Taurus Man Personality Traits

Taurus Man Personality Traits

The Taurus man is usually born between April 20th and May 20th. However, the beginning and end astrology dates sometimes change based on the year. If a man is born on one of these zodiac dates, he should check the Taurus star sign dates for the year he was born to find out if he is really a Taurus or not.

The Taurus man is laid back, dependable, and independent. He does things his own way, and he usually does things alone. However, he always makes sure to make time for the people who are important in his life. He moves through life at his own pace, and he tries to make the most of life’s journey as he travels it. Those who come along for the ride are sure to have a great time with a Taurus male at their side.

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Taurus Man Love & Sex

People looking for a steady and drama-free relationship should look towards Taurus men. He likes to take things slow to make sure that he is with someone who is perfect for him. He loves to go on romantic dates and to treat his partner with thoughtful presents. Taurus men in love will never cheat on his partner because he would never want to be cheated on. If he is cheated on, he will never give that person a second chance. He is not willing to risk having his heart broken twice.

The Taurus man personality traits show that he wants to be serious in a relationship before he has sex. He does not need to be in love, but he does need to trust his partner. Taurus man in bed is not wild, but he makes up for that by being passionate. Many Taurus men are gifted with being able to last for a long time in bed. These men tend to stay away from kinks, but they may be willing to try some mild ones if their partner is interested.

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Taurus Man Work & Money

The Taurus man traits show that he can settle into just about any job. He will rarely be late and he will do what he can to advance up the corporate ladder without hurting anyone else along the way. Most Taurus men, like any other man, aspire to be rich, but he knows that something like that is just a dream. He can be happy doing the most mundane job, so long as it has a steady pay and if he feels secure in his job. The more creative the Taurus guy gets to be while at work, the more fun he is likely to have. Fun is not his first priority when working, though, the money he makes is.

taurus man traits

Being secure, especially being financially secure, is an important goal that a Taurus male keeps at every stage in his lifetime. He is likely to save up enough money to cover an emergency or a rainy day. After he saves that initial amount, he is likely to spend anything else he makes right away. Taurus men love the finer things in life, and they can be a bit materialistic as well. He makes sure to treat himself for all of his hard work, and he rarely skimps on buying presents for loved ones either.

Taurus Man Health

Taurus man characteristics show that they like to live their lives in a slow and steady way, and their metabolism tends to follow suit. With a healthy diet and exercise, the Taurus man can be fit and healthy. However, most Taurus males tend to exercise less than they should. They also tend to eat a lot of the foods they like (mostly meat products) and not a lot of the foods they don’t like (fruits and vegetables). This can cause the Taurus men to gain more weight than they lose. They will need to work on monitoring their diets if they want to stay healthy.

The ruling body part of the Taurus man personality is the neck and throat. This means that Taurus men are more likely to have problems in this area of their body than some of the other zodiac signs. Sore throats and thyroid gland problems are common issues for Taurus guys.

Taurus Man Friendship

The Taurus man traits show that he tends to keep to himself. Others will need to go to him to make his acquaintance. He makes friends slowly, but the ones who stick around are almost sure to be friends for life. Taurus men tend to make most of their friends at work or school or other places where they spend most of their time. They are not likely to strike up a friendship with a stranger within minutes. Like all relationships that Taurus men keep, making a friendship will take time. However, anyone who makes friends with a Taurus man personality is sure to have a relationship that they will treasure for a lifetime.

When it comes to hanging out with his friends, the Taurus male will like to keep things relaxing. Watching movies or sports games, playing video games, and going out to eat are some of the Taurus man’s favorite activities to do with his friends. He may not talk much while he is with his friend. But he will be sure to show his friends that he appreciates their company in his own way. He will never cause drama, and he will always be there for a friend in need.

Taurus Man Family Relationships

The Taurus man personality traits show that looks back on his childhood like any other adult does. He remembers both the good times and the bad. As a child, he likely did his best to respect his parents, while rebelling a little in his teenage years, only to simmer down once he became an adult. The one thing the Taurus male will truly treasure from his childhood is the lessons he learned and the traditions that were passed down through his family.

If a Taurus man has children of his own, which many Taurus men do, he will want to pass down the traditions he learned as a child to his children. He is likely to be a stern father. He will become upset easily if his children fool around. He wants his children to act respectable and respectful at all times. He does not want them to do anything that could put them in danger. The Taurus father is very protective, and he will do whatever he can to make sure that his children stay safe.

Taurus Man Style

The Taurus man likes to keep things simple in all parts of his life, especially in his outfits. He does not want to look flashy. He would much rather blend in with the crowd. On a usual day, he will likely wear a T-shirt and jeans. If he needs to look fancy for an event, he might upgrade to a button shirt or polo with khaki pants. However, if the Taurus man goes on a date, he will make sure to dress to impress. He will break out his best clothes to make sure he is noticed by his date.

Taurus men sometimes wear ties, but only if they feel like they have to. Necklaces are common with Taurus sun sign, though. Hats and other accessories, other than maybe a watch or a ring, will not be a part of the Taurus man’s outfits. When he does wear any kind of jewelry, he prefers for it to be gold. He admires this metal and feels as though it is classy enough to suit all of his accessory needs.

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Last Few Words About Taurus Man

The Taurus man lives his life in a way that suits his own needs. But he doesn’t hoard all that he earns for himself. The Taurus man is generous, and his friends, partner, and children all know this. Anyone who has a Taurus man is sure to be thankful for it.

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