How First Love Affects Your Future Relationships

The Impact Of First Love On Relationships

In every person’s life, falling in love for the very first time is extremely eventful. You may have your first love early on in life or may have it at quite a later stage. Regardless of the time, you fell in love; first love has the power to change you.

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The experiences you had in your first relationship deeply impacts your future relationships and your viewpoints on love too. First relationships are a learning curve, and they can literally ‘make or break you.’ Here’s how:

6 Effects Of First Love

1. First Loves Can Define Your ‘Type’

We have often heard the phrase ‘he/she is not my type.’ What does this ‘type’ mean? Each one of us looks for a particular set of qualities in our partners and these traits define the ‘type’ of person we seek as our potential partners.

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Our first love may or may not have all these qualities. But after experiencing love and relationship for the first time, you get a clearer idea of what exactly you want in your partners. You can move on with a better knowledge of your expectations.

2. It Tells You What to Avoid

‘No relationship is a waste of time. If it didn’t bring out what you want, it taught you what you don’t want.’ If unfortunately, your first relationship ended on a bitter note, you are more likely to lower your standards for your next relationship.

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You may also be scared to fall in love again. But as time passes by, you learn to move on, and your fear diminishes. All that remains is the lesson you learned from that relationship. You become aware of the kind of person you need to stay away from to prevent yourself from getting hurt.

3. First Love is a Great Master

Regardless of whether your first relationship is successful or not, it teaches you the nuances of a relationship and how they work. The first person who teaches you the meaning of the word ‘love’ will also teach you the meaning of the word ‘pain’ and how to effectively deal with it.

First relationships are formative and help you to identify the good and the bad habits you practiced in your relation. The key to successful future relationships is identifying the good habits and letting go of the bad ones.

4. Sets a Benchmark for Future Relationships

First loves teach us a lot about our expectations and our preferences. If our first relationship was a very passionate one, we tend to expect the same from our second relation too. If our first one was bad, we try to avoid the mistakes we made in the first and make the second relation better.


In one way or the other, our first relationship sets the standards for our next. We tend to compare our future relationships to our first ones and then make decisions likewise. Although it is good to have a realization of our expectations and set the standards, we must remember not to idealize our first love.

The comparison is the thief of joy, and constant comparisons of our future relationships to our first love will eventually destroy it.

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5. Helps you understand your sexual preferences

In our first relationship, we may have engaged in sexual activities for the first time. This experience enables us to know our sexual preferences better. We can also clearly determine whether we are interested in physically intimate relations or not. This decision and realization play a crucial role in establishing all our future relationships.

6. Answers the question ‘Are You a Relationship Person’?

After your first breakup, you may discover that you are not at a stage where you can give long-term commitments. Other things in life may be of more importance to you than love and relationships. Your first relationship helps you firmly ascertain all these things.


First love never dies as it always remains a part of you in the form of teachings. It impacts all your future relationships by changing your outlook on love as a whole. It also saves you from many heartaches in the future. The only thing you must remember is to accept the teachings but don’t let the baggage of your first relationship spoil all your future ones.

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