Aries Man Personality Traits

Aries Man Personality Traits

The Aries man is usually born between March 21st and April 19th. These cusp dates may change in some years, so an Aries man should look at the Aries zodiac dates for the year he was born, instead of for the current year, to know if he really is an Aries man or not.

Aries men are fun and energetic. They love competition in all of its forms, but that does not mean that he is a jerk who only wants to win. He loves to make new friends just to talk to. He doesn’t need to gain something from a friendship to make it work. In love, he can be suave and passionate, but when hurt he can be depressed or furious. He is the kind of guy anyone would be lucky to have as a friend, but who no one should want to be on his bad side.

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Aries Man Love & Sex

Aries men are looking for excitement when they find love. An Aries man will want to be with someone who is as ambitious and impulsive as he is. Because of his lack of impulse control, he is the type of guy to have flings and short relationships from time to time. However, this does not mean that he is unable to have a long-term relationship. He just needs to be with someone who can entirely capture his attention. If he is with someone below his standards, then he may be likely to cheat.

The Aries man in bed is as adventurous as he is in every other aspect of his life. He wants to be with someone who is as sexually creative as he is, or at least with someone who is willing to try his ideas even if they do not make up their own. Aries men tend to be sexually dominant when in bed, but they will play the role of the submissive, so long as they do not feel degraded by their partner. As for kinks, Aries men are up for anything that won’t make them look weak or ugly.

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Aries Man Work & Money

The Aries male is naturally ambitious and he loves to play the role of the leader. He will be the happiest in a job that gives him the opportunity to move up the corporate ladder. He can work in almost any field so long as he has the potential to be something greater. He is okay with starting at the bottom, so long as there is something worth aiming for. He may be bossy at times, but he tries to make up for it by being kind to his employees at other times.

aries man traits

The Aries man traits show that he wants to be independent and to do that he needs to learn how to save his money. This can be a difficult task for the Aries man because he tends to impulse buy things that he thinks is cool, but that he does not actually need. This can cause him to sometimes spend more money than he has, which could be why many Aries men have one or more credit cards. He is likely to need help managing his money if he wants to save a large amount of cash.

Aries Man Health

The Aries man traits show that he is full of energy and life. They need no further motivation to get out and exercise. They love friendly competition like playing sports or another type of challenge, which also helps to keep them in shape. The Aries man loves to exercise and have a good time with his friends. The more he can get out, the better. He is not one to indulge in sweet or fatty foods. So he is more likely to exercise to build muscle than to lose weight.

The ruling body part for the Aries man is the head. This may make him seem a little headstrong at times. But most of the time it just means he gets more headaches than the other zodiac signs. He sometimes seems plagued by migraines. When this happens, the Aries man will want to be alone until it passes. If he is around others, he may get irritable, which he doesn’t want to be.

Aries Man Friendship

The Aries man is great at making new friends, and that’s probably because his man doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. He loves to talk to strangers, which may seem odd to some, but it does help him to make lifelong friendships. He will likely meet his new friends in clubs, at work, or while at the gym. He likes to talk to people who share some common interests with him. But he can still hold a conversation with someone who is a little different from him.

The Aries man is willing to help out his friends with almost anything that they need. He gives advice and helps his friends in any way that he can. However, he does not often ask for help. He sees himself as an independent man, and he does not want to seem like he needs help, even when he does. He is a loyal friend, but he still wants to keep some things to himself.

Aries Man Family Relationships

When young the Aries boy will love to spend time playing with his siblings and other relatives. They are energetic, and they always keep their family on their toes. There is never a quiet moment in a house with an Aries guy in it. Of course, the household members will have a fun time with the Aries boy. He will look back fondly on his childhood memories for years to come.

If the Aries male becomes a father, he is likely to pass down the values he learned as a child to his children. He will encourage them to be competitive by playing games with them. He is likely to be at little strict with them, but he will not do anything too extreme to punish his children. He will try to be an easy-going dad, but a lot of his temperament will depend on how his children respect him.

Aries Man Style

The Aries male may try not to brag about it, but he is a trendsetter. He always seems to know what will be fashionable and when. Even in his younger years, he is sure to look stylish wherever he goes. He tends to wear more comfortable clothes, like gym or exercise clothes, when he is alone. When he goes out in public he tends to step things up. He will likely wear button down shirts or suits. He pops the best in red, but he also looks great in black and white.

The Aries male is not one to accessorize much. He will likely wear a watch, and he loves to wear a tie to accent his outfits. He may use bright red ties to draw some attention to him, but he will most likely wear black ties for most occasions. He is not one to wear necklaces or bracelets, but he may sport a hat from time to time if he is trying to be casual outside.

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Last Few Words About Aries Man

The Aries man is strong, determined, and a little wild at times. He will do whatever he can to make his life as successful as possible, and he may even encourage those around him to do the same.

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