Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Cancer man is looking for a stable companion and the Sagittarius woman is rather flighty. He is all about security and she flourishes when risk is involved. The fun loving Sagittarius woman is not the homely settling down type and the stable Cancer man wants a partner for life. Domestic bliss is nowhere on her agenda. That does not mean that the Cancer man Sagittarius woman compatibility cannot be deliciously steamy. People generally desire what they cannot have.

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What can make Cancer man Sagittarius woman soulmates prosper is the determination of the Cancer man. He will do whatever it takes once he realizes that they are attracted to each other. The Sagittarius woman will appreciate his fervor and be drawn to him. They are able to be good friends if they manage the balance between freedom and security. To preserve a harmonious Cancer man Sagittarius woman relationship, they will both have to make sacrifices. The Cancer man wants to be the protector and the Sagittarius woman is highly independent and won’t appreciate all the fussing.

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The energetic Sagittarius woman is always looking for the next adventure whereas the subdued Cancer man prefers a contented home life. Their life goals are not on the same wavelength and how they approach them is also completely dissimilar. The Cancer man is ruled by his emotional state. The Sagittarius woman generally forges ahead without making an allowance for the consequences.

What might work well for the Cancer man Sagittarius woman couple is if either or both of them travel for business, even better if they tend to move around a lot. Then they will be able to enjoy short bursts of time together being a contented seemingly normal family. Regardless of the fact that they are very different in many ways, both have an enthusiastic desire to address intellectual difficulties and are keen to comprehend the inner workings and standards of a person.

Cancer man’s desire is to be close and intimate and the Sagittarius woman would rather look for fun and adventure. Should they be able to elegantly compromise they will discover a loving and caring Cancer man Sagittarius woman love compatibility. He makes sure that they are innocuous and sheltered and she brings in the enlightenment. Surprisingly this relationship seems to work well.

Cancer man Sagittarius woman compatibility will require numerous apologies. The possessive Cancer man will sometimes hide his feelings to avoid being rejected or humiliated. They will require a lot of understanding of each other’s habits to maintain their difficult relationship. The Sagittarius woman will need to learn to be more patient with the mood swings of the Cancer man, or she will just walk away when there is a disparity between them.

Romance is not something that the Cancer man Sagittarius woman in love are really interested in. However, they will take the time to ensure that the other is satisfied and will work towards contentment within their relationship. The intuitive Cancer man is able to ensure a passionate relationship with the Sagittarius woman.

Cancer man Sagittarius woman sex will be new and fresh each time they come together. They will enjoy a playful and uncomplicated openness and it can be absolutely breath-taking between them. Their love making will be especially good if there are periods of absence.

Similarly, Cancer man Sagittarius woman marriage will have a good equilibrium of vigor. They are able to bring out the best in each other and want peacefulness and serenity which goes a long way within their family life. Children will be welcomed by both of them.


Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility: Positive Traits

The sensitive and gentle Cancer man will initially try to woo the playful and passionate Sagittarius woman with romantic gestures. She will utilize the situation to transform it into something fun and exciting. His intuitive and generous technique will result in him responding in an appropriate manner to ensure that she is satisfied.

Should they keep a less messy devotion and learn to work together, their Cancer man Sagittarius woman relationship can be quite successful. The Sagittarius woman will help the reserved Cancer man out of his shell. He will show her the significance of effort and commitment. The Cancer man will create them a warm and comfortable home and she will be able to appreciate the tranquillity that can be had within their relationship. He will have to understand the necessity of letting her enjoy a serving of independence or she will become uninterested with all the mundanity.

Cancer man Sagittarius woman dating each other are both sympathetic and tender. Consequently, bitterness won’t smolder for too long. When they have an argument, they will be able to patch things up relatively quickly. The unclouded temperament of the Sagittarius woman and her perpetually optimistic outlook will be able to revitalize the Cancer man’s stance.

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility: Negative Traits

When the Cancer man becomes clingy, the Sagittarius woman will only stay with him if he has enough money to ensure that they are still having a good time. He will have to work truly hard to keep her domesticated and not out looking for greener pastures. The Cancer man will want to ensure that his partner becomes dependent on him, and the Sagittarius woman is just not interested in being controlled.

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The sulky Cancer man will irritate the frank Sagittarius woman when he is offended by her blunt and inconsiderate confrontations. They will end up disagreeing about all the little things required to run a blissful Cancer man Sagittarius woman marriage.

The Sagittarius woman is just looking for a good time and the Cancer man is engrossed in an emotional connection. She will not comprehend how he gets so emotionally involved in their sex life. If she is not completely committed to the relationship, the Cancer man will come to understand that she is not in it for the long haul. He will start to withdraw from her and their Cancer man Sagittarius woman love compatibility will start to wane.

When the Cancer man attempts to be her protector, the independent Sagittarius woman will feel stifled. She may end up lashing out at him, and he will be completely confused as to why. In his opinion, he is only trying to care of her. Yet she will feel that he is suffocating her.

Cancer Man Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Cancer man wants to attract a Sagittarius woman, he should take her at face value.  She seems easy going, but he needs to realize that she is friendly and a lot of hard work.  The Cancer man will need to impress her by offering her something exciting and adventurous. He needs to make good on his word, as she will not forget.

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When a Sagittarius woman wants to get the attention of a Cancer man, she should ask him lots of questions. He loves to talk and if she is an avid listener, he will be captivated by her. Especially ask him about his mother. If she is able to put her adventurous spirit away for an evening, she can get him to cook for her.

Cancer man Sagittarius woman compatibility is over when the mountain of differences between them are just too much to bear. The Cancer man Sagittarius woman lovers will admit that they both tried their best to make it work but sometimes these things are just not meant to be.

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