Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility

Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility: Overview

The Taurus man Libra woman soulmates will connect on a mental, emotional and a sexual level. They both appreciate beautiful and artistic things. The Taurus man Libra woman in love are both idealistic and romantic as well as lethargic and unenergetic. There is an instant attraction between these two personalities. They are both very indulgent and sensual in a Taurus man Libra woman compatibility.

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The Taurus man Libra woman love compatibility will take the parties a very long time to agree to date each other. The Libra woman is very active and loves to talk about what’s on her mind. When she has an idea she wants to jump into action to make it happen. The Taurus man is a bit slow on the uptake and will find her constant banter irritating. His stubbornness will also irritate

The Taurus man is a bit slow on the uptake and will find her constant banter irritating. His stubbornness will also irritate her because she will just want to get things going and he will still be pondering what to do next.

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The Taurus man Libra woman lovebirds are both very good with money. The Libra woman is creative in her investment schemes, and the Taurus man is all about keeping his money safe.

In the Taurus man Libra woman compatibility they will own a home together and will decorate it with tons of cuteness. Little window boxes with pretty flowers, and a cleanly swept driveway. They will have cute nicknames for each other, right from the start.

The Taurus man dating a Libra woman is by nature a loner, and the Libra woman loves to have lots of friends. This is something that will never change for either of them, and they will have to learn to compromise if they want to stay together. There will be a lot of reciprocating from this couple.

There will be a lot of reciprocating from this Taurus man Libra woman couple. You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours! The Libra woman is so calm and cool that the Taurus man’s passion might just go to waste.

The Libra woman will want an elaborate courtship, and the Taurus man wants things to fall into his lap. This is where the compromise will begin. She will have to keep him informed as to what she needs and wants from the relationship.

She is, in fact, wasting her time, but will not listen to advice and will not believe that the Taurus man won’t change for her. He, in turn, will not be phased and will ignore her repeated requests.

The Taurus man’s logic can be blunt, and the Libra woman may take a while to take it all in. If she has the energy to stick around, she may just start to depend on him to provide some direction in her life. The Libra woman has two extremes in that she at times can be very lazy and then other times be a ball of fire to get things going.

If the Taurus man dating Libra woman has enough desire to be with her, and the willpower and maturity to wait it out, these extremes will eventually be less frequent. The Libra woman will start to realise that her Taurus man is always there for her to fall back on when she needs him most. She will then need show appreciation to him and reciprocate for whatever he needs from her.

This will be an extremely awesome Taurus man Libra woman marriage compatibility. The Taurus man and the Libra woman are both peaceful individuals and this will ensure that on the surface things will always look like a wonderful relationship. The Libra woman can be mysterious, which will keep the Taurus man interested.

The mystery can result in the Taurus man not being emotionally secure with her. This is because she is so involved in her logic and rules, she forgets about anyone else. He loves to have a beautiful woman on his arm, and the flighty Libra woman will be the challenge that he has to attain.

The Taurus man Libra woman sex will be very affectionate and sensual. The Taurus man Libra woman in bed enjoy the finer details in their love making. The room temperatures, the satin sheets and the soft burning of candles will all add to the ambiance. The Taurus man is happy to book out his time to pleasure his lover. He will make sure that all his other duties are complete so that he can focus on his partner.

The Libra woman, on the other hand, will think of it as an enhancement to her skills.  She will have special little treats to savor before and during their long love making session.The Libra woman might even have a few fantasy costumes hidden in the back of her cupboard that she will pull out when appropriate. She will analyze afterward to think if there was anything else she could have done, and make a mental note to try that for next time.

Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Taurus man and Libra woman relationship will have a very luxurious and comfortable home. Their bed will have lots of big fluffy pillows, and maybe even a teddy bear that he won for her at the first carnival they went to.

taurus man libra woman compatibility

This will mean that they don’t travel much. Not because they can’t afford to but because they prefer to be where they are most comfortable their home. They will so comfortable with each other; they will probably prefer to watch television in bed.

The Libra woman is very analytical, and the Taurus man will enjoy her thought process. Things will go very smoothly when this couple is on the same page. The Libra woman is very committed when in a relationship. The Taurus man will appreciate the loyalty and in return provide the same for her.

Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Libra woman can be very indecisive, which will irritate the steadfast Taurus man. The Taurus man likes everything to fall into his lap and won’t work very hard to please the Libra woman.

She, in turn, will expect him to work alongside her in making the relationship work. He won’t, and this will create relationship problems.

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The Taurus man is very stubborn in his preferences, and the Libra woman is very lavish in her spending. This will create much irritation for both of them. The Libra woman will need to be emotionally strong to deal with the Taurus man’s constant demands.

Taurus Man Libra Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Taurus man wants to attract a Libra woman, he will have to work on his social skills. He will have to accept her very large circle of friends and family. The Taurus man definitely must make sure that he doesn’t speak about how much everything costs.

If he is comfortable to spend some of his savings, he could ask her to help with decorating his home. He needs to ensure some variety in the places he takes her to. Taurus man will need to put some effort in getting her attention in a Taurus man Libra woman love compatibility.

When a Libra woman wants to get the attention of a Taurus man, she needs to speak about the amount of money she is making and the investments she is involved in. She needs to be cognisant that he is quite a shy guy and has a very low self-esteem.

He is quite a dull fellow, and if she pays him some attention, he will be hooked. Be sincere though, as he will accept everything she says as fact.

The Taurus man Libra woman compatibility relationship is over when the Libra woman realizes that the Taurus man is never going to change, and is not able to satisfy her needs. She will be as cold as ice, and his temper will flare. They may agree to be friends, but the Libra woman will never want to speak to him again. If they have to divide possessions, it won’t be pretty.

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