Taurus In Love

Taurus In Love

How do the Taurus in love behave with their lovers? Find out in this article.

Taurus Personality

Taurus zodiac sign is a very ambitious and independent person. These people know exactly what they want and go after it. As an earth sign, they are very calm and reliable. But Taurus can also bring out their fierce nature of a bull if it is necessary. It is best not to try out their temper. These people can be excellent and loving partners.

It usually takes the Taurus sun sign a long time to settle down, because they are looking for someone to spend their whole life with. They don’t think about their sensitive and passionate side of Taurus personality until they find someone who can bring these qualities out in the open. Taurus is one of the most reliable and loving partners in the zodiac.

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Taurus Man In Love

The Taurus man has an unshakable belief of his manhood. Taurus man in love doesn’t need anyone to tell him how manly he is. He also never accents his manhood. This man is very self-conscious and straight-forward. He never gets in fights with other men to prove his worth. This man doesn’t like to drink, gamble or be unnecessarily rude. He has an aura of power and strength and for the right partner he will not need to prove anything.

Taurus men rarely fall in love. When he does, he can let his guard down and feel all the range of emotions. For him women are not only sexual objects, but also intelligent and important personalities. Still, this male Taurus in love leaves a trail of women behind him. He is not looking for conquests or quantity. This man simply goes after what he wants and doesn’t get his emotions involved.

Taurus male is very sensitive towards his partner. His partners always feel safe, beautiful and loved. Taurus likes to take care of his partners and makes them feel appreciated. Even when the relationship ends, his partners will never be left broken or hurt.

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Taurus man wants to have his personal freedom and independence in relationships. He doesn’t want to apply himself to standards of society. Taurus doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. In relationships, this man needs to feel like he is not being controlled. If his partner starts to manipulate him, Taurus will realize that quickly and brake things off.

The Taurus guy also doesn’t like routine in anything. He is fun, has a great sense of humor and he expects his partner to be exciting and passionate. This man is looking for romance, pleasure and happiness. It is important for him to find a woman who can give him all he needs in bed. In return, Taurus will be the perfect and trustworthy partner.

taurus in love

Taurus Woman In Love

Taurus woman is very self-conscious. There is no need to praise or chase her, because this woman chooses her partner on her own terms. Her partner should never push their opinion on the Taurean, because she will never accept it. The partner the Taurus female chooses will be the only one who she shares her deepest emotions with. It is not easy to get to know her, but it is worth the wait. With other men who pay attention to her, she is very closed up, cold and stubbornly unavailable.

The female Taurus in love will never cheat, because trust is very important to her. She doesn’t understand why someone would want to cheat in the first place. They barely have time for one relationship, and it takes a lot of energy from her. Nevertheless, she will make her partner very happy, because of her genuinely caring nature. Although she never is in a polygamous relationship, Taurus woman has had many partners. With all of her partners things are serious. This woman never goes for a one night stand.

It takes a lot of energy to be with the Taurus lady. She is very needy and exacting in bed. She is a loyal friend and a passionate lover for her partner. She wants to receive the same attitude back. She can also be a tease. If someone is paying attention to her, but the Taurus is not sexually interested, she can drag this person along. She enjoys the attention although she is not interested.

For her partner, Taurus women can be the most passionate lovers. Her partner needs to know that she can’t be controlled. As soon as she starts to feel like she is being controlled, she will lose her trust. This woman believes that her body is an instrument that is meant only for a virtuous.

Sex for the Taurus woman is a deeply connecting process. She likes to take things slowly. When the Taurus female is relaxed, she can become a very intense lover. This woman is not interested in quick sex. She rather prefers passionate lovemaking which she can remember for a few days.

Taurus Compatibility

Best Match For Taurus

Best zodiac compatibility for Taurus is with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Cancer and Pisces are both water signs. They have a very deep emotional world. These two sun signs love to take care of their partner, and they need someone who can take care of them. Taurus will be the strong lead in this relationship, and water signs will take care of the emotional satisfaction.

Virgo and Capricorn are both earth signs just like Taurus. In this relationship there is a deep understanding about each other’s characters. Earth signs can be the perfect love match for each other because they have the patience and calmness to truly get to know their partner. There will rarely be any misunderstandings or hurt feelings between these two star signs.

Worst Match For Taurus

Worst astrology compatibility for Taurus is with Leo and Aquarius. Together with Leo there will be a constant power struggle. They want completely opposite things. While Leo wants to shine and be in the center of attention, Taurus wants to have their privacy.

Relationship with Aquarius is very unlikely. They have opposite elements and no love compatibility towards each other. These people simply don’t understand and think the absolute worst about each other.

Taurus Sexuality

Although they hide it, Taurus in love are actually very sexual beings. They enjoy a long foreplay and opportunity to feed all their senses. To satisfy the Taurus sexuality, mood has a major importance. Mild lighting, scented candles and nice music will put them in a mood.

Taurus does not like primitive sex to satisfy superficial needs. They need to connect emotionally with their partner. Sexual compatibility with Taurus can take a lot of time and patience. Taurus loves gentle touch and massages. His erogenous zones are lips, nose, and face. Taurus needs gentle kisses and caresses to set the mood.

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Love does not come easy to the Taurus zodiac sign. They are very hard to get to know. These people are not very sociable therefore it is hard to meet them. Taurus usually finds their partners from connections at work or through friends.

When Taurus is in love, they will be the best partners one can ask for. Taurus loves to take care of their loved ones. They can be very supportive, both emotionally and financially. It is important for them to feel appreciates and loved.

As an earth sign, Taurus is very calm and likes peace. They hate drama, and their partners have to keep that in mind. Taurus in love can’t be manipulated and controlled. They have a strong character and their partner should be an equal for them, not look for domination.

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