8 Ways On How to Keep The Brownie Jar Full

8 Brownie Points For Your Relationship

You may or may not have heard about the brownie jar. The brownie jar is an imaginary jar where the “brownie points” are kept! What are brownie points? Brownie points are imaginary as well. They are points for doing something to please your partner. When you upset your partner, obviously you’ll lose brownie points!

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It doesn’t take much to keep the brownie jar ticking along. Just do little things to please your partner when they don’t expect it, or, if they ask you to do something you don’t want to do, accept the task cheerfully. This will surprise them of course, but they’ll think all the better of you for saying yes, and you will probably get a favor returned at some stage when you need it!

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All relationships require give and take. Much as some people just like to take, it isn’t going to work for long. It doesn’t take much to do small things that your partner will appreciate.

Ways To Get Brownie Points In Love

1. Romantic Dinner

Perhaps they need their dry-cleaning picked up, or a parcel collected from the post office. Why not surprise them with a romantic dinner one evening? If there are children, drop them off to someone who can look after them for the night, like their grandparents. Have a date night and spend some quality time together.

2. Assist In Doing Chores

If your partner has to do all the housework, perhaps offer to help, so it’s done in half the time. There are tasks that nobody likes doing, but if help is offered, it would be highly appreciated, and that means brownie points in the jar!

3. Gifts

It doesn’t take much to be thoughtful on occasion and surprise your partner by giving some little gift, even if it’s only a twenty cent chocolate. If you buy a little chocolate, leave it on their pillow for them to find. Offering help when they need it will also go a long way.

Not only will it make them happy, but you’ll feel good too. You’ll always feel better after making someone else feel good! The other side, of course, is that the relationship is happy and harmonious, with two people working together and looking after each other.

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4. Good Humor

The brownie jar is quite often used in jest. A partner will do something, and there will be a comment made jokingly like, “well that’s worth 10 points in the brownie jar!” Good humor is another plus to keeping people fulfilled.

5. Breakfast In Bed

If your partner normally makes the bed, why not surprise them and make it one morning? Make your partner breakfast in bed on the weekend when you both have time to relax and enjoy the time together, eating and talking.

6. Wash Your Partner’s Car

Wash and vacuum your partner’s car for them as a surprise. The other option, of course, is to take it to the local car wash and have a nice coffee while the car wash staff does the work. However, the outcome is the same – a partner that is happy and thinking good thoughts about you, which is the name of the game.

7. Be Polite

If you’re a male, a little chivalry never goes astray, and earns you LOTS of points! Always let your partner walk through the door before you. If you’re on public transport, give her the spare seat before you take it. If the opportunity arises, open the car door for her. Just being polite and making your partner feel like a princess will ensure your brownie jar is always full!

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8. Avoid Nagging Your Partner

If you’re a female, let your partner watch his sport without nagging him. Let him go out with his friends sometimes without trying to tag along. Don’t nag him all the time, just let him be himself.

It’s quite easy to keep things flowing smoothly and happily along, just by applying some thoughtfulness. The plus side is, you’ll be earning brownie points as you go. Remember to keep your brownie points in positive. An empty brownie jar doesn’t make for a pleasant relationship.

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There are lots of ways to keep the points flowing into the brownie jar. It’s a good idea to look after the brownie jar, because when you do something wrong, you can always refer to the brownie points and that you have plenty there!

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