6 Tips To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Keeping The Spark Alive In A Long Distance Relationship

It is a great luck to have someone to love. But life sometimes gets in a way of two peoples happiness. Being in a long distance relationship can be hard for both partners. But the first step is to decide that your relationship is worth it and can withhold the distance. Keeping the spark alive can be hard, but it can make your relationship stronger.

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1. Show Each Other That You Care

We are living in a wonderful age where connecting with someone is so easy. You don’t have to write letters by hand and way for them to reach your partner. Now you can simply call or text them to find out how they are doing. Show that you care and don’t forget to check in every day.


But try not to come off as a control freak. If you know that your partner has an important meeting, wait until the evening to call and don’t disturb. Or if you know that your partner is out with friends, don’t ask them to check in all the time.

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2. Use Different Ways Of Communication

It might be easy just to text each other throughout the day, but in order to keep the spark alive, you should also talk and see each other when possible. Send each other pictures, video-chat and go see each other whenever you can.

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3. Don’t Leave All News For When You Meet

If you want your long distance relationship to work, both you and your partner have to be a part of each other’s lives. When you meet next time, you will not have enough time to talk about what has happened. Although some things from your daily life seem small, they make up your day. Your partner should know what is going on with your life and you should know about their life too. Even if there are some bad news, your partner should hear about them.

4. Make Decisions Together

When you are living apart, you will get used to being on your own. But if you want your relationship to work, you should include your partner in decision making, especially about things that affect you both. For example, you might want to surprise your partner by redecorating your whole house, but it can turn out that the thing they most wanted was to get back home just the way it was.

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5. Trust Each Other

Long distance relationship requires a lot of patience and trust from both partners. You will not always be there for each other in the time of need. But you both have to reassure each other of the trust and love you share. Don’t be suspicious and controlling towards your partner.

Your lives have changed dramatically and you have to adjust to circumstances. Be understanding if your partner wasn’t able to answer the phone and don’t automatically assume that they are cheating. if you don’t trust your partner, they will not be able to trust you too.

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6. Make Plans Together

Making plans for your future is a good way to keep your relationship alive. You both have to focus on the fact that this part of your lives will end at some point. Making plans together can be a romantic and practical way to show each other that you care about your future together.

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Plan your next meeting, as well as what you are going to do when this part of your life is over. Maybe it will be time to think about having a family together.

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