6 Reasons Why Gender Role Could Be Affecting Your Relationship

6 Reasons Why Gender Role Could Be Affecting Your Relationship

“May your union be blessed with a hundred daughters and sons,” that’s a common phrase that is modernly second handed when two become ONE. It isn’t doubted that gender roles in various parts of the world are somewhat distinct. Women’s position is to nurture her children as well as performing domestic chores. On the other hand, men are destined to toil to the end hence acting as breadwinners. Huh! Wait, these are just ideas that were practiced over 200 years ago by our forefathers.

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To your surprise, the norms are still evading out modern world. However, women are now more advanced, and they want nothing else than a fair deal. As far as the relationship is concerned everyone has his or her dreams. That said, we seem to live in a competitive world. Therefore, tension dominates our bond. The outcome has made us believe that blue is for boys while pink for girls. The irony comes when we grasp that we are all neutral. It can be a hackneyed cliché for you, but also a Latter-day when gender role afflicts your nerve.

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*In the same demeanor, both men and women have opted to employ an open-minded persona in their lives. For this reason, they want nothing else than to let go of the long-established myths and beliefs. This time around, women have dominated the world and beyond.*

1. Real Man Should Act As a Breadwinner and Dominator

It is believed that it’s a man’s focal point to ensure that his family is well fed and taken care of to the latter. I mean, stability and safety measures should be his priority. However, time and years have given us an idea that some of the gender roles are made to be broken. In this heightened era, tons of women have risen as the main breadwinners in their families.

Subsequently, men aren’t meant to control you from the word go. As previously mentioned, you also have your own life as an individual. Once again, this is nothing else than gender myths and beliefs. To avoid further conflicts, it’s time for couples to handle each other problems as adults and not gender inequality themes.

It is also a norm that in the past, men were given a chance to dominate women’s world. However, women have employed ultimate strength when it comes to leadership. In fact, women seem to make an ideal decision than most men.

Above reasons could affect your relationship in tons of ways. For instance, if a man believes that a woman’s job is to stay at home, hell will break loose. With a high level of living, it’s better to have a share deal than depending on one person for every little thing.

2. If Both Of You Is Tirelessly Working, Who Should Nurture The Family?

Traditionally speaking, our foremothers stayed at home peacefully. They obliged to their husband’s roles as well as taking care of their families. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Women have to go out there and explore the world just like men. As much as men want to be taken care of like an egg, they should grasp that women are now more advanced.

Yes, they will take care of the family’s needs, but she also has to have an active life. This is one of the reasons why women prefer not to have children till they have achieved their end goal. As a man in the picture, wary not and understand that we are living in a modern world. Yes, women are still judged but when opportunity calls it, grab it with all might. If both of you are as busy as hell, be ready to share common duties at home.

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3. Elegance versus Macho

All women are expected to have that ambiance look from head to toe. You know, long and shiny hair coupled with a skirt or a dress. On the other hand, men are expected to have short hair combined with fitting trousers and shirts. So, who said this? And what will happen if one opts to collide with the belief? These are expelled days.

As a man, don’t bother if she likes to wear a short, mini skirt or jean trouser; it’s her preference. She might not feel comfortable in her long dress, so don’t bother if she opts to have that trouser suit.

4. Men Are More Active Than Women

Huh! So they say. It doesn’t matter how much the society takes it, but it all drips down to how you feel about yourself. The end though is that women and men will never be equal. Men will forever live in a sports world. So gender differences should be respected to the core. Yes, women are said to have a high level of reaching maturity at an early stage than men.

The major difference comes when men are programmed to take good care of their partners and family. To avoid further arguments, it’s better to understand that some gender roles are meant to be broken. Men are more active than women; I couldn’t agree more.

At some point, men possess exceptional physical strength, but women are stronger when it comes to their emotional level. It is said that they pose an out of world IQ than men.

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5. An Emotional Man! What the Hell?

Yes, there are tons of emotional men just like passive and subtle women out there. However, men are well-manned to bottle their emotions and feelings. It is an unhealthy ordeal, but they just have to accept and live by it. To avoids further arguments; men must learn to share their inner self with their partners.

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6. What Happens When She’s Making More than Me?

It’s quite early to admit that he will oblige to your rules if you are earning more than him. In fact, the demise of your union will begin at this phase. As mentioned earlier, men love to dominate the world as well as family.

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To avoid further discomforts, combine your salary and have an end plan. You can either opt for a man to focus on investment while the other partner plays some household roles. But compromise is needed more than anything else. No matter what you do, don’t compete with your spouse.

By all means, gender roles are here to stay for eternity. So it’s up to you to jot down important details that will make you prosper as husband and wife. If you want to have a win to win a deal, be ready to change some of the traditional gender norms.

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