First, there are several issues you need to address, mainly how you handle problems when they appear. After that, you and Moon Capricorn will have a fulfilling love compatibility.

Scorpio Moon & Aquarius Moon

Scorpio, you and Moon Aquarius have little in common, your basic needs generally clash. This relationship will not last long, as neither you nor Moon Aquarius is keen on changing themselves to accommodate each other. You struggle to understand each other as well.

Scorpio you want a close, intimate relationship with your partner, but you are also prone to suspicions and jealousy. Moon Aquarius likes to be free and independent, and prefer intelligence over emotions. Moon Aquarius’ need to be social might trigger your jealousy, and they will struggle with your intense emotional drama.

On surface, there seems to be hope for the Scorpio moon sign compatibility with Aquarius. However, failure to compromise is the main reason why this partnership will struggle to take off. If you are willing to bend, this will be an enlightening partnership.

Scorpio Moon & Pisces Moon

Scorpio you and Moon Pisces are both intuitive and emotional zodiac signs. You understand each other well, despite your differences. You both enjoy the emotional intimacy as you both are sensitive to each other’s feelings.

Moon Pisces is a pacifist who will tolerate your emotional drama, or when you wrongly accuse Pisces for betraying you. Pisces tries to avoid conflict, while you love stirring up drama. Neither of you are good at using words to express your emotions, but the connection you share makes it easier. Together, Scorpio Moon you and Moon Pisces make an emotionally fulfilling pair.

Scorpio moon compatibility with Pisces can be good, despite your differences. Pisces can tolerate all your negative traits and accept who you are as a whole. Scorpio you provide Pisces with a more dominant partner, and protection from the outside world.

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