Scorpio Woman Gemini Man Compatibility

Scorpio Woman Gemini Man Compatibility – Overview

When it comes to Scorpio woman Gemini man compatibility, the man has to be ready for serious intensity. The Scorpio woman is intelligent in an intense way, but Gemini man, although very intellectual, takes life much lighter.

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Both of these people are very active and enjoy having new experiences. Scorpio woman has a lot of passionate and energetic energy around her that attracts the Gemini man, but that might not be enough to keep his interest. Gemini man is active and loves to have personal freedom. But to have a good relationship with Scorpio; he has to restrain some of his habits. Although this couple can make their Scorpio woman Gemini man relationship work, it takes an effort.

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Scorpio Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Gemini man enjoys having to constantly change something in his life. He enjoys adventure and the feeling of unknown. Scorpio woman can also relate to the need for constant excitement. Mostly, they enjoy traveling together and trying out new things. The Scorpio woman Gemini man in love both open enough to embrace their needs. But the nature of this man might be too unsettled for Scorpio.

Both of them are good with Scorpio woman Gemini man conversation. They are intelligent people, but Scorpio will not always be that interested in topics that Gemini can provide. This man sees the Scorpio woman as mysterious and intriguing. Conversation with her always brings a new experience into his life. Only sometimes she can get very dark and deep in her thoughts, but Gemini in his positive and fun-loving style doesn´t want to deal with those kinds of emotions.

For Scorpio woman, Gemini might be a little too superficial. She quickly finds out all his moves and tends to dominate him. If they started off with Scorpio woman Gemini man friendship, they have the opportunity of understanding each other more. They match better as colleges than lovers. Gemini is more creative and can come up with tons of new ideas. The Scorpio, on the other hand, can carry things out and go deep into the problem.

The dominating nature of Scorpio plays a positive role in their Scorpio woman Gemini man sex life. Gemini man will find that this woman is up for anything when it comes to sex. Therefore, she will be able to offer him new and exciting adventures. Still, even if their sex life is playful and exciting at first, they need to learn to make a more emotionally deep connection.

Scorpio Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

The ruling planets for these Scorpio woman Gemini man zodiac signs are Mercury for Scorpio and Gemini-Pluto. Besides, Mars controls the intensity of Scorpios nature. Together these planets are not easily compatible. This means that from time to time Scorpio woman will get on Gemini´s nerves. Gemini will feel constant worry and unease about the next flare-up of Scorpios serious nature.

If he learns how to deal with these emotions, he will find out new things about himself. If not, he will live in constant discomfort, until this relationship wears down naturally.  Gemini can try to teach this woman how to live life with more ease and to become more compliant and carefree. If she feels she needs some of these qualities, she might consider complying. But mostly this kind of Scorpio woman Gemini man talk will only get to Scorpio’s nerves.


This woman is very trusting until she has been given a reason for doubt. She wants her partner to be trustworthy and loyal. Gemini, on the other hand, doesn´t even trust themselves. As an Air sign, they love to float around without knowing what´s going to happen tomorrow. Although Scorpio woman enjoys the excitement of change from time to time, she needs constant stability. This part of Gemini nature will simply fill Scorpio with feelings of mistrust and suspicion. Geminis are good communicators and can try to talk their way out of these issues with Scorpio. However, they don´t realize how strong is Scorpios sense of intuition. She simply sees through him in their Scorpio woman Gemini man marriage.

Scorpio will eventually start to control and manipulate this man. She doesn´t appreciate him being too social and having too much personal space. She needs more attention that Gemini man will ever want or be able to provide. He loves to be the person he is, and there are some things he is not ready to give up for this woman, for example, his social circle. This woman is not afraid of reacting emotionally. She is capable of publically demeaning her man if she feels threatened. If this happens, Gemini will simply initiate a Scorpio woman Gemini man break up. He does not possess enough intuition, to sense if something is wrong with Scorpio.

Gemini is a great talker, that’s why it is so fun to be together with him. Still, that is not enough for Scorpio. She will be unsatisfied with his empty and unjustified chatter. But that is one of the best qualities of Gemini. Scorpio wants to find a deeper meaning for everything, and he can’t provide her with that.

Scorpio woman Gemini man in bed involves a lot of fun. After a while, Scorpio will want a deeper connection, because she simply cannot have a fulfilling sex life without emotional connection. Gemini, on the other hand, is very physical and he doesn´t understand Scorpios need for intimacy. The lack of emotional compatibility is what gets in the way of them having a great sex life. This woman is very intense and has a dark side, but Gemini can´t handle it, and will simply make a joke about it. That will make Scorpio become more closed up and eventually end the relationship.

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Scorpio Woman Gemini Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Gemini has a lot of excellent qualities which are useful for the Scorpio woman Gemini man love compatibility. However, to be together with a Scorpio woman, he will need to change a lot about himself. He is open, talkative and flirty, and, although it might attract Scorpio, later on, these qualities will drive her crazy. For Gemini man, the Scorpio is just way too much to handle. He will bring out all the worst qualities in Scorpio, and she will get overly emotional, thus making things with Gemini even worse.

If Scorpio woman Gemini man do fall in love, there will be a need to adjust many things. Gemini will have to give up his flaunting nature, and he might lose a part of his social circle because of that. He will also need to get more in touch with his feelings, which can be a good thing. Scorpio woman has to take control of her overflowing emotions and try not to control her man so much.

They should learn how to adjust to each other’s temper. Also, Gemini man should get more in-sync with his emotional side. Scorpio has to remember not to use this against him when fighting. Altogether, there is little Scorpio woman Gemini man compatibility. However, a lot depends on person’s character and the point in life they are currently at. Even if the romance between them doesn´t work out, they will undoubtedly learn new lessons for the future.

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