Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Overview

Any Taurus man and Aquarius woman compatibility relationship will be hard work. Everything about their personalities is so very different. The Aquarius woman is independent and emotionally aloof. She will not be able to be the traditional and conservative partner that the Taurus man is looking for. He will not approve of the unpredictability of the Aquarius woman.

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He is unsure what she is going to do next and is rather afraid of her. The Aquarius woman is eccentric and unconventional. She will prefer to follow her own rules than anyone else’s. When it comes to compromise, neither of them will want to give up on what they want to do. This is a fundamental flaw in any Taurus man Aquarius woman compatibility affair.

The Taurus man dating Aquarius woman is very possessive. He is also loving and romantic. The Aquarius woman will feel suffocated by the Taurus man’s routine and mundane lifestyle. They are poles apart in what they want out of life. They are not on the same wavelength concerning money, family or emotional matters.

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Taurus man Aquarius friendship may develop, but they are not likely to agree on anything. The Taurus man is naturally old fashioned and mommy’s boy. The Aquarius woman will not have any issues to bring his mommy issues into the bedroom. This could lead to a lack of respect outside of the bedroom, and to disaster in their relationship.

The Aquarius woman is certainly not looking for a mundane, conventional relationship. The Taurus man is looking for a comfortable and stable partner for life.

She might not be faithful because of her need to keep her emotions at arm’s length. The Taurus man’s possessiveness will make for many volatile heated disagreements. He is not very open-minded. The Taurus man will need to learn to be if there is to be any compatibility between them.

The Taurus man Aquarius woman will be truthful and dedicated friends. The communication between them as friends will work well. The Taurus man will bring the effort and the Aquarius woman the inspiration. Opposites attract is very apt for this pair.

The Aquarius woman will breathe life back into the Taurus man. He will in return bring the Aquarius woman back down to earth. She will make the first move to initiate a relationship.

A Taurus man Aquarius woman relationship can work if they have enough affection for each other. They can then find a way to work out their differences. If they are open to a relationship, they will need to agree upfront what they can bring into the relationship and what they want out of it.

It will require that Taurus man Aquarius woman soulmates are both open to negotiations and repeat discussions around their needs and wants within their relationship. The Aquarius woman will be seeing the volatile temper of the Taurus man if she pushes him too far. The Taurus man will have to learn to accept the natural flighty personality of the Aquarius woman.

The lustful nature of the Taurus man is heightened by the obvious detachment of the Aquarius woman. The Taurus man, on the other hand, will bring the Aquarius woman’s fantasies back down to earth. Taurus man Aquarius woman sex will be a very important part of their relationship.

The Aquarius woman is not inhibited in any way, and she will help the Taurus man reach new heights that he never thought possible. This is in discovering their sexual pleasures.

A Taurus man Aquarius woman marriage compatibility will work for them due to their conservative natures. They are both willing to work hard to get what they want. Neither of them is the restless type, so will not look outside of the marriage to have their needs met.

taurus man aquarius woman compatibility

The Taurus man Aquarius woman have very realistic outlooks on what marriage is all about, which will work well for them. The Aquarius woman has a fabulous mental aptitude to be a great mother. The Taurus man will happily provide what is needed to support her.

As a family, they have personality traits that could make them very powerful. In reality, they will lack the intimacy and closeness that will bring them together to create this energetic and powerful union.

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Taurus man Aquarius woman both value practicality. Romance is not something that either of them is bothered with. They will be fiercely loyal to each other because of the stable and save nature of the Taurus man. The Aquarius woman will make the Taurus man feel alive.

The Aquarius woman likes to follow the rules. The Taurus man, on the other hand, is predictable in progressing their relationship. Therefore, the Aquarius woman will make it happen. There will be no objections from the Taurus man.

She will be attracted to the Taurus man’s intellect, and he will be intrigued by her exuberance and beauty. The Taurus man will be drawn to the Aquarius woman’s confidence, and she will be attracted to his inner strength.

Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

The Taurus man Aquarius woman dating each other are on completely different wave lengths. He is all about being responsible, and she just wants to have fun and be out and about.

He will rather be home having a quiet evening, and she wants to be with her friends until all hours of the morning. Although she enjoys a nice home, she can be untidy, and the Taurus man hates clutter.

The Aquarius woman is wild and of a light-heart. The Taurus man is however romantic and unwavering. She won’t really care for unadventurous expressions of love. He will just want to give her old-fashioned gifts and romantic gestures.

The Aquarius woman loves to play mind games and fantasies. The Taurus man’s earthy nature will put a damper on their love making.

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Taurus Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When the Taurus man wants to attract an Aquarius woman, he needs to keep in mind that she is as bold as he is shy. The Aquarius woman loves technology and the internet. The Taurus man will probably find her on an online dating site.

She will be super competent. He needs to be sure and steady and consistent with her. When he takes her out on a date, he needs to contribute financially. He also needs to make sure that he pays for their dates. The Aquarius woman does not like a man who does not pay.

When an Aquarius woman is keen on a Taurus man, she needs to realize that she will have to make the relationship happen. She will need to make sure that she is directly in his line of site. She also needs to constantly make sure she catches his eye until he notices her.

The Taurus man does not like to work too hard. The Aquarius woman will have to do all the initial groundwork to get the relationship started.

The relationship arising from Taurus man Aquarius woman compatibility is over when the Aquarius woman breaks free. This would be due to the differences between them irritating her too much. The Taurus man will be heartbroken that he was unable to tame his wild lover. He will take a long time to get over her. They will not be able to stay friends after a Taurus man Aquarius woman breakup.

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