When You Want To Walk Away From Love

When You Want To Walk Away

Relationships are all about struggles. Without struggles, there is no growth or development. An easy life can be boring in its predictability. The conflicts that are a part of each relationship remind people that you are in it together. The support that you gain from your partner helps make all of the challenges more manageable.

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When it comes to relationships, many of the problems stem from habits. It could be how you were raised in which your mother took care of all of the housekeeping. Maybe you are used to assuming that people know that you appreciate the things they do for you.

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If you get frustrated easily, or you find that your problems are affecting your relationship, you may consider walking away from it all. Walking away from a marriage, family, and familiar life may seem easy at first. More often than not, there is regret and a burden of feeling like a quitter.

If you are considering walking away from a relationship, consider these five tips first.

1. Breathe

When an argument is brewing, it may be time to pause rather than lash out or say the first impulsive idea that you have. Breathing is key for relaxation. Your fighting is bringing on stress. Rather than fight at the peak of your stress level, count to ten.

You can even use your partner’s face as a focal point. This time calms your nerves, soothes angry feelings, and gives you a better chance to think wisely. When you think wisely, you are more likely to come to a solution more than you would by arguing.

2. Make a Choice

What is the main problem that you are facing? Is it that you are uncomfortable or unable to make a change. Sometimes you would rather avoid the issue rather than tackle it. Rather than leave it hanging over your head, tell your partner.

They may not be aware, especially if you don’t verbalize it. If you have to face a fear or get out of your comfort zone, you can get the support you trust from your partner rather than leave them behind.

3. Take a Walk

Maybe you need to step out of the room. Maybe you just need to hit the pavement and put one foot in front of the other around the block. The time you need to walk away may be the time for reflection. Some people find walking, jogging, or running therapeutic.

Scientific research shows that walking is good for the brain. It boosts creative thinking, and creative thinking may help you overcome challenges. It can improve your mood. As your brain activates itself more during your walk, this is the time to get past the problem and remember why you entered into your relationship in the first place. Maybe you will remember how much you love them and how easy it was at the beginning.

4. Talk to a Friend

When you hold in your emotions and feelings, you neglect to provide an outlet for stress other than arguing with your partner. Sometimes you need to find that other supporter in your circle. Your friend knows you but also knows about their own experiences. Sometimes you may be surprised when you discover through conversation that they are dealing with the same problems with finances, their partner, or their children.

Another good source would be to a trusted family member. If you get along well with your partner’s family, they may have some insight on why your partner acts or responds the way they do. In some cases, it is the way of the family.

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In other cases, you may have married into a different culture if you consider the fact that you grew up in two different regions or countries. It is a learning process that you can understand better when you gain that knowledge through conversation. That knowledge can help you work together on those issues that come your way.

5. Talk to a Professional

Some challenges require the help of a professional. Whether you seek the help of a life coach, therapist, or psychiatrist, they can help you search within yourself to make the right choices for you. Some of the issues can affect your lifestyles, your goals, or even your health and well-being. Counseling may be the last resort for some couples, but it can make a difference for those who want to stay rather than walk away.

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