10 Things to Know before Dating The Low Maintenance Girl

10 Things To Know Before Dating The Low Maintenance Girl

Low maintenance girls are a rare breed who doesn’t seek 24/7 attention. They are the ones who like to keep life a low-key affair and don’t run after luxuries. A low maintenance girl is easy to date as she is a chilled out girl who likes to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. She stays far away from the dramatic antics and with her down-to-earth nature; she can make life simpler for you as well. But as these girls are a rare find, only a few lucky ones get the opportunity to date one. Let’s find out if guys like low maintenance girls. If you wish to date a low maintenance girl successfully, you must know the low maintenance woman meaning.

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Here are a few low maintenance girlfriend signs.

1. She Takes A ‘No Drama’ Diet

The word ‘Drama’ is not in her dictionary. Unlike the high maintenance girls, she is not in the habit of hogging the limelight everywhere. She does not crave attention and would like only your eyes on her. She is not a gossip monger and prefers to do her work instead of poking her nose in other’s matters. You won’t have to put her up on a pedestal to please her in a low maintenance relationship.

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2. She Hates Long Shopping Sprees As Much As You Do

Have you dated a high maintenance girl before? Then you must be aware of the whole-day-long shopping trips she goes to and also expects you to accompany her. We all know how much men hate such long shopping trips. But the low maintenance girl is opposite. She likes to buy only the bare essentials and won’t spend too much time on deciding what to buy. She is not much into window-shopping, and hence, her shopping trips are quick.

3. She Is Turned Off By Indecisiveness

The low maintenance girl is quick with her decisions and expects the same from you too. She will get pissed if you take too long to decide what t-shirt to wear or what pizza to order. She is not the one who keeps mulling over the smallest things in life and would rather save her time for big, important decisions.

4. She Is Ready-To-Go Within Minutes

Low maintenance doesn’t mean that she does not like to dress up. She likes to wear good clothes and put on a little makeup too. The only difference is she doesn’t take hours to perfect that winged eyeliner. Since she hates indecisiveness, she will quickly decide what dress to wear.

On regular days, she is wonderful with little or no makeup because she is confident that she looks good without them too. Hence, for her, getting ready is just a matter of seconds. In fact, she may even be ready before you do. However, if sometimes, she takes time to look nice for you, you better appreciate her!

5. She Is Not An Avaricious Woman

The low maintenance girl values money and won’t spend it on unnecessary stuff. She is not materialistic. If she spends some money it would be for fun and experiences in life; not on expensive handbags.

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6. She Is Spontaneous

A low maintenance girl is also an adventurous soul. She doesn’t mind getting wet in the rain if it means having fun with her partner. She is always up for a bike ride where she can feel the wind on her face and get her hair blown by the breeze. Messy hair smudged makeup and playing with mud will never freak her out. This is the difference between low maintenance vs. high maintenance.

7. Her Wardrobe Is Full Of Baggy Pants And Loose T-Shirts

A low maintenance girl is a modern day bohemian chic. She may have crop tops and skinny pants in her wardrobe, but she prefers wearing the baggy pants and maybe one of your t-shirts. She is at ease in oversized clothes and does not have a fixation for designer brands. Don’t be surprised if she doesn’t know who Giorgio Armani is!

8. Pleasing Her Is Like A Walk In The Park

Once you start dating her, you will come to know how easy it is to please her. The low-maintenance girl has a penchant for the simple things in life. She values emotions more than money. Hence, you need not buy her a diamond-encrusted purse on her birthday. Even a little flower with a love note will do the magic and impress her beyond words. She is grateful and appreciative of the little things you do for her.

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9. Her Best Outfit Is Her Self-Confidence

The low maintenance girl is the rock star of her life. She is highly confident and knows what’s important. She holds her family and friends in high regards. They are her prized possessions. She is the one who holds her head high but not her nose. She is indeed a rare gem!

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10. But Low Maintenance Doesn’t Mean Low Standards

She is the chilled out girl who doesn’t ask for much. But you must not take her for granted. You need to put in your efforts to make the relationship work. Don’t forget to compliment her once in a while. She also loves getting appreciated just like the other girls. If she is giving her 90% into the relationship, you must provide the remaining 10%. She might be low-maintenance, but her standards aren’t.

If your girlfriend is too low maintenance, you surely know the price you paid for it. There are a lot of perks of dating the low-maintenance girl, but for getting a rare gem like her, luck needs to be on your side. You will love a low-maintenance girl because she got the mad hustle and a dope soul. We will talk about the low maintenance guy soon.

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