Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility – Overview

Scorpio woman and Taurus man are opposite signs. However, we all know that opposites attract each other. Scorpio woman is magnetically attractive, and Taurus can´t resist her. The Scorpio woman sees Taurus as a strong and dynamic man, although he doesn’t even talk much. She will feel attraction because of the passion that radiates from Taurus. The leading planets of these two (Mars and Venus) have a close connection. Therefore Scorpio and Taurus can´t stay away from each other.  The romantic relationship between these two signs is going to be intense. In Scorpio woman Taurus man compatibility, they complete each other. Despite their differences, they make a strong bond.

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Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Positive Traits

Since Scorpio is ruled by Mars and has a lot of male energy, and Venus rules Taurus- the planet of female energy, this union has a perfect balance. The thing that bonds these two Scorpio woman Taurus man soulmates together is intelligence and need for success. Taurus sometimes needs to be inspired and stimulated to gain success, and Scorpio woman is the perfect partner for that. They will support each other in their careers and understand each other’s need for active work from time to time. Both Scorpio and Taurus need money to feel comfortable, and luckily they both prefer to save, not to spend. Still, from time to time they will reward themselves and each other with something special.

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As an Earth sign, Taurus man is truly stable and calm. The Scorpio woman needs that in her life. Although she enjoys constant drama and challenges, she gets very tired of it, and it takes a lot of focus out of the things she should be worrying about. Taurus man can provide her with stability she needs. He is persistent, and he can handle the emotionality of a Scorpio woman. Because of the high intelligence, the Scorpio woman Taurus man in love both possesses, they will never get bored with each other. Rather, they will make each other grow spiritually and intellectually.

At the beginning of the Scorpio woman Taurus man relationship, Scorpio woman tends to express herself using sex. At first, Taurus will be flattered by that. He will soon need more emotional attachment and warmth of feelings. He is compassionate and needs more than just sex. In fact, he will want a commitment from Scorpio and the safety of a steady relationship. Taurus is not the type of man who will speak about his sexual desires, but since Scorpio woman is very intuitive, she will be able to fulfill his needs. Once they have developed trust and emotional bond, the sex life between them is going to be physically and emotionally fulfilling. They both enjoy slow and passionate lovemaking and have excellent sexual compatibility.

With her intuitive and emotionally deep nature, Scorpio woman will help Taurus to get in touch with his emotions. She will push him to find parts of his character, that is necessary to be utilized. As a result, Taurus will be grateful for that. She is very intuitive and therefore can sense if something is wrong with Taurus, and help him deal with that. Since Taurus is a loving and sensitive partner, he will teach Scorpio to be more in touch with her gentle nature. He will be the necessary support for her. The life of a Scorpio is stressful enough. Therefore, she will appreciate the safety and peace he provides. This Scorpio woman Taurus man couple brings out the best in each other.

Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Negative Traits

This relationship can be a psychological challenge in the finance, power and control areas. These are the biggest issues in the union between Scorpio woman and Taurus man. The inelasticity of Scorpio and stubbornness of Taurus can lead to many conflict situations. You both can make compromises about many things. Still, there are going to be some areas that you will keep on fighting about until you drive each other mad. Sometimes this fighting will bring out revengeful nature of Scorpio and the anger that hides deep down in Taurus. Both Scorpio woman Taurus man zodiac signs have to learn to respect each other’s opinions and views.


Although it might seem that Taurus wins most of the Scorpio woman Taurus man arguments, it´s the cunning nature of Scorpio which rules over this relationship. She knows how to manipulate Taurus without him noticing. Although they will make up eventually, they never apologize and keep their anger hidden inside, until the next fight. These people fight rough.

The Scorpio woman Taurus man will bring up seemingly old arguments all the time. Equally, try to be as destructive as they can. Scorpio woman will use her insight about Taurus to hurt him, and of course, that will damage his ego severely. And to retaliate, he will be demeaning and make her question her self-esteem. These two will keep their opinions despite everything. Likelihood of them making up depends on how much they value the positive side of their relationship. In this union, the line between love and hate is quite thin.

Taurus can be closed up and seemingly unattached, which makes Scorpio woman suspicious. She will have trouble trusting him, and her jealousy can be cause for many arguments. Although Taurus is a loyal partner, it is in Scorpios nature to question everything. For the sake of this Scorpio woman Taurus man marriage, Taurus needs to open up to Scorpio more. If she feels that Taurus is not trustworthy, she will try to hurt him in the same way. Therefore it is important to develop trust, for this relationship to exist.

When it comes to the Scorpio woman Taurus man financial situation, Taurus should be the one in charge. Scorpio knows how to deal with money, but from time to time she loves to splurge. Taurus is practical, but Scorpio likes finer things. Practical Taurus has trouble understanding some of the emotionally made decisions of Scorpio. He also shouldn´t try to control her, because that will just be another cause for them to fight. If they are in a serious relationship and sharing a household, they both need to set ground rules for areas of dominance.

The Scorpio woman Taurus man union might get too boring for Scorpio. She has a lot of energy, and she needs to stay active in all areas of her life. Although she will enjoy the steady home life with Taurus for a while, she needs some excitement from time to time. Taurus needs to understand that if he doesn´t provide her with enough excitement, she will find it elsewhere. His practicality struggles with the high emotion driven Scorpios nature, and Taurus simply needs to let go from time to time.

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Scorpio Woman Taurus Man Compatibility: Conclusion

Scorpio and Taurus share the belief in true love and importance of having a serious commitment. They should behave mature enough for a serious relationship in their first Scorpio woman Taurus man date. Eventually, this can make for a long-lasting relationship. The stubbornness of Taurus can drive Scorpio woman crazy, but she needs a bit of drama in her life.

Scorpio woman is just what Taurus needs. She will push him to test his limits and feel what he needs, without even asking. In their Scorpio woman Taurus man compatibility, both are sensual people, and physicality profoundly affects their emotionality. Once they work out their cardinal differences, or just ignore them, these two individuals will make each other happy physically and spiritually.

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