10 Fights With Your Partner You Did Not See Coming Before You Had Kids

10 Fights With Your Partner You Did Not See Coming Before You Had Kids

You were probably looking forward to having kids – they do bring a lot of joy in their parents’ life. Although people expect their lives to change, nobody can ever get fully ready for being a parent. Kids change the relationship between two partners. Here is a list of 10 fights that parents often have – and they probably didn’t expect them.

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1. Who Is Going To Change The Diapers?

You both love your baby, but dealing with diaper change can be a cause for fights. Even if you have a diaper change schedule, this will remain a cause for many arguments.

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2. Are You Spoiling Your Kids?

For many couples who come from different backgrounds, this can be a big issue. One might have had a tough childhood and tries to give their children everything, while the other partner wants to toughen them up. Deciding on how to parent your kids will never be an easy task.

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3. Fights About The In-Laws

You might have a wonderful relationship with your in-laws, but very often that will change once you have kids. They will probably have an opinion about how to raise their grandchild, while you will most likely not listen to anyone. Very often it will also cause arguments between you and your partner.

4. Are You Babying Your Kid Too Much?

All children sometimes fall, but how to better handle it. You might want to take care of every little bruise and comfort your child. Your partner might see this as too much babying and not letting the kid toughen up.

5. When To Call A Doctor

It is a hard decision to make, especially if you are new parents. The tiniest sign of a cold can sometimes feel like the end of the world. Discussing this with your partner can also lead to an argument.

6. What To Spend On Your Kids

You might sometimes get overly excited about all the cute baby clothes or toys. But once you realize that kids grow out of all quickly, you might want to think about ways to save more. Making these decisions together can be hard, especially if both of you want to spoil your child from time to time.

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7. Whether Your Child Can Sleep In Your Bed

If you just had a baby, getting up in the night can get very hard. It might be easier just to allow them to sleep in your bed, but that can cause sleep disturbances for both partners. Making this decision when you are both sleep deprived can turn out to be a big fight.

8. Whether Your Child Can See You Naked

This issue can be a cause for disagreements. The best way for kids to learn to go on the potty is to see their parents do it. For some people, it is not acceptable. Also, issues like getting dressed in front of your kids can be a cause for arguments.

9. Finding A Nanny

Finding a nanny can be a cause for many arguments. Maybe you have found a nice person to help you out, but there is something unexplainable that you don’t like about them. Your partner might not agree, and they will rather prefer not to go through with the trouble of finding a new sitter.

10. How To Call Different Body Parts

As silly as it might seem, partners often fight about how to call different body parts. You grew up calling your bum tushy, while your partner prefers to call things as they are. This also can apply when deciding how to call grandma and grandpa.

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Your life with kids is going to be very different from what it was before. These fights are very common between partners. Changing your life is never easy, but be ready to make a lot of compromises when you have kids.

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