Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility

People could argue that relationships are tricky and tiresome. Indeed, they are. The union between two different people could turn out into something that you never expected. After all, this is how strangers meet before they get to know each other in depth. As for Sagittarius and Cancer relationship, this is one tricky match that could take ages to define. This is primarily because Sagittarius Cancer compatibility is about two different people with varying values with regards to life.

One of the lovers is after a good home. They are the homemakers. This is the Cancer lover. What they lust for in Sagittarius Cancer friendship is to have a lasting relationship that could lead possibly to marriage. Having a stable and secure family is what they cherish most above anything else. For the Sagittarius lover, this is completely the opposite of what they expect in life.

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First, what Sagittarius in love care about mostly is their freedom. They are the tourist in the zodiac circle. Thus, traveling around the world is their main goal in life. New experiences is what they are after and committing themselves to a lasting relationship will only hinder them from enjoying life as they perceive it. Sagittarius Cancer compatibility could face several periods of ups and downs in their love affair.

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility: Positive Traits

From Cancer perspective, there is a good side of them that will hold Sagittarius Cancer Love Compatibility together. This is their homely nature. This is the home that Sagittarius needs to come to after touring the places that they fancy most. Cancer has a strong desire to have a solid place where they can call home. They want to have kids and share this life with a serious and responsible partner. If Sagittarius is compromising enough, they can meet this expectation and make Sagittarius Cancer marriage work with the Cancer lover. Test your Manglik matching.

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Partners in Sagittarius Cancer in love do not hate each other. There is a good side of them that want the best for each other. For instance, Sagittarius is known for their goodhearted nature. This implies that they would not want to hurt their Cancer lovers intentionally. Similarly, Cancer is a loving partner and would be more than gentle towards Sagittarius. They also have good intentions in mind for the relationship that they are having. If compromise is what Sagittarius dating Cancer understand, then they can find a way of making Sagittarius Cancer compatibility flourish.

The sheer fact that Cancer is paired with Sagittarius means that they have a lot to learn from each other. This is the complementary aspect of this relationship that Sagittarius Cancer soulmates can enjoy. In this case, Cancer will benefit from the humorous nature of Sagittarius lover. They have a sense of optimism that will keep Cancer motivated to achieve their personal goals.

Equally, Cancer will have some life lessons to teach the Sagittarius lover. They would take Sagittarius through the world of emotions. Cancer would teach them how to welcome the inner feelings they have and ways of coping with them. These lessons could make a difference in Sagittarius Cancer sexuality. Find your couple sleeping positions test.

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility: Negative Traits

Sagittarius Cancer Love Compatibility will face many obstacles due to the differences that exist in their personal attributes. Partners in this couple have got different ways of approaching life. When asked what they would want in life, chances are that they would talk of different things. This is simply how incompatible they are.

Cancer is an emotional lover. Their sensitivity is one aspect that would constantly irritate the Sagittarius lover. These emotions are attributed to the fact that Cancer is ruled over by the Moon. This is a planet of emotions. Sagittarius would not be in a position to keep up with the emotional nature of Cancer. They have no room for them to sit down and discuss matters of the heart. This will hurt the Cancer partner as they expect more from Sagittarius Cancer sexuality.

Moreover, Cancer will stand the risk of getting hurt from the blunt nature of Sagittarius lover. They would say things bluntly without bothering whether their partners will get hurt or not. In Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility, this lover will always be in tears. Sagittarius might get tired within a short period of time and leave the relationship in quest for greener pastures resulting in Sagittarius Cancer break up.

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility

Cancer craves for a relationship where they counterparts will be willing to commit themselves soon enough. Unfortunately, Sagittarius is a sign of celibacy. They would want to stay away from the C-word for as long as life allows them. This is also the frustrating bit of Sagittarius Cancer Love Compatibility. They have varying expectations from each other.

On one end, Sagittarius would want to be set free to tour the world. On the other end, Cancer will want them home with Sagittarius Cancer in bed as they discuss the way forward in their love affair. This is simply the definition of incompatibility in a relationship. Compromise and understanding is what is required for them to live a happy and blissful Sagittarius Cancer compatibility.

Sagittarius is ruled over by Jupiter. This is the planet where great lovers come from. This implies that the Sagittarius lover will always be on the hunt for a better relationship. Cancer will find this behaviour as intolerable. Their intuitive nature could make them conclude that they are cheating on them. Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility will therefore suffer from trust issues. There is no day that Cancer will be able to live under the same roof with an individual that flirts around and forgets about the importance of having a family. Test your moon sign compatibility.

So, will Cancer be getting the security they need in Sagittarius Cancer compatibility? Certainly not! Sagittarius prioritize the need to live a free life. They would not be in anywhere close to providing security for the Cancer lover. As a matter of fact, they would leave them completely insecure after spending all their money touring the best places in the world. This could leave Sagittarius Cancer Love Compatibility very shaky. Cancer will feel this considering the fact that they are intuitive. They could leave anytime.

From the look of things above, Sagittarius Cancer marriage compatibility is close to impossibility. Nonetheless, this does not mean that lovers cannot make things work. If love is what binds them together, then they would be willing to compromise each other. This couple should dedicate their time to make Sagittarius and Cancer compatibility work.

Efforts should come from both ends as they try to meet halfway. The Sagittarius lover will have to spare a few days to remain at home with Cancer. Similarly, Cancer should take life less serious and loosen up. This will give Sagittarius a chance to make you enjoy life. Patience will make sure that your love blossoms in the end.

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Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility: Conclusion

Sagittarius Cancer Compatibility can be a hard match to come by. Nevertheless, where love keeps this couple together, expect them to counter the odds by making their relationship work. This is what love can do. It has the power to make the impossible possible. Sagittarius and Cancer should appreciate and respect each other’s efforts in building their tricky affair. What both of you ought to understand is that, the joy of your relationship would be in the way you manage to handle your challenges. Consequently, you have every power in your hands to make anything happen.

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