Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility – Overview

In a Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility, the pair knows that they have found each other. Their desire to debate and analyze everything can then be achievable. They will have a lot of fun and might find out the hard way what it’s like to live with themselves.

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For Gemini man dating Gemini woman, it will be clear that they are both Gemini’s. They will probably be the most exciting people in the room.With their quick and corny response to anything said. A relationship between them will have its ups and downs like any other.

The big difference is the absolute youthful enjoyment between the two Gemini’s, which makes it a whole lot more fun. Any Gemini man and Gemini woman friendship will be the bomb!! They should probably consider not taking their relationship further than best friends.

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Should they decide to initiate a Gemini man Gemini woman relationship, it will be very entertaining to watch it unfold. He knows what he wants, she knows what she wants, and the two don’t necessarily sit on the same page.

From the outsider’s perspective, they will not be sure exactly what is going on between them. Only once the Gemini man decides to be resolute about making the relationship work is there a possibility for true love between them.

The Gemini man Gemini woman in love draws towards each other because of recognizing something familiar. They will sadly not be able to provide a sense of stability or consistency for each other. The Gemini man and Gemini woman will both want to be the fancy-free lover. When they in a relationship with a Gemini counterpart, they will realize that they both are, and it will result in tension between them.


Lots of mutual friends will always surround them. This results in a lot of entertaining enjoyment, but not a lot of intimate time alone together. The Gemini man Gemini woman soulmates get bored very quickly. If they don’t solidify their relationship, it could just be a casual fling for both of them. Neither of them is necessarily faithful to each other.

Neither the Gemini man nor Gemini woman is possessive or jealous. They are very able to separate love from sex, and thus are comfortable with unconventional relationships. An open relationship between them could possibly spice up an otherwise boring one. The Gemini man and Gemini woman compatibility require an agreement for it to work.

From a compatibility point of view, intellect and the meeting of minds is the main ingredient to making their relationship work. Being friends is at the top of their list, everything else is secondary. Gemini man Gemini woman sex is the first thing that suffers when they have problems of any kind.

The Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility is mainly played out in front of others. Therefore, they are so social and out there having fun! This couple has a short attention span and will always be looking for the next best thing. The compatibility between them might be fleeting.

From a Gemini man Gemini woman sexual angle, both the Gemini man and woman have the experimental and playful approach. This will make their interlude a very spontaneous and interesting one. If they find that there is something that works for either of them, they will ensure that is exactly what they give each other.

Anything goes for this couple. Sex will never be boring for them. Should it ever start heading that way, one of them will come up with something completely insane to try, which will put a whole new spin on their love making.

In a Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility, both are fleeting. They are more inclined to having fun and not interested in the day to day activities of running a home. Neither of them wants to settle into a run of the mill life. This will result in a barrage of arguments over who should be doing what at home.

A simple task like taking out the garbage may lead to a slandering match between a Gemini man Gemini woman. Marriage between the Gemini man and woman could be compared to ruining a good thing. If they decided to get married, and they can put up with each other in the mundane daily responsibilities, then good for them.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

Life will definitely never be boring with a Gemini man Gemini woman relationship. Together they will get up to a lot of fun and bring some awesome excitement into each other’s lives. They both love to party and will go out for dinner, then move onto visiting friends and after that go dancing from one place to the next until they are satisfied that they have had a good night. There is no stopping this couple.

Gemini man Gemini woman are always looking for the next exciting thing to do. There won’t be a leisurely and dull moment between them. The Gemini man will fall in love with the Gemini woman’s mind. This is probably because it’s the first time he has met someone who can keep up with him. They can keep each other company in even the dreariest setting.

The Gemini man and woman in love are usually not able to organize themselves so easily. However, they are very adaptable and will handle whatever comes their way. They will have a lot of support from family and friends to make their relationships work.

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Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The communication between a Gemini man Gemini woman will be good, but there will be no solid ground binding them. Neither of them likes to take the lead. Therefore, decision-making will be problematic. This will lead to problems if they share their home with each other, as nothing will get done.

The Gemini man Gemini woman are both not very organized. They are easily distracted and won’t get many activities completed. They also won’t be paying attention to the minor relationship responsibilities.  A good example is how much money they are spending especially when out partying. They are both flirtatious, which can be damaging to any long-term relationship plans. This is especially when their flirtations are reciprocated, as neither are known to be faithful.

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A Gemini man dating Gemini woman will not be forgiving of their similar faults. Familiarity breeds contempt. The Gemini man Gemini woman have extroverted energy which in any friendship works well. It will not result in them having a stable romantic relationship of any kind.

Gemini Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Gemini man wants to get the attention of a Gemini woman, he will need to come up with a unique line to introduce himself. He will have found someone that can keep up with him. However, he will also have the same damaging traits that might just pull them apart. He will have met his match.

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When a Gemini man Gemini woman wants to attract each other, it will be relatively easy. She needs to have a quick response to any by-line he comes up with. He will be just as quick-witted as she can be. Do something unusual to ensure she gets and keeps his attention focused solely on her. She will have met her match.

This Gemini man Gemini woman compatibility will be over when each of them decides they have had enough of each other. Their relationship will end like a cat fight and will need intervention to help pull them apart.

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