6 Ways To Show Him You Are a Great Catch

6 Ways To Show Him You Are a Great Catch

It isn’t easy to attract illustrious men. Yes, you can allure them as long as you want but you’ll never know if he’ll fall in love with you. I am not daydreaming here; this is the fact. At times men find it hard to find a great catch hence they lack a committed relationship.

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For a better chance, women need to up their game when it comes to concluding that innate feeling in men. Letting him know that you have the key to his heart is the end secret. I won’t tell you to ask or add anything since I have juicy write-ups for you today. If you’ve been eyeing for that tall and handsome gent for a while, relax and read on. Wait, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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What am I saying? Before employing a “great catch” juncture, there are things that you need to let go of first. Also, simple and logic things are needed for you to get a glimpse of the said clarity. The things that I am going to discuss here will add a plus in your love life. Elvis Presley wasn’t wrong when he released a song titled “It’s now or never.” This time around, aim for that gold and not circumvention.

*I couldn’t agree more that women are destined to do tons of things, unlike men. A woman’s work ends when she is at her resting state-grave. Even when she has just given birth, she’s expected to turn into her real self in days’ time. Men are created to appreciate beautiful damsels. It is nothing else but the ultimate price that you pay when you fall in love. The truth is that; you can’t live without them.*

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1. First Approach

The dating world has made us believe that the girl is meant to play hard to get. Further, she should wait for the guy to make the first move. There are scads of drawbacks and hiccups that are brought by due to these beliefs. I won’t delve much into that today.

Allow me to say this; it’s not bad to wait for that perfect guy to catch your attention. The dilemma comes in when the one who made your heart to melt isn’t available. Why? You don’t want to make the first approach. Sometimes making a move will add you more plus. It all starts from HELLO to “You Are My Catch.” If he’s into you; he will definably let you know.

*It goes without saying; learn to play by the rules, and if this doesn’t work unscrew them. It’s alluring when a woman approaches a man from afar. You never know what you’ve got until you lose it.*

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2. Benefits of Approaching at a Glance

More favor and tranquilities will follow you like a river. Need I say more, you’ll fully take control of this man to the moon and back. There’s no need of waiting for him to make a move. Subsequently, you’ll have scored more points and pretense won’t be part of your game.

As far as you learn to take control, you’ll turn him on like no one’s business. Not to mention, don’t forget to ask him or rather tell him how you feel about him. Huh! I know it isn’t easy, but you’ve already caught his confidence. So, everything else is easy-peasy.

3. Appreciate Yourself

By this, I mean loving yourself to the brim. In other words, try to look beautiful both inside and out. When you are comfortable with what you are wearing, everything else will follow suit. If you have nice legs, show them to the world (your catch). Another thing, try to be decent and don’t make him think that you love luxury things. Just play with simple routines: wear your favorite scent; brush your teeth and so on. The most crucial and exciting thing that he’ll first love about you is your appearance. Do you like how you look right now? Then, you are ready to go.

4. Know More About His Friends

When he’s far from you, but his friends are closer, try to have a friendly conversation with them. You never know one of them might tell him how you are conversant. Even if he’s around, he won’t mind sharing his thoughts. In fact, that’s where you’ll know more about him. If he isn’t that into the topic, try to change to his favorite line.

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5. Stalking! Avoid it like the plague

Yes, I have said it, and I’ll repeat myself if need be. If you know where your catch greases his elbows, please don’t visit him every single day. His end thought will be like “I believe that the girl is too creepy if not insecure.” The chances are that he won’t be interested in you that much. To avoid this, don’t even think about knowing his whereabouts.

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6. Pretense Shouldn’t Be Your In-thing

Instead of employing other people’s traits, be you. If you didn’t know, men sense when you are pretending. When you are comfortable with yourself, the man will lose it all. He will love and acknowledge you the way you are. The right and perfect man will accept your faults and mimic them.

If you want to show him that you are a great catch, you have to feel sexy and confident at all times. I don’t mean wearing short mini’s to crop tops. I am merely talking about being your true self. When you are a great catch, your body language coupled with smile and move will tell it all.

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