Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility

Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Virgo man and Pisces woman will be attracted to each other firstly because of their equally thoughtful and delicate nature. He is practical, balanced and deeply mysterious. She won’t hold back from showing her love and definitely wears her heart on her sleeve. In a Virgo man Pisces woman compatibility, they both will recognize a mutual protector in each other. For this reason, if they venture into a relationship, they will try to never intentionally wound each other.

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The mutually cautious Virgo man and Pisces woman will not rush into making any decisions. This will draw them to each other and strengthen the bond between them. The naturally chaotic Pisces woman will be a breath of fresh air for the systematic and orderly Virgo man. There can be a lot of romance between this eccentric Virgo man Pisces woman couple.They both have the same self-sacrificing outlook on life. The race to see who can please the other more creates a bit of fun and engaging connection between them.

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They have a lot of shared goals, which will bind their relationship. The Virgo man intelligence and the Pisces woman’s creativity will flourish when together. They will easily understand their partner’s feelings and emotional temperaments. There is the possibility of them having a lengthy and content Virgo man Pisces woman relationship.

The Virgo man Pisces woman friendship will be exclusive to them. No one else will understand what is going on between them, except for themselves of course. A relationship between them will take time to develop. It will only get off the ground once they both decide to apply some effort to make it work.

There is a lot of respect and genuine affection between Virgo man Pisces woman love compatibility. When they have disagreements, they will find that they are easily able to discuss what makes them unhappy. They will find that disagreements won’t lead to arguments very often because of their communicative ability. Their relationship will be a very providing one for both of them. He will provide a stable foundation for her to share her fears. She will encourage him to get his plans going. This will be beneficial for both of them in their home life and their careers.

The attraction between the Virgo man Pisces woman in love will need to be resilient. He is all about order and correctness. On the other hand, she has a wild and frenzied personality. When she constantly wants to be out having fun, he will start to get annoyed. His general anxious nature will be exacerbated, and he will want her to stay home more often. She will become infuriated at his nagging for her to change her ways.

At times the Virgo man can be his own enemy. In a Virgo man Pisces woman compatibility, they can be very critical and demanding even of themselves. His ability to manage chaos is sometimes misunderstood for being neat and tidy. The Pisces woman, on the other hand, can at times be very sensitive. She can be very empathetic and self-sacrificing. Her intuition will result in her being able to delve into the personality of the Virgo man and understand exactly who she is getting involved with.

Compatibility between the Virgo man and Pisces woman will require compromise from both parties. Fortunately, neither of them is against doing whatever is necessary to make their Virgo man Pisces woman union work.

Passion can get out of control for them. The Virgo man Pisces woman soulmates can deeply hurt each other. She will have to stand up for herself, and he will have to loosen up if they want to keep the home fires burning.

Sexually the Virgo man and Pisces woman are on the same wavelength. His sensual manner and her sensitive personality will combine to form a fascinating romantic entanglement. The only problem they will have is when he is focussed on the here and now, and she is off in fantasy land. He will mistake her response as aloof. They will need to communicate.  Their feelings will then ensure their Virgo man Pisces woman sex remains on track for both of them.

A Virgo man Pisces woman marriage is a case of the outgoing Pisces woman going off on lots of “business trips”, while the Virgo man stays home to man the house. If they decide to have children, he will be the parent that takes them to school and ensures their lunches are packed.

Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

Their mutual shyness will help them immediately form a lasting connection. Being introverts, they will need to be introduced to each other. After that, there will be no stopping them. The Pisces woman’s intuition will guide her in knowing how to please him. The Virgo man can match her expertise. Together, the Virgo man Pisces woman can be dauntless.

His intelligence and perfectionist nature will capture her attention fairly quickly. Her easy-going outlook will impress him. Both Virgo man Pisces woman are not keen on drama. Therefore, their conversations will be easy and uncomplicated.

The confident Pisces woman is happy to let her Virgo man handle matters. In her mind, he is better at it anyway. She will not push him to be more ambitious and make more money for her to spend. He will feel safe with her when she does not lavishly spend all his savings.

Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Virgo man is far more serious and responsible than the Pisces woman. When she wants to give her input to the decisions he has already made, he will hesitate at messing up his plans. He is a perfectionist. As a result, she will feel that her opinion is not important in their Virgo man Pisces woman relationship.

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When the Virgo man feels that things are going off track, he will become frustrated and eventually angry if things don’t go as planned. The sensitive Pisces woman won’t like being at the wrong end of his irritation. She will also feel that he misunderstands her input. The Virgo man Pisces woman will end up arguing about simple things.

This relationship will need to balance the imaginative Pisces woman’s need for variation and the respectful Virgo man’s down to earth nature. She will want their Virgo man Pisces woman love compatibility to be full of excitement. When he does not share in her adventures, she will struggle with his need for an unwavering and dependable connection. She will become bored with having to stay home and be responsible.

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Virgo Man Pisces Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Virgo man wants to attract a Pisces woman, he will need to be very patient with her. She can at times be a bit of an airhead. When he shows her that he can help in so many ways, she will be smitten. His natural compassion and tenderness will go a long way in securing her love for him.

When a Pisces woman wants to get the attention of a Virgo man, she can ask him to help her with something. As flawless as he wants things when there is something to repair, he will jump in with both feet. She can let him see her innocent, lost waif personality. He will, with great pleasure help her find her way.

The Virgo man Pisces woman compatibility is over when the trust between them has been exhausted. The Virgo man’s pragmatic outlook will result in the Pisces woman feeling underappreciated. They will start to lie to each other to avoid confrontation.  In the end, their break up will be nasty.

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