5 Ways To Keep Some Mystery In Your Relationship

5 Ways To Keep Some Mystery In Your Relationship

One of the most fun parts of dating is getting to know the other person. When you have gotten to know your partner very well, the relationship might lose the mystery. How to keep the mystery in the relationship, especially if you are living together? Read these five tips and find out.

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1. Don’t Stop Surprising Each Other

When you first started dating, every date was exciting. You didn’t know much about the other person likes and dislikes and what they have to offer. Additionally, going to their home for the first time was intriguing. Once you have been in a relationship for a while, don’t pass on making surprises.

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Now you have the benefit of knowing what your partner likes to do. Don’t tell them where you are going on your date night or surprise them with a romantic getaway. A good way to keep things interesting is to take turns in planning dates. Decide on a date night and give each other a chance to express creativity.

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2. Share Your Fantasies

There comes a time in every relationship, when you simply feel comfortable with each other. It might be a good idea now to share some of deepest fantasies. It doesn’t matter if those are sexual fantasies or something you always have wanted to do. Fulfilling each other´s dreams together might be a fun way to connect even closer and let your partner know that there is more to you than they realize.

3. Spend Some Time Apart

When you are always together with your partner, you can get a bit tired of each other´s company. Being together all the time doesn’t allow you to have any personal space and takes away the mystery of the relationship. If you want to keep things between you and your partner interesting, it is good to have some time apart. Next time visit your parents on your own, or just simply hang out with your friends from time to time.

4. Choose What You Share

One of the biggest mystery-killers in a relationship is sharing everything with your partner. Try to avoid talking with your partner about problems that you can better discuss with your friends.

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Also, grooming in the presence of your partner is not such a great idea. Your partner should not take part in your beauty care routine. It is normal that after some time of being together, especially if you live together, you get comfortable with each other. Remember to keep some boundaries no matter how long you are with each other.

5. Make Changes In Your Life

Keeping the mystery in a relationship is not an easy task. If you want to keep surprising your partner with new things about your personality, you will have to work on it. You should not give up on finding new ways to become more interesting as a person yourself. Taking some classes in anything that you are interested will help you grow as a person and keep things interesting in your relationship.

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