5 Tips to Keep Your Partner Interested

How to Keep Your Partner Interested?

It’s all very well to find a potential partner and start dating, but how do you keep them interested? The initial “honeymoon” period might last two years or so, but after that is over, a little effort may be required to keep your partner’s concentration from straying.

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Quite often, women think once they have the wedding ring on their finger, they don’t need to worry anymore. Wrong! It is after they get the wedding ring that the real work begins. With the pressure of society, for most women, unfortunately, the rest of their lives are spent trying to maintain their appearance.

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The unfair part of the whole equation is that society accepts men as they are, so they don’t need to worry. Consequently, most men don’t understand what women have to go through to keep themselves attractive to the partner.

1. Keep Your Weight in Check

The first thing to be aware of, which is usually a touchy subject with most women, is their weight. Some lucky ladies don’t have to worry about their weight, but most of us, as we get older, need to work hard to keep our weight in check.

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A few pounds or kilos here and there is not an issue, but when we start talking over 30 pounds, it’s noticeable. A weigh-in periodically, even if it is only on a monthly basis, is good to make sure your weight is within range. If you check regularly, the weight that has crept on can easily be taken off. If it is let go until a significant amount has been gained, it is tough to get off, particularly as we age.

2. Putting on Make-Up

When going out with your partner, whether it is to dinner or meeting friends, or just out for the day, it’s nice to put some make-up on so he can see you’re making an effort to look nice. Even if it is just foundation and lipstick, or just lipstick on its own, it will make a big difference. Men notice when women have make-up on and provided it isn’t over-done, will find it attractive.

3. Have a Skin Care Routine

It is important, at the end of the day, to have a skincare routine. Whether young or older, it makes no difference. Getting rid of dirt and impurities from your skin, and removing makeup if you wear it, helps your skin regenerate.

There are many good skin care products on the market, and it is preferable to use products that are non-toxic, so further damage isn’t done to your skin. The basics of good skin care are a great cleanser and a great moisturizer. There are many other products available, but at the very least, cleanse and moisturize each night.

4. Take time Making Your Hair

The next thing is your hair. Spend a little time styling it when you go out. If you normally have it tied back when you’re home, maybe wear it down when you go out. With longer hair, there are many different ways to wear it that don’t take much effort but will give you that extra bit of pizzazz when you’re heading out with your partner.

Woman making her hair

5. Wear Lovely Clothes

Another area to look at is your wardrobe. It’s a good idea if you can keep some clothes aside just for going out. This way, your partner doesn’t see the clothes all the time when you’re at home or working. Also, that way you’ll look different when you go out.

It doesn’t need to be many, and it doesn’t even need to be pants or skirts. Just having a couple of tops put aside will do the trick because they can be accessorized. He’ll be so busy noticing the top; he won’t pay any attention to the jeans or pants. It will look like a new outfit to him.

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It might sound like a lot of work, but it doesn’t take much extra effort. Your partner will appreciate it, and even if he doesn’t say anything, he’ll notice. Another benefit, in most cases, is that if you are always making an effort, it encourages your partner to do the same. By staying on your toes, you’re helping him do the same because he won’t want other men trying to move in on his partner!

As well, that when you do make an effort, you feel much better in yourself as well, because you know you’ve made a try and you look great. When you look and feel great, you’re more confident and attractive to others.

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