Libra Woman Personality Traits

Libra Woman Personality Traits

The Libra woman is born between September 22nd through October 23rd. Libra women like to keep every part of their lives as balanced as possible. They are intelligent, sociable, and creative. They try their best to work hard to accomplish their goals. But they also put some time aside to have some fun.

The Libra woman has got her head on her shoulders and in the clouds at the same time. She loves to party, but she also needs her alone time. She can solve complex logical problems, as well as paint beautiful pictures. This Libra woman has a little bit of everything in her, which is why she is so great.

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Libra Woman Love & Sex

Libra woman traits suggest that they like to keep even their love lives in balance, but this works differently for different Libra women. Some Libra females will bounce between long-term relationships and short flings to keep things in balance. While other Libra women will try to keep each of their relationships balanced within themselves. For this reason, describing a relationship with a Libra woman can be difficult.

Most Libra women tend to be romantics. A Libra lady’s creative nature will urge her to be more romantic than some of the other zodiac signs. She will want to impress her partner with romantic gifts and dates. She hates being bored in a relationship, so she will try to keep things as exciting as possible. Of course, she can still be happy with taking it slow at times as well.

Sex is different for many Libra women, but most of the women have at least some things in common when it comes to being in the bedroom. Most Libra women in bed like to keep things creative. Libra women are among the kinkier of the star signs. However, what kinks a Libra woman is into changes from woman to woman. She is willing to try just about anything. She will want to be with someone who can do the same.

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Libra Woman Work & Money

Libra woman personality traits suggest that she is both creative and intelligent. They often like to work in groups, but they love working alone at times as well. For these reasons, the Libra woman can be successful in most careers. However, she is likely to be the happiest in a career that she can be creative in or in a job that she works at with her friends. A Libra female can also be content with being a stay-at-home mother or a housewife if she has the opportunity. Basically, the Libra woman can make the best of any work situation.

libra woman personality traits

Money isn’t an issue for Libra woman. Libra women know how to save money most of the time. Although, they may splurge on something nice for themselves or for a loved one if they have some extra cash. Impulse buying may be an issue from time to time. But the Libra woman traits show that she will never spend more than she can afford to. Overall, Libra women are pretty good with money, more so than the average zodiac sign.

Libra Woman Health

The Libra woman personality likes to keep everything in balance in her life, which can help to keep her healthy. However, always trying to keep life in balance isn’t easy. Trying to do this all of the time can cause a Libra woman to become overly stressed out, which can lead to further health complications. She knows how to exercise and eat right. She is likely to do both of these things in moderation.

Some Libra women are prone to yo-yo weight loss or phases between exercising often and becoming stagnant. This is something that Libra females need to watch out for. One great exercise for Libra woman is yoga, as it helps her both keep a physical balance and a way to mentally balance stress and relaxation.

The ruling body parts of the Libra woman are her buttocks and lumbar. While this does sometimes make it so Libra women have nicer-looking butts than other zodiac women, it can also lead to complications. For example, many Libra women complain of lower back pain, which could be due in part of the rule of the lumbar area.

Libra Woman Friendship

Libra woman personality traits show they are highly social. They love to make new friends, even though some Libra women are quite introverted. She is the sort of friend to avoid causing drama. But she will help her friends to resolve any drama that might be between them. She is always the moderator in her group of friends.

The Libra female wants to hang out with people who share her interests. She is not always great at keeping in touch with old friends. But when they get back together they are likely to pick back up like nothing ever happened. Libra women make loyal friends who are sure to be there when their friends need them.

Libra Woman Family Relationships

Family isn’t always a Libra woman’s first priority, but she does keep them in mind when she needs to make important decisions. The Libra woman plays the part of a moderator in her everyday life. To avoid causing drama or trouble, she is likely to ask her family how they feel about something before she makes her choice. Doing this helps to keep her family bonds close.

When it comes to raising children of her own, the Libra female will try to give her children the freedom to make many of their own choices. She would love it if her children grew up to be like her, but she won’t be disappointed if they don’t. She wants her children to be happy and to know who they are as a person. A Libra mom will lay down the law when she has to, but for the most part, she will let her kids be themselves.

Libra Woman Style

The Libra woman goes from looking her best when she is out with her friends, to wearing pajamas all day when she is home alone. She likes to keep her fashion balanced, just like she likes to do with the rest of her life. For this reason, her fashion sense often changes, even if it doesn’t always follow the trends. She will make sure that she always looks nice when she goes out in public, even if she is just going to the grocery store. Appearance is not everything to her, but it is important.

Libra women like an accessory or two when they are trying to look nice, but they are not likely to wear too many pieces of jewelry at one time. A necklace and some earrings are all it takes for a Libra woman to complete her look. She likes shiny objects, but her stones are Opal, Sapphire, and Tourmaline. So she will be most likely to like these gemstones the most, making them great gifts for her.

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Last Few Words About Libra Woman

Libra women are in the middle when it comes to most things, but at the same time they are anything but average. Anyone who gets to know a Libra woman is sure to be in for a good time!

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