12 Relationship Deal Breakers through the Zodiac Signs

12 Relationship Deal Breakers through the Zodiac Signs

Every relationship comes with its share of ups and downs. But there are certain things that you can never tolerate in a relationship. Such things become the primary reason for breaking up with your partner or not getting involved in the relationship in the first place. Interestingly enough, our zodiac signs play a crucial role in deciding these relationship deal breakers. Let us take a look at what is an absolute no-no in our relationships based on the zodiac signs:

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Let us take a look at what is an absolute no-no in our relationships based on the zodiac signs:

1. The Independent Aries

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac cycle. Keeping up with the tradition set by their Zodiac sign, people born under this astrological sun sign always want to see themselves as first in everything. They are extremely driven people full of enthusiasm and are go-getters. These born leaders absolutely loathe laziness and clinginess. If someone is a couch potato who loves to rely on their partners for everything, such people can never get along well with the Aries. Aries is always seeking partners who can keep up with the excitement in their lives. If someone’s lack of interest gets into their way of success or if someone tries to get too attached to them, then they will surely be shown the exit gate.

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2. The Headstrong Taurus

People who are born under the sun sign of Taurus are quite stubborn. They have their own rules and are not very fond of change. The reliable and practical Taurean tends to plan things out beforehand. Living life on the edge is not their cup of tea. Hence, a person who acts on impulse and throws caution to the wind is not a good match for Taurus. They prefer people who are organized and grounded. Another major deal-breaker for Taureans is disrespect. They firmly believe that love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect.

3. The Social Butterfly Gemini

Geminis are quick witted and expressive. They love to interact and are extremely sociable. Geminis possess extraordinary communication skills and have the capability of becoming the life of the party. Since they are quite active in their daily lives, they expect the same from their partners too. The worst match for a Gemini is someone who is unfriendly, shy and who loves to spend time alone. Geminis also have a serious side to their personality, but they can’t stand anti-social, quiet and introverted people.

4. The Compassionate Cancer

Cancerians are incredibly intuitive, passionate and sensitive human beings. They love to nurture their relationships with utmost care. For them, family always comes first. Emotional, kind, loving, communicative and family-oriented – these are the traits Cancerians seek in their partners as well. Insensitivity is the number one deal breaker for relationships involving the zodiac sign Cancer. They crave an emotional connection with their partners and want clear communication in their relationship. A relationship is at risk if the other partner prefers to keep their feelings bottled up and is not willing to share their innermost thoughts with their Cancerian partners.

5. The Attention Seeking Leo

Just like Lion is the king of the jungle, the sun sign Leo is the King of the Zodiac cycle. Dominant and boisterous, Leos are attention mongers who love to stay in the spotlight. They shine the brightest in the midst of a crowd. Leos want partners who can encourage and support them to achieve bigger and better things in life. Their partners should be able to stand by them and watch them hog the limelight without stealing it away from them. A non-supportive, selfish, critical behavior becomes a deal breaker when it comes to relationships with an ambitious and extroverted Leo.

6. The Perfectionist Virgo

The most organized and analytical signs of the Zodiac, Virgos are perfectionists to the core. They are very responsible people who follow a meticulous approach towards their work. Virgos are goal-oriented, practical and diligent human beings who try to fulfill all their responsibilities and ambitions with utmost sincerity. Therefore, a person who lacks ambitions and follows a disorderly routine is not the right fit for a Virgo.

Virgo’s are highly critical of such passive behavior, and if you turn up late with a disheveled look at your date with a Virgo, then that’s just the end of your journey together. Another thing that’s a perfect deal breaker in a relationship with the Virgo is ostentatious behavior. Virgos hate pretense and want to engage with only those people who are not afraid of showing their true self to the world.

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7. The Optimistic Libra

Libras are natural peacekeepers who prefer to look at the world through the eyes of a child. They are always trying to see beauty in everything and look at the brighter things in life. Positivity is their biggest strength. They want to create harmony and spread goodness all around. To match up to the optimistic outlook of Libra, a person must be able to shed off their worries and put a smile on their faces as well as on the faces of the people surrounding them. Libras won’t live with the ones who are constantly spreading negative energies either by being pessimistic or by misbehaving with others. The last thing a Libra will tolerate is someone who tries to drain them out using negativity.

8. The Mysterious Scorpio

Scorpios are known to be the fiercest sun sign. Winning their trust is very difficult, and if you break their trust, you may face the deadliest sting ever. All a Scorpio demands from their partners is absolute honesty. They are ready to accept all flaws of their partners except dishonesty. No matter what the situation is, you must never lie to a Scorpio. They can see through things and can easily catch your lies. For Scorpios, once a liar is always a liar.

9. The Adventurous Sagittarius

The travel bug always bites people under the Sagittarius sun sign. The word ‘adventure’ gives them an adrenaline rush and are always on the go in life. Excitement and expansion are the main mottoes of their lives. The wanderlust Sagittarian seeks a partner who is as high in life as they are. Similarly, someone who complements their fast-paced lifestyle. A person who prefers to lead a quiet life staying at a single place and doesn’t have a zeal for traveling will never get along with the Sagittarius.

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10. The Resolute Capricorn

Capricorns are determined and matured. They have complete control over their lives and themselves too. Capricorns kill the child in them fairly early, and they have no room for wild abandon in their lives. They look for partners who are at the same level of seriousness and determination as them. If their partner is childish, they feel burdened by the responsibility of taking care of them as well. A person who is yet to figure out the purpose of his/her life and does not display self-control can never be the perfect partner for Capricorns. Indecisiveness is a sure-shot deal breaker in relationships with Capricorns.

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11. The Eccentric Aquarius

Aquarians are staunch believers in the power of imagination. They can be eccentric with their ideas and dreams. Also, they are extraordinarily open-minded and have a humanitarian side to them as well. Seemingly, they want to pursue their somewhat bizarre goals and end up doing things for the better of the world and the society. The best partner for Aquarians will be someone who encourages the creative streak in them and supports them when they take the leap of faith. Aquarians can’t tolerate realistic and pragmatic people who are not receptive to their ideas and dreams and who try to rob them of their uniqueness.

12. The Big-Hearted Pisces

Pisces is the most sensitive zodiac sign which has infinite love to give to the world. They are selfless and peace-loving creatures. The most off-putting factor for a Piscean is the sadistic mentality. They won’t bat an eyelid before walking away from a mean-spirited soul or from someone who brings in unnecessary drama into their peaceful lives.

Deal breakers are things you can never tolerate in your lives. If you believe in Astrology, then let us know if we got your deal breaker right or not? If you don’t, you still had fun reading this article, isn’t it?

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