3 Things To Know About Pillow Talk

3 Things To Know About Pillow Talk

Pillow talk is the intimate conversations between two lovers. Some consider it foreplay while others think of it as the cuddling and whispering moments after sex. The benefits of pillow talk with your partner are high for any relationship because of its openness and feelings of safety. You are free to ask anything and hold nothing back.

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1. Intimate Questions

Whether you live together or still have your places, the intimate setting for pillow talk creates a safe place to ask anything. Some couples would rather talk to each other face to face in bed rather than across a table or in distant chairs.

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You are free to ask anything from a trivial “what if” question or ask for insight on a philosophical topic of interest. If you can’t come up with a conversation starter, the Internet has many ideas that can get the pillow talk going. While you may still want to keep conversations about work and kids away from this moment, it is not strictly verboten.

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At this point, your body is relaxed, and your mind may wander in tangents. Pillow talk is also the best time to raise those questions that you would not risk asking in public. When other people would give you strange looks, your partner will humor you with an answer and little embarrassment. This is a private time for the two of you and a perfect means of maintaining strong communication connections.

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2. Intimate Answers

While there may be no limit to questions, the same goes for answers. You may feel vulnerable looking into your partner’s eyes, but you are also safe with all of the cushioned softness and warmth. There is no time limit for your answers, so you can relax, breathe, and be completely honest in your thoughts. You can tell your partner what you liked best in sex or share your fears and concerns.

They may provide the reassurance and support when you thought you were alone. In all honesty, pillow talk can be the best place to free your mind little by little without the stress of evil eyes and responsibility. Your solutions during this time can take the weight off your shoulders when you finally move on to the next activity in your day or night.

3. Plotting And Planning

Pillow talk is relaxed enough to the extent that you can brainstorm so many ideas. If you don’t need a notepad right away, you can come up with some great ideas with your partner. You can plan a trip, discuss your wishes for your weddings, or express your wishes to be an organ donor.

Sometimes your best ideas come in these pillow talk sessions when you are not tense or stressed in making plans. You can also reflect at the end of the day or anticipate the events after waking up in your partner’s arms. If you find that you do all of your best planning in bed, be sure to keep a pen and paper nearby, so you don’t forget.

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