Virgo Aquarius Compatibility

Virgo Aquarius Compatibility

The sad thing about Virgo Aquarius Compatibility is the sheer fact that the love affair might get stuck in the friend’s zone for too long. Aquarius might find this relationship too friendly. They would end up concluding that they are only friends. Well, this would hurt Virgo as they thought that they could have a lasting relationship with their Aquarius lovers.

Despite the challenge Virgo dating Aquarius face, there is a likelihood that they can go against the odds and make things work. Truly, it takes two to tangle. Therefore, all Virgo and Aquarius friendship should do is to find the best in each other.

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Virgo Aquarius Compatibility: Positive Traits

Considering Virgo as the man in Virgo Aquarius relationship, they would be on the lookout for partners capable of understanding them intellectually. Their ideal partners are those capable of understanding them without getting lost along the way. Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why Virgo would initially get attracted to Aquarius woman. She also thinks far and wide. This means that their first conversation would be the best thing in Virgo Aquarius compatibility.

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The way in which Virgo connects to Aquarius is what would at first confuse Aquarius as to whether they should date Virgo. Virgo Aquarius in love will find it enjoyable to argue about certain issues relating to life e.g. politics. There are interesting topics that you will find interesting to talk about. This makes this relationship to be quite the talkative one. On a positive note, it is better to engage your lover in such a conversation than to bore them with issues that they are not accustomed to. Consequently, Virgo Aquarius Love Compatibility could be a good place to start as they are excellent communicators.

Learning never ends in Virgo Aquarius compatibility. It is important that lovers get to learn more about each other for love to work. For instance, Virgo will learn to see the bigger picture in this relationship. Sooner or later, they would realize that over analyzing things simply brings out the worst in their partners.

For the Aquarius lovers, they would appreciate the fact that they need to put a solid ground to the master plans that they have in mind. This is the only way that they would progress in life. The give and take in Virgo and Aquarius compatibility should give partners a reason to build on what they find interesting in each other.

Another good thing about the love affair is the mere fact that neither Virgo nor Aquarius wants to rush into things. Generally, this is a good sign that Virgo Aquarius compatibility would be given enough time to mature. This time is required to water and add some nutrients to the flowers that you might be planting besides this relationship.

Virgo Aquarius Compatibility: Negative Traits

In spite of the good side that Virgo Aquarius Love Compatibility can go through, there is a big chance for things to fall apart here. The main reason for this is the fact that both lovers are mutable and fixed signs respectively. When Virgo gives clear instructions to the Aquarius lover, it is likely that they might disregard this. This is due to their stubborn nature. Getting into terms could be a big issue. For lovers to meet halfway, they certainly need to compromise and understand each other.

Understanding each other’s way of life is a challenging task for Virgo and Aquarius compatibility. They have different ways to perceive life. Virgo focuses on getting answers to situations facing them. On the other hand, Aquarius dwells on what makes them happier. This partner is more focused with their personal lives as opposed to what they share with Virgo.

Virgo Aquarius Compatibility

Consequently, there is a great chance that they could easily get into conflicts as they try to tune each other to their way of lives. Partners in Virgo and Aquarius marriage need to respect each other. They should be humble enough to learn what the other partner has to offer. This way, they might end up appreciating the uniqueness of the different worlds that they are from.

Their differences would also appear in the manner in which they make their decisions. Aquarius is the restless individual here. They are simply in a rush to get things done. They would jump from one decision to the other without considering its repercussions. This is the freedom of decision making that they want in Virgo Aquarius compatibility. Would Virgo accept this? Certainly not! Test your handwriting compatibility.

Virgo believes in having a good plan for every action that they take. Hence, do not be surprised when they have a backup plan in case the first plan fails. From this, their way of doing things is totally different. This could cause friction between Virgo Aquarius soulmates.

Picture a Virgo man and Aquarius woman going out on a road trip. The Virgo man would stick to a map that will get them to the destination that they are heading to. Funny enough, the Aquarius woman would propose different routes. Their only reason for doing this is to explore and enjoy the beauty of the world. Conflict is set to arise here. This is what happens to Virgo Aquarius sexuality. Lovers have got varying approaches to their lives. When one tends to stick on the main road, the other takes this as a joke and wants to explore life. Test your travel compatibility.

Conflicts could also arise from the carefree attitude of Aquarius. When Virgo is trying their best to provide for the relationship, Aquarius seems uninterested in everything. At some point, Virgo would have the impression that Aquarius is unappreciative of their efforts to build a stable Virgo Aquarius marriage compatibility. Thus, they would keep criticizing them for their behaviour. Expect lovers to be at constant loggerheads and a Virgo Aquarius break up may ensue.

Virgo Aquarius Love Compatibility could only succeed when partners mine the best from each other. They should be blind to the challenges that haunt their love affair. This prevents negativity from affecting their relationship. In order to make things better, some complimenting here and there would win smiles from either partner. Test your Feng Shui compatibility.

Virgo Aquarius Compatibility: Conclusion

Virgo Aquarius compatibility might kick off slowly. Your Aquarius partner would even think that you are better off friends than lovers. Well, guess what, they are completely right. Both Virgo and Aquarius sun signs are intellectuals. This makes them to think on the same level. Finding an equal ground for both of you could therefore be a huge nightmare. Considering the stubborn nature of Aquarius they might never heed in to wise paths that you might propose to them. Thus, Virgo Aquarius sexuality could end up in a vicious circle that never ends.

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Love should unite both of you in Virgo Aquarius Compatibility. You should motivate each other to overlook the obstacles that you would be facing occasionally. This will give the other partner a reason to stick to the love affair hoping to get the best in future. Virgo should look into the bigger picture and refrain from criticizing their partners. This is one of the ways in which they might prevent disappointments from affecting their perception to this love affair. Similarly, Aquarius has a role to play. They should adjust and try to meet some of the homely demands that Virgo expects from them. In the end, Virgo Aquarius in bed would be happy with their efforts to maintain a healthy relationship.

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