Love Versus Career: What Is More Important?

Choosing Career Over Love or Vice Versa

The dichotomy between love and career is a common assumption as we continue to adapt to the 21st-century world. But the reality comes when the job seems to rule the world of love. I know there is no way that your promotion will sympathize with you at night. Nevertheless, you’ll have financial freedom and end goals. With all the treasures and riches, there will always be a misunderstanding if you don’t have kids or a steady relationship. Who cares? As far as you are enjoying life to the latter, everything else doesn’t matter to you. Tons of people have chosen to let go of their career, especially for women to concentrate on their love life.

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It’s not easy when it comes to selecting between their two. More so, all are important. Career equals to more money while love equals unconditional attachment. It’s not a walk in the park stratagem, it all sums up to your preference. Don’t forget regrets are meant to occur in one way or the other. As a result, be ready to make a firm decision or else hell will break loose.

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“In this heightened technology, it’s tedious to find true love. That is why tons of people prefer to choose a career other than love. If you have not yet decided, you first have to look at several trajectories. Don’t even think about forgiving your true self if you lose a lucrative deal just because you love your partner. If at all you happen to choose between the two, be ready to accept the results.”

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Career Vs Love Dilemma

Your Job Is Your First and Last Cuddle

In your teenage life, the only thing that matter to you is your family and night parties. Wait till life gives you another turn, you will have no one to blame. Allow me to ask, did you spend over five years in school to get married? I hope not.

Working towards your achievements is the best thing yet. There are whole lots of things in your favor right now, so choose wisely. Don’t wait for your monthly allowances reduction to be your eye opener, start now. I know you want a lavish life full of happiness and not misfortunes. Even if it seems like it’s never going to rain on your side, time will tell.

“When you are single, you can fully focus on your end dreams hence excelling further will be your norm. In the meantime, take time to pursue an advanced career or even hustle for a promotion. Sure, you are meant to be in a relationship, so they say, but only at the right time.*

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Every Relationship Is founded On Luck, But Career Is Established On The Hustle

I couldn’t agree more; you might have met the love of your life in between the hustle or crossing the street. It doesn’t matter, as far as you are comfortable with him or her. But when it comes to career, you seem to have worked your ass off for greater heights.

Editing a resume takes countless hours. And how about preparing yourself for countless interviews? You deserve a hung up photo next to Mona Lisa. If you are responsible for your small achievements, then good is yet to come. It’s quite mesmerizing to concentrate on your career rather than in your relationship. You don’t know what tomorrow holds.

You Will Expound More On Your Career Rather Than In A Relationship

If you are not yet ready to feel his or her emotions, please your ambitions matters tons for you. The nastiest thing about a relationship is that you will find yourself depending on your partner’s deeds. His or her whims will follow you like a river. You’ll find yourself concentrating more on their happiness, downfalls, confusions, anger, and sadness. On the other hand, your career is meant to mend you to a better you. In a matter of time, you’ll build your skill as well as learn in between. According to sources, it’s better to continue growing rather than employing a still life.

*Ambition is meant to drive you to the latter, while a relationship seems to hold you back. The choice is yours.*

Career Equals to More Freedom

While still single, you will have the time to accept a new job without asking for a second opinion. Traveling overseas and beyond won’t be your end problem. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to establish a new company in Tokyo or Istanbul. At this point, nothing will hold you down hence stability will be your next of kin.

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You Are Your Steer Wheel

Trust me; you may be at your best when still working but also in a relationship. Allow me to ask, what if your partner works at night? There’s no meeting point here. Like you are married but your single and alone in your world. I know understanding will work best but till when? That’s when infidelity chips in. Don’t get me wrong but when you are single, you are meant to do what you want and how you please. Yes, you can also do that while in a relationship, but guiltiness will follow you like a joint river.

It’s Your Life, Enjoy It While You Still Can

Let’s just face it; life isn’t all about depending on other person sweat. By this I mean your partner needs an independent soul too. Before getting into a serious commitment, make sure you have a stable career and avoid being in a comfort zone. Before then, make sure you have tasted all the sweets and bitterness of life. This way you won’t have any regrets when getting into a new relationship. At the end of it all, we all have to up our sleeves for a promising future.

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From a Buddhist point of view, we should all appreciate what we have at the moment instead of focusing on what we don’t have yet. We all have to live in a balanced state both emotionally, mentally, and physically. Note that nothing is permanent in life and you will never predict about tomorrow. Do what you prefer. The best thing is to don’t lose you in between your love life and career. Don’t look back and regret but look back and smile for achieving your end goals. Ideally when in a good relationship you will also get strong support for you to succeed more. So, having a good career will help you to up your confidence and revenue.

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