How To Work At Staying In Love

7 Keys To Staying In Love

There is no good feeling compared to finding new love and the whole tingly feeling of starting a new relationship and falling in love. Let’s face it though – that’s the easy part of a relationship. The real work starts after that when you need to develop the relationship and hopefully fifty years later, are still happily together.

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Remaining together and in love throughout the years, requires work and dedication – something that many in modern society are not prepared to do, hence the high divorce rate. Modern society is, in general, a disposable one, and many want to take the easy path rather than the path of work.

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1. Compromise

Older citizens quite often joke about being married for 50 years or more, but the jokes are tinged with affection towards their partners, and it is easy to see they are still in love. That is due to earlier generations not being afraid of work and compromise, which carried over into their relationships and in many cases, divorce was never on the agenda. If a problem arose, they worked it out.

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2. Solving Issues In An Orderly Manner

When something goes wrong, the first thing to do is discuss the issue like rational adults. Screaming and yelling won’t solve anything, and neither will getting in a huff and walking off. Adult discussion in rational tones will go a long way to coming to a compromise and working through the problem. If you need to compromise a little more than you wanted to, consider doing it if the issue isn’t of major importance.

3. Keep The Love Burning

Another area that can be worked on is keeping romance in the relationship. After all, one of the initial attractions was the romance! Going out on a regular date with your partner is one way to keep romance. Whether it is weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, make sure you both book it in your diaries and lock it in. It needs to be treated with the importance it deserves. This shows that you both place importance on your relationship and are committed to the long term.

4. Plan For Night Outs

If you have children, it is still important to have a regular date night, so a babysitter should be organized in advance if the children aren’t old enough to stay home on their own. Whether you go to the movies or for a nice walk along the river, or a lovely meal out at a restaurant, it won’t matter. Just spending quality time together on a regular basis will make all the difference.

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5. Little Things That Matter

It’s also nice to buy or make little surprises for your partner. Some special chocolates, flowers, jewelry, or cookies and cakes, are just some ideas to start with. It’s effortless these days with online shopping – anything can be purchased and delivered, making it very easy to surprise and delight your partner every so often when they least expect it.

6. Remembering Important Events

Remembering your wedding anniversary is also a must. Organize a nice dinner or tickets to a show and surprise your partner. What a great way to make them happy! A romantic evening for the two of you is just what is needed. If you can remember what year’s anniversary you are celebrating and buy an appropriate present to match, will make you even more popular.

7. Holiday Together

Once in awhile, it is a good idea to organize a holiday, even if it is only a long weekend away. On a long weekend you wouldn’t want to travel too far away, but if you have a week or more available, you could look at travelling further. It’s a fun task to work out a holiday together.

walk at the beach

Once you agree on where you are going, there are hotels to look at for accommodation (don’t forget to have wine, chocolates or fruit waiting on arrival), and the internet will help you find all the tourist attractions and local restaurants and other sightseeing activities available. The whole trip can be planned so the two of you can just go and enjoy the adventure.

Working at staying in love can be very rewarding in the long run. When you reach your fiftieth anniversary, you too, like those before you, will look back with fondness over all the years it took you to achieve where you have arrived at. Nothing is more important than family and loved ones.

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