4 Levels Of Love

4 Kinds Of Love

Love is the kind of word that has multiple meanings. If you ever ate a delicious meal and said how much you loved it, a jokester might quip “So why don’t you marry it?”. The love you have for a family member is different than the love you have for your spouse. The philosophy of love goes as far back in written history as biblical times. Consider the difficulty of translating the words so that the meaning is clear. When you have a word like “love”, is it referring to sexual desires or a spiritual connection?

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If you are looking at your love life, you need to be clear with yourself as to what level of love you want in your relationship. If you have a teenager who is looking into dating, they could use a way of clarifying the different types of love that they will encounter in life. While there are many ways to describe love, there are four levels in which it can be categorized in a couple’s relationship.

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The Four Loves

#1. Sexual Love

Sexual love is the most physical love. It is the chemical, hormonal attraction that needs only the body to reach its fulfillment. It is powerful and tangible, but it is also the level of love that has the shortest life span. When relationship are based on sex, that is all that it has.

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No other connection differentiates one lover from another. Some people will seek out sexual love, while others will erroneously consider it a higher level. All forms of love can incorporate sexual love into its level, but sexual love in its low form stands alone without other connections.

#2. Mental Love

Mental love is the most logical of the levels. It is not one driven by urges like in sexual love, but by shared ideals, ethics, admiration, and loyalty. This level of love can have a romantic connection, but it is more of an attraction of the mind than of the heart. Some may see this as a practical love. Consider the individual who marries a person for stability such as physical protection or financial support. They would not commit to someone that they did not like at all.

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There is a level of respect for the person along with admiration or appreciation. However, mental love is not the love of a lifetime with strong physical and emotional connections. Young adults may also fall into this category. They can find logical reasons to date someone so that they are not lonely or the only one who does not go out on weekends. However, their logical choice may just be a memory in their yearbook long after graduation.

#3. Emotional Love

Emotional love is the kind of love that makes a heartache. When you see a couple in public kissing and hugging as if there is no tomorrow, they are likely to be feeling emotional love. These two people can talk for hours and can’t seem to stop touching one another.

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A first love or a feeling like “head over heels” can be identified as an emotional love. It can be natural and last until death do you part. However, there will be times when you are not fully connected. You may share many ideas, but you will still conflict on certain issues in life. This is not bad in a relationship as it reminds you to learn from each other and be open to different points of view.

#4. Spiritual Love

Spiritual love transcends all levels of love. It is a natural connection of deep love and understanding. Your love for your partner is like you are one unit. When your partner enters the room, you smile and feel like a piece of you has returned. Some will find it a magical experience that is not restricted to one person.

That is, the love that you have in life is like peace that you pass to others. It has the power to raise up others. Spiritual love can also be a love that continues eternally through space and time. It is effortless and magical.

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