20 Ways to Help Her Fall in Love

20 Ways to Make Her Fall in Love

Don’t be too deceived by this title. It isn’t possible or even fair to FORCE someone or trick someone to fall in love. True love doesn’t work that way. But, there are ways to help create a good and healthy relationship that someone would want to be a part of. And, it is possible to build up one’s personality and create a fuller life that others would be attracted to.

Men have been complaining since the beginning of time that they don’t understand women. They say that they’re too complex and unable to be fully grasped. But, there are plenty of ways to be attractive to women and to do things that will draw them in. Men and women have struggled through relationships for centuries, and often men leave scratching their heads, wondering what they can do better, and how they can increase their partner’s love and attraction to them. That’s where these tips come in. Here are 20 tips and ways to help her fall in love:

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How To Make A Girl Feel Special

1. Listen Up!

Everyone loves to be listened to, but women especially appreciate this. One way to get women to feel comfortable, loved, and appreciated is to listen to them. Spend some time sitting down together and let her talk and share her feelings. Most women de-stress and decompress this way. It helps them to relax when they feel like they have a place top open up and share their thoughts and emotions.

2. Be Thoughtful

Thoughtfulness shows a good and kind heart. It’s a trait that is getting rarer and rarer these days. Make her feel special by cooking her favorite meal, buying her a special gift, or simply just giving her a backrub. It’s important for the woman to know that her partner is thinking of her.

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3. Be Patient

Patience is essential for all relationships. Things get tough, and often couples get bogged down by constant arguments, harsh words, hot tempers, and lack of patience! Patience makes a big difference in how smoothly the relationship flows. Be patient, and the woman will feel appreciated, loved, and respected.

4. Fight Back

No one likes a pushover, even if people think it will make the relationship easier. It makes the relationship livelier if there’s a bit of conflict. Plus, it also shows that each person is confident and has their own opinions. They’re able to fight back and fight for what they believe in. Also, no one wants to feel like they have total control over their partner. It’s a sign of weakness, and that’s not sexy for a woman to feel about her man.

5. Make Her Laugh

Laughter changes everything. It can make a guy who’s just normal-looking to the sexiest guy in the room. The way to a woman’s heart is through laughter. If a guy can make his girl laugh, really laugh, even after years of a relationship, he is IN.

6. Accept Her Friends and Family

For women, it’s important for their partner to like and get along with the people she’s closest to. And, if there’s conflict in that area, then it’s a big turn off. So even if they’re not her partner’s favorite people in the world, it’ll go a long way if they can at least be civil to them and never say negative comments about them!

7. Give Her Compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, but it’s important to be verbal in relationships with women. The compliments can be little things, like how good she’s looking today or how funny she’s being or how well she did in a school or work project. It helps keep the relationship sparkling because the woman knows how her partner feels about her. Plus, it helps add positivity and intimacy to the relationship.

8. Have Manners

No matter what anyone says, chivalry is not dead! Any woman can appreciate a man with good manners. This isn’t just about opening doors for her, although that is nice. It’s also about the little kindnesses such as good listening skills, being patient, and even how he treats others such as waiters and waitresses.

9. Remember Little Details

Women are good at the details and the subtlety. Men are not so much like this. So, a man can impress his partner if he remembers the little things. Examples would be like if she got her haircut, if she’s wearing a new shirt, or if it’s a special anniversary. Remembering these things will go a long way in a relationship and will help reduce conflict.

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10. Do Things She Enjoys Doing

The cool thing about couples is that they can do a lot of fun things TOGETHER. And, women like if it if their partner enjoys some of the same things. Couples shouldn’t spend ALL of their time together, but they should find some shared activities to do together. It will prove to the woman that her hobbies are important too, and it will help build intimacy.

11. Learn To Sing

Doesn’t every woman love a musician? One way to woo a woman is to serenade her with a lovely singing voice. Consider learning to play an instrument as well, especially a guitar. Give it a shot! It may be a big help.

12. Stay Fit and Well Dressed

Most of the time, women spend a lot of time working on their look: their body and their clothes and hair. Men should do the same! Not only will it be more attractive to women if their man is all cleaned up, but it shows an attitude of discipline, care, and responsibility.

13. Clean You

This can be either for taking care of one’s body as well as one’s home. Someone who can keep their home clean and neat is a big turn on for women. It means the men know how to care for themselves and aren’t expecting a woman to come in and do all the work. Women want to do things out of love, not because of gender expectation.

14. Be Supportive

Everyone loves when their partner is supportive of them, but this is a good way to earn the trust of the woman. She wants someone alongside her who is encouraging and supportive of her actions, dreams, and aspirations. She wants to know her partner is in her corner.

15. Use Kindness

Kindness will go a long way. Even after years of a relationship or a big fight, if someone can still be kind, they’re a keeper! Women enjoy being nurtured and loved, and kindness is a great way to show this.

16. Take Care of her When She’s Sick

Taking care of someone when they’re sick shows patience, kindness, and compassion which are all big personality traits when it comes down to falling in love with someone and desiring to commit with someone. It also shows responsibility, that the man can take charge when the going gets tough.

17. Never Force Anything

No one likes to feel forced into doing something, especially women. Sometimes men can become too dominant and try to force a relationship or love or physical intimacy. It is not cool and definitely will not make the woman fall in love. Keep things light and fun until it gets serious, and then treat each other with respect. No one deserves to feel FORCED into something that they’re not ready for.

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18. Take Charge

It’s comforting when the man can take charge in the relationship. This doesn’t mean that he takes OVER, but he’s willing to be the man and be confident in what he wants and what he wants for the relationship. For example, when he wants to ask the girl out, he knows what he wants to do, and he plans everything. The woman can feel comfortable that her man is strong and responsible.

19. Don’t Be Too Clingy

NO ONE likes to feel like their partner is too dependent on them. They want to feel like their partner has their own life and own strength without them. So, to help the woman fall in love, don’t be too needy or clingy or have expectations of fulfillment from her. It will make her want to turn away.

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20. Don’t Be Too Controlling

On the same note, don’t be overly controlling. Let the woman be who she is and be her person. Don’t be too jealous, so that she feels uncomfortable going out and having her own life. No one feels secure in the relationship if they think that their partner wants to control them.


Every relationship is different, and every woman is different in the way they respond to things and how they fall in love. There isn’t a surefire secret to getting a woman to fall in love, but these are some easy tips to head in the right direction. They are also applicable to all relationships and aren’t just for women. Good luck in the world of love!

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