5 Reasons Why Best Friends Can Be Lovers

Best Friends Turned Lovers

‘A best friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the lyrics.’ Having a best friend is one of the biggest blessings in life. You have a friend with whom you can share all your secrets with, someone who knows you extremely well and accepts you the way you are.

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But what happens when the friend turns out to be your soul mate in disguise? Falling in love with someone you spend so much time with is inevitable but is it worth risking your friendship? Though falling gradually in love with your best friend may not sound as exciting as love at first sight, it surely has its little joys:

1. You are like an Open Book to your Partner

The first relationship that you developed with your partner was that of friendship. A true friendship has all the ingredients that are required in a mature and healthy relationship. As best friends, you are already well aware of each other’s nature, habits and other aspects of life.

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The time you had spent with each other as friends’ has helped you know the other person inside out. You both are like an open book to each other and have the ability to understand each other perfectly well. This clarity in the relationship is what makes it stronger devoid of any misunderstandings.

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2. Freedom to Be You

‘Be Yourself and the Right People will love the real You.’ Your best friend is that one person who accepts you with all your flaws and loves you for who you are. Your friendship is laid on the foundation of originality, and there is no need for being pretentious.

In a world where you could be anything, you have all the freedom to be yourself because you have a partner who is willing to accept the real you. Be it your mood swings or your crazy dreams; your best friend-turned-lover will know how to deal with you.

3. Trust Enhances Love

Trust is the glue of life. Whether it’s friendship or relationship, trust is the most important factor. Many of us face trust issues, and it becomes really hard to trust a stranger in a relationship, especially when you have had your trust broken before. But when your best friend becomes your lover, building trust becomes easier.


When you become friends in the first place, you start trusting each other, and this sense of trust becomes more powerful when you become best friends. At times when friends turn lovers, it is this trust that enhances the love between the two.

4. Communication is Never a Problem

Being the best of friends, you can talk to each other about anything. As friends, you share some common interests and have a varied range of topics to talk about. Movies, food, dreams, ambitions, life goals, fashion, sports, politics, books – you can talk about anything and everything under the sun with your friend.

There are no awkward silences, and no communication gap arises. When your best friend turns into your lover, there is never a dull moment in your lives.

5. Security Comes from the Hand you Hold

When you have fallen for someone who was not your friend earlier, feelings like insecurity, jealousy may arise. The feeling of insecurity is quite normal as it takes time to develop trust in a person.

But when your partner is your best friend, you are assured that you have placed your heart in the right hands. You are saved from the emotional whirlwinds that occur when you fall in love with a stranger.

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In addition to all these, expressing your love for your best friend saves you from the horror of seeing your best friend in someone else’s arms and then crying over spilled milk. However as exciting as it may sound, best friends falling in love comes with its own set of obstacles and cons.

The first obstacle is, the two of you may not realize your love initially. The brewing love is usually noticed by the people who know you. The realization about the love comes when you decide to ponder over it. Before taking the plunge and expressing your love, it is very crucial to thoroughly analyze the pros and cons of the relationship and assess whether you are ready for the risk or not.

The biggest thing at stake is your deep friendship. It is important to ensure that the feelings are mutual and also think about the future consequences if things go sour in your relationship. The best way to go around this is by believing in yourself and your best friend. Faith is the most important ingredient. Always remember that the greatest thing in the world is to have a boyfriend/girlfriend who is also your best friend.

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