Man Personality By Zodiac Sign

Man Personality By Zodiac Sign

Let’s take a look at the man personality traits by zodiac sign.

Aries Man Personality

A natural leader, the Aries male personality can be bossy, and forgets about needs of others. Aries can be a tyrant at times. He can be selfish and throws temper tantrums when his needs are not met. A passionate man, once he makes up his mind, he will give it his all. The Aries male is spontaneous, and he also loves his freedom. The Aries guy loves a good verbal spar, if you want to be with him, you have to be extremely patient.

Aries man traits show that he has no problems committing to a relationship, he will only devote to one. You will know what the man wants, he will honestly tell you. The biggest trouble with the Aries man is respecting authority. Aries zodiac sign is happiest being his own boss, or bossing someone else around. If he is an employee, his brash and outspoken attitude may grate on the employer or manager.

A go-getter, Aries men will set a goal and rush towards it with full speed. Ambitious and daring, this man will give anyone a wild ride. Self-confidence makes Aries shine inside out. And it is easy to be attracted to Aries man’s passion and fire. But getting along with the Aries man’s personality might be a problem, as he tends to be an alpha male.

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Taurus Man Personality

The Taurus guy is a reliable man who is also patient and persistent. Like the Bull, Taurus man is usually laid back to the point of laziness, and when provoked has a hot temper. Taurus man traits show he is a traditionalist and conservative who is not big on changes. If you have to change him, do so very slowly. Taurus men can be stubborn when it comes to change, or when he sets his mind to do something.

The Taurus man personality is big on material wealth, to a point of being materialistic. He finds security in material wealth, and loves to indulge in beautiful things, or gourmet food. If you have a Taurus male employer, do not expect a praise, he would give you a raise instead. Taurus man is practical and hardworking, but lack initiative to start something new because of their need to have a constant environment.

As a lover, Taurus is sensual and has a good endurance. He can be romantic when he wants to be, but he does everything for a reason. You know where you stand with Taurus male, as he will make it clear from the beginning. He is no good at love games, and he responds well with gentleness. Taurus male traits suggest he may be a boring man, not always looking for new excitement. But he will be a loyal one who will look after your needs.

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Gemini Man Personality

The Twin sign gives the Gemini man personality traits a duality. He can be charming and witty or cool and reserved. Both sides will have gift of gab, and can charm a bird off the tree. The Gemini man is more metrosexual in fashion, as he is constantly learning about everything, he is adventurous in life. In a social setting, Gemini male can talk to anyone about anything. Nothing is off limits, and he seems to know a bit about everything. Charming and flirtatious, he will be a popular man in parties.

The Gemini guy is happiest when he is busy at work, he fears routine as it dulls his mind. You can find the Gemini male doing multiple tasks at once. He is one of the sun signs that can multitask well. However, he can be prone to anxiety and fatigue as he tries to juggle too many things while charming people’s socks off. If the Gemini man personality cannot find a job that stimulates his mind, he will be flipping from job to job to find the ideal career.

Gemini man is not a man who commits to anything early in life, he is always flirting around. His natural charm makes him popular, and he also wants to try as many things as possible before he settles down. However, once they makes up their mind, Gemini men are usually loyal and committed.

Cancer Man Personality

Cancer Man personality traits show he is a nurturing man who is looking for someone to have a family with. Like the Crab, Cancer male can be shy. He will retreat into the sand when he feels threatened. Cancer man can appear sarcastic and distant at first, but he will transform into a soft and caring person when you know him better. He is a sentimental soul, and he picks his friends and partner carefully, because he has trouble letting go.

The Cancer Man traits make them good bosses because of their nurturing nature. He is a supportive person and will tend to build a happy team. Cancer men are sensitive to people’s needs and emotions. They will work hard to build a wonderful relationship with work colleagues. The downside is that the Cancer male tends to nag, because of the overprotective nature.

In relationships, Cancer guys can be clingy to the mother figure in the family, or become the mother hen in the family. He may become whiny and emotional in the comfort of his own home However, Cancer star sign is happy doing household chores and making sure all family members are happy. Cancer man is slow to find a romantic partner, because he knows that he has trouble letting go of past relationships. And, wants to make sure that he does it right at one go.

man personality by zodiac sign

Leo Man Personality

Leo the Lion is a royal sign. Leo Man has a natural charisma that draws people to him. He is an outgoing man who loves to be the center of attention. Leo male is a generous person who will shower you with praises and presents, in exchange for some worshiping. The Leo male loves to be put on a pedestal and loved by his ‘subjects’. In parties, Leo loves attention, and he is loud and charming about it.

Leo male traits show he is a natural leader, he does not do will being an employee. Once he makes up his mind, there is no changing it. He has a creative mind, and the drive to make things happen. Leo men can be arrogant, opinionated and stubborn, certain that they are right about everything. Soft words and flattery to soothe his ego will allow you to get what you want, while arguments will only make things worse.

The Leo man personality is looking for someone who worships him in a romantic relationship. If you are thinking to be the Queen of his castle, you will be disappointed. Leo has no troubles committing to a relationship, but he tends to find someone who is a beta to his alpha.

Virgo Man Personality

The Virgo man characteristics show he has a strong sense of duty. He is also a perfectionist who is constantly trying to improve himself. The sun sign of Virgin does not mean that Virgo man is boring sexually, it is the opposite. Virgo man is sexy and loves to flirt. He does not plan to settle down, because he seeks the perfect partner. Fastidious and efficient, Virgo male want to make sure that everything in his life is perfect.

Virgo man personality loves to work. His attention to detail can be a problem as he loses sight of the bigger picture. He is analytical and critical with his work, and he will pore over things to get it perfect. If you have a Virgo employer, chances are life is hard because he wants things to be immaculate or flawless. With this attitude, Virgo men can suffer from nervous breakdowns.

If you want to have a relationship with a Virgo guy, the devil is in the detail. Once the Virgo man recognizes you to be his partner, he will work hard to maintain the relationship. Virgo man traits show he can be a sensitive and tender partner. And, he is also a sensual person who can provide an exquisite sexual experience in bed. Virgo male will look after his partner’s health and well-being.

Libra Man Personality

Libra is an astrology sign of Scales, balance is important to him. Libra man wants a partner who can share equal responsibility, someone to has equal standing in his life. He is uncomfortable being alone, and loves being in a social setting. Libra male is not fickle, but he likes to weigh the pros and cons before deciding. Aside from taking forever to decide, the Libra man personality traits show he is a charming and suave person, with good communication skills.

The Libra man is a good strategist, because he is always looking for ways to please everyone. Libra is a logical sign. If you want to change Libra boss’ mind, it will be with logic and not emotion. Libra men can b good managers because they try to sort things out and make everyone happy. Fairness and equality is important to him, harmony in a workplace makes him happy.

If you want to be with a Libra man, you have to have a lot of patience waiting for him to decide on things. He is a diplomat who likes to see the best in people, and will often compromise himself to make others happy. Libra wants a partner, and he will always work hard to please everyone. As his partner, you might have to look after him, as he might neglect his needs to meet other people’s.

Scorpio Man Personality

The Scorpio man is a complex person who has a silent magnetism that draws people to him. He will be the one carrying the bad boy vibe, even if he is actually a shy guy. Scorpio guy is a control freak, especially his own destiny. He is independent and ambitious. Scorpio is an emotionally intense star sign. And, he has good self-discipline and willpower to be successful.

Curious and perceptive, the Scorpio man personality can be anything he wants, but he is happiest being in middle management. The Scorpio guy has a sharp intuition and prides himself with self-motivation, he is an ideal employee. If you have a Scorpio boss, always be honest. The Scorpio male has an inner lie detector and will catch you easily. Scorpio men hate weakness and dishonesty.

Relationship with the Scorpio man will mainly revolve around sex. He is not above using sex as a weapon. He has no problem being celibate until he gets what he wants. He does not mind waiting for the perfect partner, and once you commit to him, he will move heaven and earth for you. Scorpio man is not looking for a superficial, meaningless relationship. Never betray or upset a Scorpio man, as he will take revenge.

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Sagittarius Man Personality

Sagittarius male has wanderlust, he loves to travel and gain new knowledge and experience. He is a friendly and charming person, able to make new friends wherever he goes. He is interested in a lot of things, from animals to sports, but philosophy is probably his favorite. The Sagittarius man loves giving advice but hates receiving them. He is an optimistic guy with Lady Luck on his side.

The Sagittarius man personality traits suggest that he needs to roam around and travel. He is happiest in jobs that do not pin them down. It is not surprising to see him working in travel or recreation, or careers that demand a lot of intellect. Sagittarius men love humanitarian efforts. They can go into deep jungle to help save lions on a whim. Sagittarius man can be creative and intuitive, but he loves taking risks.

If you want a relationship with a Sagittarius guy, you will learn how to let him go in his adventures, or join him. You are more likely to be friendzoned by a Sagittarius man, because he loves making friends and hates being tied down. It might be hard for him to commit to a romantic relationship, but he is quite an imaginative lover.

Capricorn Man Personality

Capricorn man is the fatherly sign of the zodiac, he is a practical person who looks after family from the background. He is a man who seems distant because Capricorn man is not someone who displays his love and affection outwardly. He is protective towards his family, and he is a conservative person in general.

Ambitious and determined, the Capricorn male personality can be a workaholic. He can be an ideal employee but a nightmare employer. He expects his workers to be working around the clock like he does, and he can be contemptuous and cold. Capricorn men can excel at any field because of their dedication at work, sometimes at the expense of family.

If you want a Capricorn partner, you have to go slow. The Capricorn man in love is a patient person who adopts a wait and see attitude when seeking a mate. Once he accepts you as his partner it will usually be for life. He enjoys leisurely lovemaking, and can last a long time due to his unending stamina. Playing hard to get might damage your relationship, as it confuses Capricorn guy and hurts his ego. Capricorn man is not a fun sign. His sensibility and practicality means that he is more comfortable being the provider than entertainer.

Aquarius Man Personality

Aquarius man is a guy who wants to save the world in one fell swoop. He values his freedom and often takes the road less traveled. Aquarius male has a lot of friends, because he is charming, affable, and can talk about anything in life. He is driven by logic, but he hates to conform to norms. Aquarius men rationalize problems and emotions.

Aquarius man traits show he can be an eccentric boss, or an inventive entrepreneur. If the Aquarius guy is an employee, he might be a great team player because he is a charming guy who is friendly and outgoing. Aquarius males could also be the rebellious headache who challenge authority. He is best working in careers that allows him some freedom to create or travel.

If you want an Aquarius man, you have to be able to match his mental capacity. The Aquarius guy looks for partners who can follow his train of thought, which is fast. He looks for someone who can talk to him on an intellectual level, rather than emotionally. Aquarius male does not focus on looks in general. You will also have to be keen to try out new things as he loves being unpredictable and testing out new ideas.

Pisces Man Personality

Pisces Man personality traits show he is dreamy and romantic. He is an intuitive person who seems to know what you are thinking. The double fish signifies duality, Pisces male appears easy going but seems to be hiding an inner struggle. He seems to be in his fantasy world while his physical self is stuck in reality. Negatively, Pisces man has higher risk of drug and alcohol abuse to escape reality.

Pisces is a creative zodiac sign. The Pisces male can be artistic and creative. But he lacks skills in other areas. He will need assistance in financial and managerial areas. The Pisces guy is also not keen to be an employee. He prefers to daydream his life away. Pisces employer could make you happy, because he usually leaves you alone as long as you do your job. And, he has good instinct to pick up on your emotions.

If you want to be partner to a Pisces male, you have to be the alpha in the relationship. Pisces is a passive sun sign, and Pisces man is happy to let you take the reins. Be careful of his ability to manipulate people emotionally. He has no qualms in using it as a weapon to get what he wants.

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