Libra In Love

Libra In Love

Libra Personality

Libra zodiac sign is a very peaceful, gentle personality. For them justice and honesty is very important. Libra in love wants to please anyone and it is hard for them to make decisions. They will do things they don’t even want to do, because they are afraid to miss out. That makes their life very stressful.

Libra in love wants to do things their own way, but they rarely know what exactly they want. Before they settle down Libra gain many relationship experiences. It is hard for them to commit to a serious relationship, but when they do, they stick to it.

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Libra Man In Love

In most cases women are sexual objects for Libra man. He is not able to see and appreciate their individuality. Libra man has a very big sexual appetite, but he is usually very frustrated. It is very hard for any woman to deal with Libra’s attitude for long. He on the other hand strongly believes that he deserves whatever he wants. Libra rarely changes his way of living. If things don’t go their way, Libra panics.

He is very superficial, and is only attracted to good looking women. At the beginning of relationship Libra male doesn’t care about intelligence or other qualities of their partner. It is very hard for Libra to commit to someone. They are indecisive and always looking for something better.

Libra men need to be together with someone who can talk to and who will listen to them. They want things to be casual and light. If Libra feels pressured or controlled by their partner, they will quickly end the relationship. Libra loves when their partner is confident and independent.

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Deep in his heart Libra wants to be with someone and have a family. It can take time for him to make up his mind, but if their partner is patient enough they will be able to see the caring and loving side of Libra. When Libra falls in love with someone they become dependent of this person. They sometimes rush in to marriage, but if they do they don’t step away from this decision.

libra in love

Libra Woman In Love

Libra woman has a divided personality. She can have extreme pleasure during physical contact, but at the same time feel emotionally distant. She is a complex person and her partner will have to be able to listen and read between the lines. This woman likes to be treated with the most care and respect. She has very high standards and she also thinks of herself very highly. For Libra female it is important to have someone who is intellectually her equal. Intellect is the most important things she is looking for in a partner.

Sex is not of major importance in her life, but Libra can be very passionate. This woman rarely takes any initiative but she enjoys following her partner’s lead. For her sex is a way of satisfying needs. This woman completely separates her emotions from physicality. Libra lady does not like to discuss her feelings or emotions.

Libra women need a lot of attention from their partner. She constantly has to be reminded of how beautiful and smart she is. They often have mood swings therefore their partner will have to be cautious with her. Libra woman wants the best in her life. Her partner has to always look good and act gracefully. She can be an amazing and passionate partner, if all her needs are satisfied.

For this woman appearance is very important. When she decides to be with someone, the female Libra in love will be loyal and trustworthy partner. It is hard for her to make decisions, but Libra usually sticks to her choices. This woman has a selfish and manipulative side, but mostly she is well mannered and kind.

Libra Compatibility

Best Match For Libra

The best love compatibility for Libra is Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Aquarius and Gemini are air signs just like Libra. Together with Gemini sun sign, Libra will get lost in their dream world. This couple can have an amazing time together. They give each other enough personal space, but at the same time they can’t live without the other. Aquarius and Libra in love have a fast paced relationship. They easily fall in love with each other. Aquarius has big sexual experience that Libra will enjoy. They share the same values and always have a lot to talk about.

Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and they are compatible with the astrology element of air. Libra will be very attracted to the powerful and shining Leo star sign. Later, Libra will learn about the romantic side of Leo and that will warm their hearts. For Leo Libra can be very intriguing. This couple never runs out of topics to discuss.

Sagittarius and Libra sun sign share the passion for justice and honesty. Libra hates being manipulated or lied to and Sagittarius is not capable of doing it. Their zodiac compatibility is filled with fun and excitement.

Worst Match For Libra

Libra is the least compatible with Cancer and Capricorn zodiac signs. The depth of water sign is too much for Libra to handle. Cancer in love is way too serious and needy for Libra. They do not have the patience to get to know Cancer and even if they do, their beliefs are completely different. Capricorn will want to put brakes on Libra. They are very steady and determined people. Capricorn can’t understand Libra’s way of life. Both of them will not be able to make compromises.

Libra Sexuality

Most important thing for Libra is esthetics. They love with their eyes, not heart. Libra can only be attracted to physical beauty. Libra sexually will appreciate if their partner takes initiative in the bedroom. They enjoy surprises, especially if it involves stripping, beautiful laundry and soft sheets.

Libra in love has a huge sexual appetite. They can have pleasure even without a partner. Libra often change their partners and usually they have more than one partner. They separate sex from emotions and for them it is just physical. Libras often have friends with benefits and it doesn’t bother them at all.

Libra love to experiment but they always have clear rules. When it comes to sex they are one of the most disciplined signs in the zodiac. Libra will not allow anyone to cross their boundaries. These people love role playing and having sex in different places. The most sensitive part of Libra’s body is abdomen.

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Deep in their heart, Libra in love is a romantic. When they are young, Libra like to enjoy all that life has to offer. But they soon start to long for a happy family. Libra is almost always in a relationship. They need people in their life who can support them both intellectually and emotionally.

Libra can sometimes act like everything in the relationship is fine, but in reality it has no future. They hate to be confronted. They can become very unpleasant just to make their partner break up with them. This attitude can be very hurtful.

Libra in love never want to be mean, but they simply are not good with making tough decisions. If Libra is loved and adored by their partner, they will make sure their partner feels the same way. Love has a very important role in their life once they find it.

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