5 Tested Ways Of Dealing With An On-Off Affair

5 Tested Ways Of Dealing With An On-Off Affair

If you have been in the dating game for a while then certainly you must have come across relationships where they are simply hot and cold. This means that one minute your partner shows how they care and the next minute they are fighting to turn your back on the relationship. In most cases, when this happens lovers are kept wondering whether they did something wrong in the affair.

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There are those that would begin to evaluate their actions to determine whether they made everything go wrong. Well, here is a secret that you do not know. There is nothing wrong that you have done in the relationship. In fact, if there is someone doing something wrong is your partner who is trying to play hot and cold on you.

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The hot and cold dating game occurs mostly from the men’s side. The man courts you endlessly and you find yourself giving in to their charms. The moment to begin to turn your head to their direction, they turn their back on you. This is how this game is played. Before you notice anything wrong, you would be at their feet pleading for forgiveness for unclear mistakes that you never did. So, if you are involved in such a relationship, there are several ways of handling it.

1. Knowledge Is Power

The first trick applies to your end. It is important that you quickly notice such hot and cold moves from your partner while they are far away. With the knowledge of where this relationship would be leading to, you would be in a better position to plan for a reaction. This, therefore, means that you would be preventing any negative effects that could arise from such relationships.

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2. Try To Be Brutally Honest

In the process of understanding your hot and cold sweetheart, you would notice that they are skeptical about the entire relationship thing. Chances are that they might have been hurt before and they simply act cold when trying to prevent themselves from getting hurt again. So, what should you do?

Just be brutally honest when communicating with them. Ask them about their intentions in the new relationship that you share. This is a good strategy that often works bearing in mind that it brings out their fears to light. Consequently, you would be in a position of dealing with any future problems that might exist in your relationship.

3. Enjoy The Best Moments In This Relationship

Assuming that you have been through a similar relationship before and you know where it is heading to, a word of advice is to enjoy the moment while it lasts. Yes, this might sound awkward by hot and cold guys simply know how to make one happy just for a little while.

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Therefore, why don’t you play along and enjoy this moment? There is a good chance that they would be taking you out more often. If no one else is courting you at the moment, there is nothing bad about playing along. After all, these are matters of the heart, it might begin as a game, and they could end up falling for you. Good news is that you are five steps ahead of their game.

4. Bring Them Closer To Your Friends

Everybody has got their strengths and weaknesses. With regards to this, you should find a way of bringing your lover closer to your friends and relatives. This strategy keeps them wondering what you intend with the direction you are taking the relationship. If they are not serious about you, rest assured that they would blub it out that they were only playing with you.

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Serious men and women dating would not hesitate to meet your friends and family. For that reason, cut the chase and invite them to dinner with your parents. The moment they freak out, you would have the upper hand and let them loose.

5. Walk Away

Another way of dealing with an on-off affair is simply letting go. Do not waste your energy and precious time chasing after someone that does not care about you. If the good moments you share together did not last for long, get this as a clear sign that the relationship could terminate soon. So, save yourself from any future heartbreaks and find yourself a prince charming who would love you right.

Relationships are never easy as some might think. The idea of playing hot and cold on those that you love is simply unbearable. For those that are not aware of the game, they end up getting hurt bad. In fact, this makes it difficult for potential suitors that might come along the way.

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They would have to prove themselves right to be eligible as potential lovers for those who went through hot and cold affairs. When all’s said and done, it is essential to learn how to deal with hot and cold relationships just to be on the safe side.

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