Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits

Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits

Sagittarius women are usually born between November 22nd through December 21st. They like to live life on the wild side. She has a thirst for adventure and the willpower and determination to lead the way on life’s exciting journey. The Sagittarius woman is always ready to try something new, travel to new places, and to meet new people. She gets bored easily, so she is looking for something new to entertain herself.

The Sagittarius female is independent and confident that she can do anything she puts her mind to. She won’t let anyone stand in her way, but she won’t be pushy, either. She tries to have fun in her life without making things more difficult for anyone else. She is a free spirit, and there’s nothing that can cage her.

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Sagittarius Woman Love & Sex

Sagittarius women like to be in love, and because of this, they tend to fall in love often. But they don’t usually stay in love for long unless they are with someone who they click with on every level. This is a rare thing to happen, so many Sagittarius females will go through their lives without ever getting married, or getting married many times. This has to do with the fact that she is not great at staying in one place for long. She will need to be with someone who will travel with her for a relationship to work out.

Loyalty is complicated when it comes to the Sagittarius woman personality. She enjoys open relationships or flings over exclusive relationships. She will likely cheat without knowing it. If someone wants to be in an exclusive relationship with a Sagittarius female, they will need to make themselves clear to avoid getting cheated on.

Sex is one of the Sagittarius woman’s favorite things to do. She doesn’t need to be in love to have sex, but she does have sex more often when she is in love. She’s open to doing most sexual things. She is a very kinky woman, which many of her partners are sure to enjoy. She likes to be dominant, but she can be submissive if her partner has a fun idea. Sex is purely physical for a Sagittarius woman in bed, so she always tries to make it as great as possible.

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Sagittarius Woman Work & Money

Sagittarius woman traits suggest that they are not ones to take on traditional careers. Many Sagittarius women do not have careers at all. Sagittarius females like to travel, and they hate staying in one place for a long time. This makes it difficult for her to keep a steady job. She will be happier if she can make money as she travels. She is highly creative, so she can do this by selling artwork. She is also willing to do odd jobs and short-term jobs to make money to pay for her travels as well.

sagittarius woman personality traits

Sagittarius women are not ones to save money. She usually has just enough money to get by, or slightly more money than she needs, which she will likely spend quickly after. She is not materialistic, but she loves to go to new places, try new activities, and eat strange foods, which can add up to a hefty bill at times. The Sagittarius personality traits suggest that may ask others for money at times, and she may take a little while to pay them back. All in all, saving money is not her strong suit.

Sagittarius Woman Health

The Sagittarius woman personality has a wonderful sense of adventure. She loves to get out of the house and move around. Because of this, she rarely has problems getting the motivation to exercise. At times she may indulge in new foods or in too much alcohol, which she may need to watch out for. For the most part, she knows how to take care of her fitness.

The ruling body parts for a Sagittarius woman are her hips, thighs, and other muscles in that area. This means that her hips and thighs are usually in great shape and look beautiful. It also means that she is more likely to have muscle aches in these areas than other women might face.

Sagittarius Woman Friendship

Sagittarius women are always on the move, and they manage to make new friends almost everywhere that they go. They are likely to chat up someone in the grocery store if they think they might have something in common. Sagittarius females are anything but shy. She often flirts with others and ends up being friends with the person.

One strange thing about the Sagittarius woman personality is that they are great at making friends, but keeping friends often proves to be difficult for them. For one, they are not great at keeping in touch with old friends because they are working on making new friends. Sagittarius women often have one group of friends for having fun and another group of friends for being serious with. However, she will be much more loyal to her serious group of friends than her fun group of friends.

Sagittarius Woman Family Relationships

Many Sagittarius ladies remember their childhood fondly. They played in the backyard, spent time with their friends, and spent countless hours doing anything that could keep their boredom at bay. She will adore her family growing up. She is likely to have close relationships with many of her family members when she grows up, although she may not be physically close to them. Sagittarius woman characteristics show that they don’t like to stay in the same place for very long. So she will likely move out as soon as she is old enough soon. She will make time to visit her family from time to time, though.

When Sagittarius women have families of their own, she is likely to try to give them the same freedom that she wants. Some may think she is a lazy mother, while others will applaud her unique parenting style. Her children will likely grow up to have a free spirit like their mother, although they may not act much like her. She will encourage her children to be themselves, even if that means they are not like her.

Sagittarius Woman Style

The Sagittarius woman traits show that she doesn’t care much for trends or for wearing anything that she knows will draw others attention to her. Instead, she will wear whatever she feels comfortable in. She does her best to dress for the weather, but she can also improvise if she gets caught in a storm. She often wears leggings, other stretchy pants, or comfortable skirts and shorts. Loose shirts and dresses are also great for her. Solid colored clothes are too boring for her; she loves crazy patterns.

Sagittarius women don’t care for accessories most of the time. She will wear sunglasses and hats when she needs them. She is likely to carry a bag with her sometimes, but she rarely wears jewelry. Her stone is turquoise, so on the off-chance that she does wear jewelry, it is likely to have this stone in it.

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Last Few Words About Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius woman personality traits show that she is full of energy and has a love for life. She will do her best to make the most out of the life she is given. Anyone who knows the Sagittarius well is sure to be inspired to do the same.

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