Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Overview

When the Taurus man meets the Gemini woman, he doesn’t really know what hit him. He is the slow and steady, whereas the Gemini woman will be the whirlwind that will forever change his life. The Taurus man Gemini woman compatibility will require a lot of hard work if they want their relationship to work.

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Although they may initially have trouble connecting with each other, the relationship does come with a lot of great possibilities. They will need to find common ground and be in agreement to make this work. When they are in agreement, then the compatibility between them will work really well.

When the Gemini woman accepts that the Taurus man is a home body, and he, in turn, understands that she needs her space, their union will flourish. The Taurus man dating Gemini woman is all about order and structure.

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The Gemini woman is distracted by fun and adventure, and she won’t give much attention to keeping their home neat and tidy. The Gemini woman is more focused on things outside the home than cooking up a storm for the man in her life.

The Taurus man can be the perfect companion and lover. He loves fine food and soft music. He is quiet and practical. When the Taurus man is ensnared by the Gemini woman, he is in it for life.

The Taurus man does not jump from hot to cold, but rather his love is slow and steady. This results in a very passionate and committed companion. He can be stubborn, which will lead to heated arguments.

The Gemini woman is all about the fun and flirting to stimulate herself mentally. She does not keep her promises. Any relationship with a Gemini woman will be fun, but may just be for her entertainment. She will respect the Taurus man for his stability and balance. The Gemini woman could show the Taurus man a very different side of her each time they come together.

This couple makes for a great Taurus man and Gemini woman friendship and will have a lot of fun together. The Gemini woman will have a lot of fun ideas. The Taurus man, with his seriousness, will make them all happen for her.

Any relationship between a Taurus man Gemini woman couple will be full of fun and color.The Taurus man will have to learn to be less possessive to give the Gemini woman the space she needs. A marriage between these two will be a very low maintenance and devoted.

The Taurus man Gemini woman in love are both about personal and inner circle happiness. They both like to keep their friends to a small intimate group, who they spend almost all their time with. The Gemini woman is enchanting, which appeals to just about every man they meet.

The entertaining and lively Gemini woman fascinates the Taurus man. The Taurus man lacks imagination and is not very romantic. The Gemini woman is a total romantic and will use her charms to get him to spoil her rotten. He will happily comply.

The antics of the Taurus man Gemini woman in bed will be pleasurable for both of them as long as the Gemini woman ensures that her mind does not wander, as it is known to do. The Taurus man has a very active sex drive and with the imagination of the Gemini woman, it will make for very interesting Taurus man Gemini woman sex.

The Taurus man will have to work hard to keep her interested.The Gemini woman will always think of new ideas for their pleasurable encounters. He is very possessive and wants to keep his Gemini lover all to himself. His jealousy will come to the fore when the Gemini woman’s social flirtations are evident.

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

The Gemini woman has a very intriguing and inquisitive nature. The Taurus man will find this irresistible. The Taurus man Gemini woman soulmates will have a lot of in-depth and meaningful conversations.

The Gemini woman will be irresistibly taken by the strength and reliability of the Taurus man. He, in turn, will be attracted to the Gemini female’s vivacious and colorful outlook on life. If he can keep up with her, they will have a very interesting relationship.

taurus man gemini woman compatibility

The Taurus man will be experiencing new things with the Gemini woman. With her imaginative nature, he will experience things outside of his normal sphere of interest.

This will result in his personality evolving within himself. The Taurus man will reign in the wild nature of the Gemini woman. He will help her to be more grounded, helping her to complete activities that she otherwise would never have.

The Gemini woman hates the routine and mundane. Her energy and outgoing personality attract the Taurus man. The Taurus man is a great listener, and the Gemini woman is not afraid to say what she wants and likes. He will be very happy to go along with all her wishes.

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

In a Taurus Man Gemini woman compatibility, Taurus man and Gemini woman are polar opposites. He takes his time to move forward, whereas the Gemini woman is restless and wants to rush ahead and get things done.

The Gemini woman is very flighty, which will irritate the stable Taurus man. She can also be very moody and will fly off the handle without warning. The Gemini woman loves her independence, and the Taurus man can sometimes seem quite possessive.

The Taurus man likes a quiet romantic evening at home watching a movie together. The Gemini woman prefers to be out for a night on the town. Within the home, the Taurus man is all about a neat and organized environment, the Gemini woman on the other had is all over the place and untidy. This will drive the Taurus man crazy.

The Gemini woman loves to spend money on all sorts of frivolous things. The Taurus man, on the other hand, wants to save his money. Her spending will result in lots of friction between them. The Taurus man does not take an interest in playing games. The eagerness and playfulness of the Gemini woman will intimidate the Taurus man dating Gemini woman.

Taurus Man Gemini Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

For the Taurus man who wants to attract a Gemini woman, he needs to be very subtle with her. The Gemini woman will want to know all about him, and he needs to ensure that he gives her all the answers that she is looking for.

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The Taurus man needs to get to know her family and close friends. She will then welcome him in and see him as part of her circle. The Taurus man will have to keep the Gemini woman mentally and physically stimulated.

When the Gemini woman wants to attract her Taurus man, she needs to keep his attention. She can do this by sending him little love notes.  In a Taurus man Gemini woman relationship, the Gemini woman needs to wait a while before she starts rearranging his furniture and life.

The Taurus man is very territorial. Even though for her they are just material possessions. The Gemini woman needs to keep in mind that the Taurus man does not feel the same about it.

This Taurus man Gemini woman compatibility is over when the Gemini woman either spends too much of his money or too much time with friends instead of with him.

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