8 Things Married Women Should Not Do

8 Things Married Women Should Not Do

Finally, your dream of getting married finally came through. Congratulations! Now you need to focus on your marriage itself. This means that you need to understand what makes your love affair work. In this case, there are certain do’s and don’ts when it comes to any marriage relationship.

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For women out there, there are certain no-no activities that they should not indulge into once they say “I do.” Shockingly, these are some of the things would, in the end, lead to sad marriage life. Therefore, if you plan to live a happily after that life, some of the things that you should never do are described below.

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1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time Away From Your Husband

The dilemma that comes with getting married is that, as a wife, you have to balance several activities to fit into your busy schedule. This includes taking care of the kids, having fun with your girlfriends, visiting your family, etc. All these are activities that you need to be doing more often when you are married.

However, this does not mean that you should keep your husband on the side. Spending more time away from your husband would give them the impression that they are not important in the marriage relationship. Consequently, do not let your kids come in the way of your blissful marriage. Try your best to find time to enjoy each other’s company. Doing this revives the unwavering love that you once had for each other.

2. Never Talk About Your Husband In A Derogatory Manner

How would you feel when your husband keeps talking about the worst traits that you have? Terrible right? Certainly, one easily gets disappointed when someone dear to them fails to value their presence. In line with this, a married woman should never talk disparagingly about their husbands. This could be with your friends or family. Ensure that you talk about how good your husband is. Whether they are good or not, this builds self-esteem in them. Also, it aids in ensuring that your friends and family respect your marriage relationship.

3. Never Think That You Are Always Right

When people decide to settle down together, this does not mean that they think alike. On the contrary, in some cases, married couples express their differences through the actions that they take. This means that your man might choose to settle for a particular decision, one that you might not agree to. This does not mean that they are wrong. They are simply doing something different from what you would do. Acting as though you are right would only ruin your marriage. Your man would think that you are a control freak. This is a bad sign for your marriage.

4. Never Beat Your Man

Well, this might sound funny, but it is not. For a blissful marriage to occur, the last thing that a married woman should do is to beat up their husbands. This emasculates him. It lowers his self-esteem. If this occurs on a regular basis, rest assured that your man would not be talking confidently to his friends out there. If they seek advice from their friends, he would only be told to pack their bags and go. Before you raise your strong arms to beat your loving husband, think of their well-being and the likelihood of destroying your marriage. What you need to do is to find an effective way of solving your disputes without engaging each other in fists.

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5. Never Have Unrealistic Expectations

One big NO for you would be having unrealistic expectations in your marriage. Unquestionably, we all have expectations. People expect the best to happen to them. Well, in your marriage relationship, having high and unrealistic expectations would only increase the chances of your marriage failing.

Keep in mind that these unrealistic expectations would only lead to disappointments from your end. Ultimately, you might think that your partner would not fulfill the dreams you had in mind. This makes you unhappy in your relationship. Always find a way of making yourself happy rather than raising your expectations on your partner.

6. Never Treat Him As Though He Is A Child

You married your husband with the knowledge that they know what to do when called up to action. So, this means that you should leave them to make decisions when it appears as though they would be demanded to do so. Pressing and pushing them as though they are young kids would only invite trouble in your marriage. As a wife, your goal is to give your husband the power he yearns for in this relationship. Therefore, grant them this power by giving them the freedom they need.

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7. Never Give Him Your Leftovers

Your husband is not a vulture. They would not wait until you are tired of asking you out on a date when they know very well you are sick of having fun. This is one mistake that women make without noticing. The excuse that they always have in mind is that they were busy hustling trying to make ends meet. Well, these ends would not be meeting in your marriage affair. Give your husband some quality time. Allow them to get the best of you. This means that if there are too many chores to attend to in your house, the best thing to do would be to hire a house help. This would assist you in saving some quality time to spend with your loving husband. Certainly, they should be doing the same for you.

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8. Never Keep Secrets From Him

Lastly, your husband is not your enemy. This is the person that you would be spending the rest of your life with. In other words, he should be your closest friend you can turn to for anything. Therefore, you should never keep secrets from him. Your husband expects that you share a happy relationship that is full of honesty. The good thing about this is that it brings in trust into your marriage.

For a heavenly marriage affair that would last for an extended period, keep the above pointers in mind.

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