10 Helpful Tips for Long-Distance Relationships

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships have been happening since the invention of romance! But, luckily for us, they’re getting easier and easier with modern technology. But, they don’t really get any easier mentally and emotionally. There are many reasons why people agree to get into a long distance relationship these days.

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Perhaps, they’ve met online and are in two different areas. Maybe they’ve met while traveling but are from different cities. Or just maybe they’re separated by work locations. Either way, long-distance relationships are tough. And a lot of factors are against the couple that attempts to do this. But, do not give up hope! Long-distance relationships are possible, and these ten tips will be helpful guides in navigating the murky waters of long-distance.

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1. Make Sure There’s An End in Sight

Some people do continue long-distance relationships for life, and they are successful. However, for most people, that is not ideal. The purpose of a relationship is to enjoy another person’s company, their PHYSICAL company. So, when embarking on a long-distance relationship, be sure to plan when the end will be. It could be in a few years, but at least both parties know that there will be an end, and this long-distance stuff won’t be going on forever. Not only does it help to keep the relationship on track with an end goal, but it also helps both people stay positive. They have something to plan for and look forward to!

2. Set Up Time To Talk And Spend Time Together

It’s way too easy for people to lose touch and fall apart because of our busy, fast-paced lives. We can get all mixed up in our own business that we may forget about our long-distance partner! Make a concerted effort to keep in touch, whether it’s via Skype, texting, emailing, or phone calls. Make it a daily or weekly thing, so that both people can get caught up, spend some time together, and keep their relationship healthy and strong.

3. Plan Trips Away Together

The fun part about long-distance is that it’s so exciting when planning for the next time the pair will see each other again! It’s like going back to the beginning of a new relationship with nerves and butterflies in the stomach. Make sure that there are times to see the other person, however brief they may be. It’s important to get real face-to-face lifetime together to maintain connectivity. Also, it’s fun! Get creative. Find cool spots to travel together, and make it like a fun vacation. That spice and energy will keep the spark alive even if the couple is thousands of miles apart.

4. Be Secure

Long-distance relationship tests both people’s level of security in themselves and the relationship. If one or both individuals feel like they aren’t worth the long distance or if they’re nervous about the relationship’s strength, then the relationship will only be filled with tension and strife, and it will not be enjoyable on top of the frustrating fact of the long-distance. Don’t let insecurity get in the way of relationship joy!

5. Don’t Overanalyze

Yeah, this is a tough one in this situation. It’s easy to over think everything when apart. For example, it’s easy to worry about what the other person is doing, what friends they’re making, and who they’re talking to! And, it’s super easy to jump to conclusions about what texts or emails or lack thereof mean! But, be careful not to think too much about these kinds of things. Often, people misread these kinds of things and it only leads to insecurity, fights, and trouble.

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6. Trust in The Other Person

Trust is essential to a relationship; it almost doesn’t even need to be said. And lack of trust is like termites in a relationship. It will just eat it from the inside out! With long-distance relationships, trust is hard to maintain, but it’s important too! The couple is apart and doing their own thing and having their own lives, but they’ve stayed a couple for a reason. Sometimes, things don’t work out, and sometimes people are unfaithful, but often everything works out! Maintaining trust is a part of it. It will drive someone crazy if they constantly worry about their long-distance partner and if they’re cheating!

7. Have Fun

Yes, long-distance relationships are tough and frustrating, but that shouldn’t limit each person’s fun. They’re tough enough without the extra difficulty of letting the sadness of separation ruin the lives of those involved. Stay positive, hang out with friends, do fun things, and get involved with enjoyable activities.

8. Bring the Best Self to The Relationship

The relationship will always be healthier if each person takes the responsibility to create a whole and fulfilled self to bring to the relationship. Each partner does not depend on the other for their well-being. If each person looks to themselves to provide their happiness, then they will be able to create a healthy and happy relationship together, even if it’s long-distance.

Each person should create lives of their own. This sounds ridiculous when talking about long-distance relationships, but it’s just as true as when couples are in the same town. One’s life shouldn’t be their relationship. They should go off and have their own lives! That way, their focus isn’t on the long-distance, but it’s on enjoying life and enjoying the other person.

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9. Stay Positive!

This is very important. There are a lot of people out there who have a lot of negative things to say about long-distance relationships, and they may tell those involved which could affect each person’s security in the relation. People like to say things like, “It’ll never work.”; “He or she is cheating.”; “Long-distance makes no sense.” etc. etc. But, forget about everyone else. It’s only important how the two people in the relationship feel. If they think long-distance is worth it for a time, then so be it!

Don’t let the negativity of others ruin a perfectly good relationship. Positivity also helps to keep the relationship healthy. If both parties believe in the best possible outcome, then they are more likely to succeed.
Long-distance relationships are difficult, heart-wrenching, and stressful. But, they don’t need to make more difficult by worrying, lack of trust, or negativity.

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If two people meet someone they want to keep dating, but they have to be in separate locations for some reason, it can be extremely depressing. But, to help maintain the strength of the relationship, it’s important to follow the helpful tips above. Keep chins up and shoulders high, and go into that long-distance relationship with confidence and positivity. It will make a world of difference.

10. Don’t Forget To Get Support

Sometimes people like to have a counselor help guide them through this time effectively. But, it’s even helpful to use friends as shoulders to lean on or listening ears to get sympathy from. Maybe even consider finding others who are currently in long-distance relationships or have done them in the past successfully. They can be great resources for what to do when it gets tough. Be sure to avoid those who have negative stories or negative words to say about it. Remember, there is always hope. Not every relationship is the same. Good luck with the LDR!

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