5 Fun Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

5 Fun Ways to Invest in Your Marriage

I consistently thought that systematic instructions at school would help us to achieve the best in life. I might argue and agree with the said statement, but the reality is that enlightenment will never end. It is in the same case that we eat to live and not live to eat. Investing in your marriage is important.

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In that regard, marriage is designated for two lovebirds, but we are also reminded to keep an eye on one another. It is vital for a spouse to invest on a daily basis. But are you supposed to do it together or as an individual? And how should we invest in our relationship or marriage in the best and fun way possible?


There is a lot in store when it comes to fun and marriage. Just like every single thing in life, more concentration equals to more input. I don’t want to spoil it further, scroll along to know how you need to hang in there before calling it quit. Here are a few marriage investment plans.

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1. Start Your Day with a Positive Mind

Specialists agree that a new day starts with a new plan and schedule. Nothing is exciting than taking your deep breaths close to your family and partner. Instead of wasting time focusing on things that don’t matter to you, why don’t you focus on something that’s close to you? Your spouse should ring a bell. Learn to feel your partner’s presence and above all employ happiness and gratification.

2. The Heart of Appreciation

“Please” and “thank you” are powerful words that most couples seem to ignore. They might sound simple and dubious, but they act as a stronghold for a happy and prosperous marriage. I am trying to imply that it is crucial and vital to appreciate your partner’s presence.

Imagine waking up one day feeling unnoticed, unloved and unappreciated; it’s the worst feeling ever. Besides, let your close relatives, friends, and children know that you care for your spouse. Not to mention, don’t forget to charge your marriage with prayers. As an individual or as a couple, have time to express a sense of gratitude to your Creator. Learn how to make a woman feel secure in a relationship.

3. Encourage Each Other

Tons of relationships wear-out early without major or paramount reasons. At times you find yourself speaking to other people on social media about your relationship stumbling blocks. Airing out your problems elsewhere won’t help in any way.

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As a couple, encouraging one another will act as a pathway to success and peaceful union. Never, ever criticize your significant other; especially in public. Your union should serve as a testimony to others. Investing in wisdom, love, and understanding will not only make you to encourage each other but also have fun without pretense.

4. Intimacy, Intimacy and More Intimacy

Yes, I have just said it. An intimate life with your spouse equals to a stronger and passionate marriage. It doesn’t matter whether you are broke, childless, sick children or wayward teen. Physical affection and romance hold you together like glue.

It is a designated time that allows you to block the world troubles. With ample time and effort, intimacy is a worth stake. If need be, take the time to read books on intimacy and marriage. The only secret is to learn how to navigate your love life.

5. Embrace Surprises

As a couple, you should try to find best and fun ways that seem to turn your marriage into a playground. If he likes football, why don’t you chip in and act as his cheerleader? On the other hand, if she loves to cook, she won’t mind having a well decorated and advanced kitchen gadget. The secret is to think out of the box. Investing in your spouse is always a good idea.


6. My Money Our Money

Above anything else, having a guaranteed future is the most profitable deal that a couple will ever make. Tons of couple tend to argue when it comes to money matters. To avoid this, planning is the best way to go.

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At first, setting up money rules will make you come up with fun and simple ways of saving for the rainy day. If he is a spender and impulsive buyer, then the wife should take care of the family budget and investment. You need to learn how to build your wife’s self esteem.

7. Don’t Forget

As far as you want to have fun in your marriage, you should also learn to invest in yourself. Allow yourself time to grow and fathom further. This way, your marriage will blossom till the end of time and this is the importance of investing in marriage.

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