7 Ways to Heal Toxic Love

7 Ways to Heal Toxic Love

Many seek advice from physics and experts while they are involved in a toxic relationship. Most times, it is to find out what is going on in their relationship. Also, how they can go about fixing or probably opting out of it.

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Truly,  if you have ever right in a toxic relationship, easily will you find out how tiring it is to be in that kind of position. A situation where you have lost almost all of yourself just to keep the momentum of the relationship. Soon you will discover the fact that it is energy draining and at times heartbreaking.

Perhaps, you concluded within yourself that your love for each other would work out if you can endure the moment. Also, that if you glue to yourself but it never turned out the way you expected. It takes real courage and determination to break free from this kind of relationship. This is because you may sometimes still have feelings for your love. However,  you will have to realize that it is a do or die issue. Besides, the idea of getting involved in another love relationship can feel petrifying as you may fear the chances of losing control and probably walking the wrong path again.

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The simple thing is just that you are good before the relationship and once more, you deserve another one again. So, what you have to do is to try and love again. Although to bring back again solace, joy, love, and happiness into yourself may not be so simple.

Can you heal again? YES! And here are seven tips to quickly help you heal toxic love.

1. Understand Toxic Love

To heal toxic love positively, you can spend quality time to know what it entails. Regardless of what people may define toxic love to be, it is best to spend time learning the basics and dynamics of toxic love. This will help you to get yourself prepared to make changes.

2. Look forward

This is just a simple way of saying “don’t look back” .and sincerely it worth it. You don’t have to look back. Often we conclude within ourselves or probably encouraged by friends and folks that the first and the best thing to do is to feel it all. That may not be the best thing to do because it’s a way of acknowledging the ordeal you have suffered. This, of course, may lead to you getting grounded in your thoughts and emotions.

This in most instance deprives you of a sense of moving forward. At all cost, endeavor to go over the things you have missed or overlook the fact that the relationship became toxic. Don’t find yourself blaming you and wasting precious time thinking the situation. What counts now is your present life.

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3. Learn From Your Experience

The reasons for our soul ties and our love contracts that exist between ourselves and others may not be so glaring to us. Some end significantly and favorably and many others in a different way, but you have to believe that it is to your advantage. Yes, it is because you stand the chance of learning from it. This experience then serves a restructuring purpose as you begin to rebuild and reform with others from it hence, earning you a brand new life.

4. Don’t hold onto the pain

How amazing it is that we in our conscious mind wants to let go of the pain, but our subconscious mind is still holding onto it. The reason is that it still serves as the portal or link to our ex. To heal fast, you will have to let go of your pain just as it was with your ex. Don’t hang on to the fragments of the past but forge ahead and press on for better things which the future holds for you.

5. Do away with the Timeline

Immediately you understand your feelings along with both the bad and the pleasing parts of the relationship; you will eventually discover that it is then much easier to press on. Soon will you also get to know that it is never a straightforward process. It may sometimes seem as though you rose up only to fall below again, but the fact remains that there may be deviations and diversions, but they aren’t necessarily holdups or setbacks.

6. Regain Your Dignity

Ensure that this experience was because of time taught you what you will have to agree on or the things you want. This probably will be the major tip you have to apply to love yourself again. Similarly, that you are good enough to be respected and loved.

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Perhaps, you tried for your relationship by fighting for it seeing a potential and capability in your ex but couldn’t make them live up to it though you encouraged them.So, therefore, you will have to do the same thing for yourself. This will make a difference and in turn, boost your odds of healing fast. Show your value and regain your dignity and self-worth by proving that you deserve the love again.

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7. Know That You May Have To Leave

There are times you can heal toxic love, yet there are times that you have to break off the bond while each person does their healing job. Honestly, it may be demanding and may be full of challenges. It can take a lot of courage to break free. However, you can console yourself that it is for the best and that you may have to do it.

In conclusion, toxic love truly can get you down. However, there is no magic nor formula to heal; it’s something you have to get through with by following these steps. Whatever you conclude on, the good thing to know is that you don’t have to face it alone if you don’t wish to. You can use the help of someone, probably that of a trained professional, a family or friend. Family and friends mainly may be a helpful shoulder to lean or cry on.

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