Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility – Overview

The Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman bumping into each other will resemble a dance. Each of them feels the other to confirm if they are worthy. At first might not seem like a couple that can go the distance, but this couple will potentially surprise all its onlookers. Equally, in a Sagittarius man Aquarius woman compatibility, they appreciate being free to do their own thing. He is very independent and will insist on riding through life unencumbered by normal conversation and activities. She, on the other hand, understands his need for the simple life, sharing the need to exist without explanation. Her independence and unconventionality are what makes her so attractive to the Sagittarius man. He will want to delve into her personality to ascertain what is going on in there.

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There is an incredible energy between the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman. He is a total social butterfly, and she loves a good party, so meeting up will be a debate of wits. Conversations between them will be interactive and full of vigor. The Sagittarius man Aquarius woman love compatibility will be easy and fun and without judgment. The Aquarius woman has very lofty ideas that inspire the Sagittarius man and fuel his desire to know more about her.

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Romance is not high on the agenda for either of them. They would rather converse on a variety of interesting topics that they both enjoy. Neither of the Sagittarius man Aquarius woman soulmates will want to worry about the fluff. They are equally carefree and would rather be out saving the world than worried if they were a good friend to the other. Personal problems, especially household responsibilities are not high on the agenda for either of them.

They will spend a considerable amount of time getting to know each other before they acknowledge that they are in fact dating. Together they are equally unconventional. This makes for a very special and unique Sagittarius man Aquarius woman relationship. Mutually, neither of them is prone to jealousy. It is so much easier for them to remain faithful to each other when neither has a suspicious nature. Voluntarily, the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman will commit to each other on a much higher level. They are both very comfortable to do things on their terms and understand that about each other.

Intellectually, their Sagittarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is on the same wave length. He is brilliant and enjoys philosophy and debate. She is logical, and the Sagittarius man will release the softer more emotional side to her personality. The Aquarius woman will help him to see the bigger picture, and together they will accomplish their dreams on a far grander scale. The Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman mutually choose to give attention to things beyond only their home and possessions. Equally, they require a certain amount of private time to meditate and contemplate what to do next.

Compatibility between the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is fast moving and dynamic. Mutually they are determined to meet their objectives. Therefore, they will prove to be a formidable support structure for each other. The Sagittarius man Aquarius woman compatibility for them will lead to a frenzied but loving and open-minded home. They are unconventional and relish that about each other. The compatibility between them will ensure their relationship will never become staid or boring.

The passion between the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman is more one sided towards him, than her. This Sagittarius man Aquarius woman couple are potentially inclined to express their sensual moods. This is in general compassion or deliberation rather than obvious sexuality. They are equally up for anything and will ensure that each is entirely satisfied within their love making.

Sexually, the Sagittarius man and Aquarius woman will come more from his side than hers. She will have a fascination on an intellectual level. As a result, the Sagittarius man Aquarius woman sexual connection work extremely well. The Aquarius woman is very much on a mental level, and the Sagittarius man is all about the physical contact.


A Sagittarius man Aquarius woman marriage will be quite unconventional. From a financial perspective, things between them will be problematic. Regarding the management of their household and personal finances, neither of them is very successful at making sure all the bills are covered or planned for. They are all about the bigger picture, and together they face their world with a positive view on possibilities. When they decide to have children, they will have to learn to fend for themselves quickly. As parents, they will be out saving the world, while their children grow up learning to stand on their own.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Positive Traits

Neither of them is quite concerned about the perception of others. The Sagittarius man Aquarius woman zodiac signs suggest that they are mutually happy with each other. What goes on around them does not deter them.

They can maintain special Sagittarius man Aquarius woman friendships and hobbies outside their relationship. Furthermore, they have the propensity of being happy together for many years to come. Their relationship can be well balanced and stand the test of time.

The impulsive nature of the Sagittarius man does not deter the Aquarius woman. She is comfortable and adaptable to his actions. The Aquarius woman is spontaneous, and he is open-minded when she wants to run with things. The Sagittarius man Aquarius woman have the propensity of being on the same level on many avenues. Problems will be few as they are very much on the same page.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Negative Traits

In a Sagittarius man Aquarius woman compatibility, neither is very practical in their outlook to life. When it comes to the organizing of the detail, they both fall short of delivering. She can be quite carefree in her outlook when she feels that she is right. She won’t easily give in to his suggestions.

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He will need to tone down his selfish attitude. That is if he wants to make a success of their Sagittarius man Aquarius woman union. This is not likely to happen, as he has so many responsibilities to keep in mind when making decisions. She will eventually tire of his constant focus on his career aspirations.

Sagittarius Man Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Conclusion

When a Sagittarius man wants to attract an Aquarius woman, he can single her out and directly ask her an intriguing question. He should dress like others’ opinions don’t matter to him. Equally, he should Pay attention to the latest issues. Additionally, he should ensure their Sagittarius man Aquarius woman conversation is topical and flowing. Investigate the restaurants in the area, to make sure that wherever they go on their first date is not cheap and nasty. Agree to let her pay half the bill when it comes.

When an Aquarius woman wants to get the attention of a Sagittarius man, she will ensure that they bump into each other. She should not move their Sagittarius man Aquarius woman dating into a relationship phase too soon. She can engage him in lots of conversation about interesting topics that have nothing to do with life and personal issues.

The Sagittarius man Aquarius woman compatibility is over when the Aquarius woman realizes how unyielding the Sagittarius man is. She will feel that she doesn’t quite fit in anywhere in his sphere of existence. Mutually their practical nature will assume that this relationship was never meant to be if it ended. Neither of them will ever admit to being in a relationship with the other ever again.

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