5 Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

5 Marriage Tips For Newlyweds

Many newlyweds go into their union with the idea that they are going to learn as they go. In many cases, couples are starting off in a cohabitating relationship. Even though couples know so much about their partner from favorites to dislikes, a marriage takes that relationship deeper. The best people who can give you some insight on marriage are those who have already been through the trials and errors of the first year of marriage. Some are self-explanatory, but there are some that won’t make as much sense until you have to deal with an issue head-on. Here are few marriage tips for the newlyweds.

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1. Communicate

If at first, you don’t succeed, keep communicating. What happens when a relationship starts to break down? Communication fails. Excuses range from not knowing what to say to each other to having nothing in common to talk about. Marriage is about a team, not about the individual. Of course, you will still want to maintain your individuality; that is what your partner fell in love with.

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However, you need to be able to talk about many of the aspects of life that you are working on together. It may be challenging to agree on things such as finances and child discipline, but unity can help you resolve issues, support each other during struggles, and bring you closer together. Communication is #1 on the list for any couple because it is crucial to all of the other tips and advice.

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Arguments are a part of relationships. Everyone is bound to disagree at one point or another. For relationships, you are taking two lives and combining it into one. There will be plenty of compromise and even arguments. However, when you argue, it is important that you understand that you are arguing about the problem and not about the person. When you are raised one way, you learn that it is the right way for your family.

Your partner was raised another way. Either one of you will have to adapt to a new approach, or you have to find common ground. NEVER say that your partner is wrong. There is more than one way to do something, like fold clothes or drive to a certain location. There will be periods that you have to agree to disagree, yet still, find a way to find the right method to meet your needs.

2. Love As A Noun And A Verb

Love is an emotion, but to have love in your relationship, you need to love actively. It can be anything from a hug and a kiss or sex, but love can be demonstrated by holding the door or encouraging their success. While some of the displays of love are small, they are huge in the heart of your spouse.

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3. Date Your Spouse

If you are used to going out with friends or heading to the movies, continue to do the things together. Over time, you may feel that work and family responsibilities eat into your time to date. Continue dating your spouse. Some people enjoy going to sporting events so that you can continue that. Other people like to dress up and go to finer destinations.

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There are even people consider their date to be a work-related event. They go to the event then go out for drinks on their own or stay in a hotel overnight. Dates can be taken in a variety of ways. The important part is that you find a way to enjoy your time together.

Sometimes you don’t even need to go out on a date. When you are working or taking care of the children, you will find that there will be less and less time to connect like you did when it was just the two of you on your honeymoon. Find the time to connect with each other every day. This could be over coffee in the morning or as pillow talk before you go to sleep. Be consistent and take the time to share a part of your day. Also be sure to thank them or show appreciation for the things they do. The communication will remain strong when you do all of these things.

4. Take Time For Yourself

As newlyweds, you will want to continue getting to know each other. You will want to spend a lot of time learning and growing as a couple. However, you are not joined at the hip nor do you have to spend every waking moment together. You are still individuals with individual interests. It’s ok that you want to continue having coffee with your best friends or your partner goes away for an annual trip with college roommates. These separate interests are a part of who you are. It can affect your relationship when you don’t want your partner to do some of the things they love to do best.

5. Watch Your Finances And Keep Them In Order

If you marry young, you still have a lot of learning about finances. You may be able to stick to your budget, but your partner may have a different method of saving and spending. Work together to figure out the best system for you. Will one of you keep up with paying all of the bills? Will you have a joint account, separate accounts, or both? Do you have realistic goals for your investments?

There are plenty of questions you need to consider whether you are going to be a one-income or two-income family. Always be open when you are discussing finances and keep them in order. Money can be one of the biggest arguments that couples will have. Communication about spending can alleviate these concerns.

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You don’t have to be newlyweds to take the advice from those who have experienced many conflicts and problems in relationships. These suggestions apply to anyone who is in a long-term relationship.

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